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Name the 6 cardinal signs of inflammation
What is the usual local result of chronic inflammation?
An autoimmune disorder is characterized by a response to ____ ______, whereas a hypersensitivity is a response to ____ _____
Which of the following would you consider autoimmune disease to be most probable in?
A) intact male dogs B) castrated male dogs C) intact female dogs D) spayed female dogs 
True or false: hypersensitivity diseases may always be classified as just one type?
In type I hypersensitivity, ___ cells prompt __ cells to make ___ which binds to the surface of ____ cells, sensitizing them.
What are the two names for type I hypersensitivity reaction type?
____ and ____ 
What type of hypersensitivity reaction involves the deposition of antibody-antigen complexes in vascularized tissues?
A type of hypersensitivity reaction that is dominated by TH1 lymphocytes and macrophages?
A type of hypersensitivity reaction involving antibodies on the surface of cells?
Which vasoactive amine is most important? Think mast cells.
Why are drugs blocking the action of one inflammatory mediator unlikely to be effective?
Which of the following is least attractive to neutrophils?
A) IL-8, B)TNF C)leukotriene B4, D)platelet activating factor 
What do histamine, bradykinin, C5a, C3a, leukotrienes C4-E4 and PAF have in common?
What is meant by saying that most inflammatory mediators are pleiotropic?
which chemical increases vascular leakage and causes pain when it touches nerve endings?
With mild increases in vascular permeability, edema is the likely result. With increasing permeability, ____ will escape, and if it gets too high, ____ may even result
____ mats may easily be peeled off of organs, whereas ____ ____ is firmly adherent, and made of fibroblasts, collagen and new blood vessels?
can imply acute or active chronic responses 
always implies chronicity. 
What are the three methods by which the permeability of vessels is increased?
true or false: many allergens are proteases?
Penicillin is an example of a _____, which modifies structure and function of existing proteins to cause allergic reactions.
What is the word for inherited or environmentally caused tendency to form IgE antibodies when exposed to an allergen?
Endothelial contraction can occur within ____ whereas endothelial contraction takes _____.
_____ is the main granule released in cow allergy, whereas all other species use ______.
During the late phase reaction, which occurs __-__ hours after exposure, we expect eosinophils to be attracted by release of ___ and ___.
What are three effects common to both the normal elicitation phase of allergic reactions and the late phase reaction?
IgE, mast cells and histamine are associated with immediate, single-exposure allergic reactions, chronic ones are characterized by...
The lung is typically most affected by anaphylaxis, except in ____, where the ____ and ____ are most affected.
urticaria is a fancy word for?
Type III reactions tend to show up within __ to ___ hours of exposure.
True or false: neutrophils are almost always associated with bacterial infections only.
Which of the following would you not associate with neutrophils?
A) tissue trauma B) thromboses C)parasites D)burns E) foreign bodies F) all of the above 
True or false: pus forms within hours of insult?
True or false: a type III reaction can commonly form pus?
Although essentially synonymous descriptors, _____ more properly refers to neutrophil-rich necrotic areas, and ____ more properly refers to lesions with actual pus.
Neutrophils have a lifespan in the blood of approximately ___ hours.
What is the normal ratio of neutrophils that are marginated compared to those in rapidly flowing blood?
Following margination and rolling adhesion, what are the three steps that end with a neutrophil in the correct area?
What binds the carbohydrates of the neutrophil surface to allow rolling adhesion?
Firm adhesion is mediated by the interaction between ____s on the surface of endothelials and ____ on the surface of neutrophils
Opsonization is helpful for neutrophil phagocytosis. What three types of things will perform this for them?
Where do mycobacteria like to hide, by preventing fusion of lysosomes with their hiding place?
The oxidative burst involves _____ ____, ____ _____ and ____ _____ and also hypochlorite, created by _______.
What are the two components of the NETs secreted by neutrophils upon death?
____ and ____ _____ 
What is hypopyon?
Neutrophils are 'messy eaters.' What are the 'crumbs' that they drop while phagocytosing?
What are some ways in which neutrophils can cause injury?
What is the hallmark of immune complex diseases?
What is the name for the localized vasculitis, hair loss or pigment loss that can result from rabies vaccinations in dogs?
______ ___ infecting the pharynx, submandibular and retropharyngeal lymph nodes causes ____ in horses.
eosinophils are most associated with?
____ and ____ 
What are the three worm types named in our notes that eosinophils attack?
____-4 is expressed on eosinophils, allowing firm adhesion via interaction with ____
C5a and ______ __ attract both neutrophils and eosinophils, whereas ___ and ___ are specific for eosinophils
True or false: eosinophils are either not visible grossly, or are pinkish?
What is the major product of eosinophil peroxidase?
What class of drugs would you use to treat allergic disease?
What two proteins produced by eosinophils are particularly damaging to cell membranes of helminths?
Who's that pokemon?
It's a spiky blob, tapering on the lower end, with detached hands. also has a good sense of humor. 

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