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CFU-GEMMs are capable of producing? (in order)
CFU-L cells are capable of producing?
Which comes first, the precursor or progenitor cell compartment?
Most erythropoietin comes from the kidney. What organ is a lesser, secondary source?
What chemical does the unknown oxygen sensor up-regulate?
Referring to the answer from the last question, which of the following is not an action performed by the chemical?
A) increases EPO mRNA transcription B) prompts switch from fetal to adult hemoglobin C) decrease hemoglobin degradation D) prevent apoptosis of prorubricytes and progenitors E) promote BCL-2 proteins 
What three cell types are part of the erythroid proliferative pool, in order of differentiation?
What cells are part of the maturation pool of erythroids (in order)?
Which species normally has two types of reticulocytes in circulation? What are they? Which is more mature?
___ and ___ 
What methods are used to provide additional red cells when they are needed? Put a star next to the one that has a sustained effect?
Which species has a 110 lifespan for erythrocytes?
What is the primary organ involved in extravascular hemolysis?
Haptoglobin binds free ____ while hemopexin binds free ____?
In order for hemoglobinemia to occur, haptoglobin must be ____.
In order for hemoglobinuria to occur, ____ _____ for _____ must be exceeded
In what condition is intravascular hemolysis more common?
Extravascular destruction of red cells is more common in what condition?
Deficiency of what two enzymes can cause problems with glycolysis, leading to hemolytic anemias?
deficiencies in G6PDH and exposure to toxins may interfere with the hexose-monophosphate pathway. What is the result of this?
The luebering-rapoport pathway is important in which two animals?
___ and ___ 
purple top tubes contain what chemical?
True or false: reference limits developed by one reputable lab will be useful anywhere?
True or false: semi-automated blood smear analyzers are best when working with normals?
rubricytosis will falsely increase what value?
Name the likely condition for each plasma discolouration above the buffy coat: too white, too yellow, too red
Normal hemoglobin concentrations are _ out of _ hematocrit?
An increased mean corpuscular volume is indicative of?
What is the least useful of the rbc indices?
Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration is low in which conditions?
True or false: hyperchromia is indicative of a type of anemia?
RDW is a quantitative determination of what?
MPVs of less than 3 per oil immersian field are indicative of?
List the species in order of decreasing commonality of rouleaux formation?
Dogs, horses, cats, cows 
what is often used to distinguish between rouleaux and agglutination? which disappears?
True or false: horses do not release reticulocytes into peripheral blood during anemia?
what is the general name for any misshapen RBC?
How many projections would you expect to see on an acanthocyte? What do these cells indicate?
What is the proper name of a target cell? What do these indicate?
Dacrocytes indicate myelofibrosis or iron deficiency. What shape are they?
what kind of poikilocyte is an artifact?
Oxidative damage often causes bite cells to appear. What is their proper name?
What are two poikilocytes that show up with intravascular coagulation?
What do spherocytes indicate? how are they detected in species other than dogs?
Heinz bodies are normally present in which species? What dot hey indicate in other species or when increased in this species?
what shape are the inclusions associated with babesia spp?
what two shapes may be taken on by mycoplasma/hemobartonella inclusions?
true or false: anemia is never a primary disease state?
What are two possible causes of hyperchromia appearance?
What tool is used to determine serum or plasma total protein?
True or false: bilirubin will be normal with non-regenerative anemias?
What are the two types of causes of regenerative anemia?
___ and ___ 
What are the two types of causes of non-regenerative anemias?
In which cause of regenerative anemia would you expect a higher protein count in the blood?
Which of the following is not a sign of regenerative anemia?
A) increased M/E b) increased cellularity of bone marrow c)increased reticulocyte count d)decreased MCHC e)increased MCV 
Which of the following is not an alternative cause of high reticulocyte count?
A)lead toxicity B)erythroid leukemia C)extramedullary hematopoiesis D) endotoxemia E)tumors of the lung 
Which cause of a regenerative anemia will lead to the least effective response?
What type of hemolysis is assocaited with a poorer prognosis?
What test would be used to check for IMHA? Does a negative test rule it out?
What two factors make IMHA harder to diagnose in a cat?
Which species has the most sensitive hemoglobin? (Most vulnerable to toxic/oxidative damage)
Name two potential parasitic causes of iron-deficiency anemia in puppies?
In what species is estrogen toxicity a common cause of non-regenerative anemia?
What is the term for the replacement of normal components of bone marrow by clonally proliferating cells in leukemia?
A marked anemia, a marked rubricytosis and a few reticulocytes in a cat most likely indicate?
True or false: rhEPO is a viable treatment for anemia, but only for short periods of time?
What are the two common causes of relative polycythemia?
What is the name for primary absolute polycythemia?
In which two subgroups of mammals is the neutrophil not the primary blood leukocyte?
List, in order, the developmental stages of the neutrophil
What would be a cause of hypersegmentation of neutrophils
What are some examples of toxic changes in neutrophils?
What is the harmless hereditary condition associated with a complete lack of mature segmented neutrophils, replaced entirely by band cells?
What are the components of a stress leukogram? Star after the necessary ones
degree of neutrophilia is correspondent with ____ __ _______ _____ and degree of left shift with _____
What is a left shift in which mature neutrophils exceed immature referred to as?
Which species has eosinophils that look like raspberries?
Which cell type is characterized by a horseshoe or butterfly shape nucleus, which is NOT round?
True or false: there is no storage pool for monocytes?
What is the clinical significance of monocytopenia?
True or false: With chronic conditions, many exudates will transform into transudates.
In neutrophils, what nuclear change is a toxic change?
What is a healthy M:E ratio for bone marrow smears in small animals? Large?
True or false: a tracheal wash requires an endoscope, and is only diagnostically useful for larger airways?

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