Parasitology Drugs

Can you name the Parasitology Drugs

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Which of the following is not an avermectin?
a) ivermectin b)doramectin c)moxidectin d)eprinomectin e) selamectin 
Macrocyclic lactones have activity only against _______ and ________
Macrocyclic lactones have low toxicity because mammals don't have ______-gated Cl- channels, and our ____ receptors are in the CNS, protected by the BBB.
Collies have a mutation in the ____ gene, which encodes _-________ efflux pumps, hence their sensitivity to ivermectin.
True or false: the demodex dose would be toxic for collies for ivermectin?
Benzimidazoles bind to _-_____, an enzyme which polymerizes microtubules, to inhibit cell division, glucose uptake and motility.
If a greek letter should be involved somewhere, you should just use the comparable english letter. 
________ is teratogenic in the first trimester of bovine and ovine pregnancy, and may affect canine hematopoietic stem cells. (A benzimidazole)
the broadest spectrum benzimidazole 
The most common off label use of fenbendazole would be for this parasite.
I am a benzimidazole, toxic in cats, biotransformed in the liver to fenbendazole, and often coadministered with pyrantel to have increased effect against trichuris vulpis?
This broad spectrum parasiticide drug class acts on nicotinic acetylcholine receptros of nematodes and horse tapeworms to paralyze them.
Examples include pyrantel pamoate and pyrantel tartrate 
I am a cyclooctadepsipeptide, used in cats only for a wide variety of nematodes. I bind G-coupled latrophilin-like receptors to release inhibitory neuropeptides.
I am a heartworm adulticide. I kill heartworms over 4 months old. I am injected depp in the epaxial muscles.
Fenbendazole is the narrow spectrum cestocide of choice in dogs for _____ spp?
__________ is the narrow spectrum cestocide of choice for moniezia spp. in cattle?
________ is the narrow spectrum cestocide of choice for horses to treat anoplocephala spp?
When administering melarsomine, it is best to pretreat with _______ for 1 month, give 1 dose, wait one ______, then give _ doses __ hours apart
How long should dogs be cage rested after each dose of melarsomine?
_________ is a broad spectrum cestocide used fro taenia, dipylidium and, least commonly ________ in dogs and cats?
True or false: fragments of cestodes should be found in the feces if praziquantel is having an effect?
Coccidia enter the LI by _ weeks after ingestion, and cause diarrhea by day __ or __
Epsiprantel works on ______ and _______ spp. in dogs and cats.
Which of the following is not a ptoential side effect of sulfonamide use to treat coccidia?
a)KCS in dogs b)precipitaiton in renal tubules c)polyarthritis in collies d)none of the above 
If CNS signs have appeared after 12 days of amprolium therapy, you should administer what supplements?
Monensin and lasalocid both increase calcium in the rumen to increase what kind of bacteria prescence within?
What do the extra numbers of that certain kind of bacteria from the last question make more of?
True or false: dogs, horses, sheep may be treated with monensin for coccidia?
I would give ponazuril and eliminate possum feces (or muck!) to treat what disease?
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