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Cell injury that falls short of cell death=?
Cell death following the death of an animal=?
Cell death in a programmed and orderly fashion=?
Lysis and fermentation by anaerobic bacteria=?
Apoptosis can occur during the course of...
With what form of cell death would you associate the bystander effect?
What are the four stages of apoptosis?
What is the name given to enzymes which cleave at Cys-Asp residues?
What is the most important molecule released from mitochondrial membranes by the enzymes in question 20? (in terms of the progression of apoptosis)
What are the targets of the enzymes from question 20 and 21?
Which protein works in opposition to apoptosis by inhibiting cytochrome C release from mitochondria?
Which two proteins are related to the protein from #26, but are pro-apoptosis and act by interfering with its actions?
TNF and FAS ligand will both act as _______ ______ when they bind with their cell membrane receptors?
Which of the following is not a positive signal promoting apoptosis? FAS ligand, viral inffection, DNA damage, withdrawal of growth factors, cytotoxic T cell interaction?
What substance would be used by a cytotoxic T cell to create openings in a cell's membrane?
After perforating the cell membrane, what chemical would be injected to lyse proteins and activate execution enzymes?
What would cause functional p53 to accumulate in the cell? In what stage of the cell cycle would it attempt to arrest the cell?
What are the common methods of cell injury?
Vitamin C, E and A and glutathione peroxidase are important examples of?
True or false: a cell can look normal for only about an hour after it is functionally dead?
True or false: calcium channel blockers may serve to keep cells alive for a longer period of time?
What are three nuclear signs of necrosis?
What is the result when proteolytic enzymes of adjacent tissues are for any reason unable to reach a section of tissue which has undergone coagulative necrosis?
Why do cells remain as 'ghosts' for a few hours after death during coagulative necrosis?
If neutrophils are quickly attracted to a site of necrosis, or it is caused by an infection by bacteria with proteolytic enzymes, what form of necrosis will occur?
Which tissue will typically always undergo liquefactive necrosis?
If necrosis attracts few neutrophils and many macrophages, or is caused by a highly toxogenic bacterial infection, what would the expected form of the necrosis be?
Necrosis of fat will result in what?
Hypercalcemia can result from...?
You observe severe hepatic lipidosis on a liver biopsy taken from a dairy cow. What does she probably suffer from?
A middle aged dog in your clinic has presented with severe fatty liver. What immediately is placed at the top of your differential diagnosis list?
If a patient with a fatty liver also has fibrosis and congestion in their liver ('nutmeg liver') what is this a sign of?
What intracellular inclusion would not be of any concern if it were found in liver cells, myocardial cells or neurons of aged patients?
What is the name for the build up of immunoglobulin in aging plasma cells?
They must be getting a bit Rusty? 
What breed of dog is most commonly associated with hepatopathy due to copper storage illnesses?
True or false: anthracosis would be a normal finding in a 7 year old dog that has lived in a major city its whole life?
What would tend to cause more fibrosis than anthracosis, and can be the result of reactions to coal, asbestos, or silica?
What may cause ischemic hypoxia?
True or false: infarction has only occurred if all components of a tissue have died?
An in situ thrombosis has occured in the lungs, in a vein. Is this a best case or worst case scenario for ischemia?
Oxygen may catalyse reactions associated with cytoplasmic xanthine oxidase and purine metabolites to cause...?
Organs with dichotomous branching of blood vessels usually have _____ shaped sections of infarction?
True or false: an arterial infarct will never share the same initial appearance as a venous one?
When red blood cells begin to break down, list the colours it will turn in order, along with the pigment causing it in brackets?
True or false: bone, muscle and spleen are the most common locations for sequestrae to form?
Which of the renal tubules is most vulnerable to nercosis as a result of toxins?
What are three watershed zones found in horse GI tract?
True or false: Transient ischemia may occur as a result of the normal functioning of the renin-angiotensin system?
What drug class might cause an animal to suffer medullary/renal papillary infarctions? What animal would be particularly vulnerable to this? Why?
Microthrombi in the vascular beds leading to damage to the digital extremities would be associated with what form of bacterial septicemia?
How might a careless vet or tech cause necrosis in the immediate aftermath of closing up a surgical patient?
If the pattern of necrosis is random and multifocal across the body, the pathogen is...
A patient presents with necrosis in the kidneys, periacinar hepatocytes and poioencaphalomalacia. What are the two most likely causes?

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