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What are two theories on the origin of viruses?
True or false: enveloped viruses are more sensitive to disinfectants?
What is the gold standard for virus diagnosis?
Also the only method that allows detection of new or unexpected viruses. 
Why would one use indirect IF instead of direct?
True or false: in virus isolation, the sample is often treated with antibiotics first.
True or false: a positive hemagglutination test involves the formation of a button in the well?
List, in order, the seven steps of the viral replication cycle?
receptor-mediated endocytosis or fusion 
may occur entirely or partially within cytoplasm (if partial, the rest happens in nucleus) 
may involve scaffolding proteins, for larger nucleocapsids 
lysis, or budding for most enveloped ones. Some use the golgi then are normally secreted (herpes). 
Cleavage of certain proteins making provirion into infectious form.  
Most RNA viruses have an enzyme called _____ ______ ___ ______, but retroviruses are unique because they have _____ ________ which make a DNA intermediate.
True or false: in positive sense ssRNA viruses, the genome of the virus is used directly as mRNA would be in translation?
Which RNA virus family has inclusion bodies in both the nucleus and the cytoplasm?
What are the three general ways a viral genome can be modified?
True or false: primary viremia yields a high titre?
True or false: killed/inactivated vaccines provide good cellular immune response?
Which type of vaccine would you choose if it was important to differentiate vaccinated animals from infected?
What's the other name for an MLV?
What group of viruses are MOST resistant to disinfectants?
What process is interrupted by the antiviral drug AZT?
Think of what virus family FIV belongs to. What's special about it? 
What antiviral substance, produced in the body, and currently being researched as a drug, interferes with translation of viral protein?
What type of antiviral drug targets attachment?
Rimantine and Amantidine both are antivirals targeting what stage of the viral replication cycle?
Name the 9 families of viruses that are nudists? (Hint: A, B, 2 C, 4P, R)(Go in that order plz, star before the ones that have single stranded DNA)
What family of viruses is unusual in that it is the only DNA family with non-icosahedral NC symmetry, AND the only one which replicates in the cytoplasm?
Almost all RNA viruses have single stranded RNA. Which two have doublestranded? Which one is diploid ss?
__viruses and ___viruses 
Of the dreaded togaviruses, which is the only one dastardly enough (and with high enough titrated viraemia) to be transferred from horse to horse?
Also the only one reportable. Others are immediately notifiable. 
Which of the following options could you use to DIFFERENTIATE between hog cholera and African Swine Fever? (e.g. answers: 1 and 3 and 4 or 2 and 5 and 6)
1)Transmission 2) reportable status 3) vaccination success 4)weight loss 5)hemorrhages 6) conjunctivitis 7)encephalitis  
What is the term for a virus whose incubation period and virulence are stable?
What are the inclusion bodies of rabies virus called? Where do they appear? What receptor do these viruses attach to?
Which of the following options could you use to distinguish between avian leukosis and Marek's disease?
1)Age of onset 2) paralysis 3) vaccination protocols 4) tumors in skin and nerves 5) bursal involvement 6)lymphatic involvement 
Which of the following is NOT a coronavirus?
a) FIP b) TGEV c) Infectious bronchitis d)PRRS e) winter dysentery 
What is a potentially serious complication of equine influenza (it's rare)?
What virus likely mutated into canine distemper and human measles? What family are they all in?
What is the window of cow gestation where transplacental crossing of BVDV would leave the calf susceptible to mucosal disease later on?
__-__ days 
Which of the following viruses is NOT associated with kennel cough syndrome?
a)canine herpes virus b)canine distemper c) canine parainfluenza virus d) CAV-2 (a strain of infectious canine hepatitis) e) none of the above 
Which of the ofllowing viruses does NOT predispose to shipping fever?
A)bovine respiratory syncytial disease b) bovine parainfluenza-3 c) bovine papular stomatitis d)adenoviruses e)infectious bovine rhinotracheitis 
Which of the following options could you use to differentiate between FMDV and vesicular stomatitis?
1)current presence in Canada 2)ability to infect horses 3)arthropod vectors 4) decreased milk production 5)zoonotic potential 
ASFAR(viruses) is actually an acronym. What does it stand for?
If a virus is associated with SMEDI syndrome, what can it cause?
What two parvovirus diseases are not related to FPV?
___ ___ and ___ ___ 
What is the causative agent of milk scours? What different family of viruses does this virus resemble in symptoms and infection pattern?
true or false: bluetongue is a serious, often fatal illness of sheep, goats and cattle? Where, if anywhere, is it found in Canada?
What disease is clinically indistinguishable from bluetongue in white-tailed deer?
True or false: calves can be successfully vaccinated against bovine coronavirus disease?
What virus is associated with equine sarcoids?
What form of avian pox has a worse prognosis?
How would you administer a vaccine for orf, and when?
How would you differentiate bovine papular stomatitis from FMD?

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