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What are the three divisions of the insect body, from anterior to posterior?
What immature form of an insect resembles an adult but in miniature.
What, in order, are the life stages of simple or incomplete metamorphosis of insects?
What, in order, are the life stages of complete or complex metamorphosis of insects?
What is the technical term for the infestation of skin, wool or internal organs by larva of insects?
What is the one family of Dipteran insects without a pair of wings?
What dipteran suborder is associated with piercing-sucking mouthparts, female only bloodfeeding, and segmented, thin antennae?
What dipteran suborder is associated with slicing mouthparts, telmophagy, female only bloodfeeding (for most genera), and stylate antennae?
What dipteran suborder is associated with various mouthparts, and aristate antennae?
What is the scientific name of the house fly?
What is the preferred location for a house fly to lay their eggs on?
any other feces or decaying organic material will do as well 
Which of the following might be carried by house flies?
a)viruses b)bacteria c)protistan cysts d)helminth eggs e)all of the above 
What is the common name of Musca autumnalis?
Mainly affects cattle and horses outside. 
Which is larger, Musca autumnalis or Musca domestica?
True or false: Musca autumnalis may transmit either Moraxella bovis or Thelazia spp. eyeworms.
What is the scientific name of the horn fly?
1/2 the size of a house fly with wings and piercing-sucking mouthparts 
True or false: haematobia irritans is a biological vector for Stephanofilaria stilesi?
What species of dipteran fly is more commonly known as the stable fly or biting house fly?
bayonet-shaped mouthparts 
What is nematode of horses that stomoxys calcitrans is the intermediate host of?
Which of the following is NOT a sanitation measure useful in the control of muscid flies?
a)timely removal of manure b) frequent use of air freshners to mask the odour of feces c)removal of rotting vegetation d) removal of standing water/muck 
Which of the following species of fly does NOT have sponging-lapping mouthparts?
a) stomoxys calcitrans b) haematobia irritans c) musca domestica d) musca autumnalis e) a and d f) a and b 
What is the scientific name of the sheep ked? When are they most common?
Give birth to mature larvae that pupate and attach a cocoon to wool immediately. 
What two families of dipteran insects tend to cause myiasis in wounds, wet or soiled skin?
Both have sponging-lapping mouthparts 
What specific species of the two above families is unusual in the following ways:
it cannot breed on carrion, has a broader host range than most, and unlike the rest, will extend wounds to feed on healthy tissue (will also lay eggs on healthy tissue, unusually) 
What family of dipteran flies has adults larger than musca domestica, and brilliant metallic wings.
What family of dipteran flies has adults that are grey-black with checkerboard pattern?
True or false: adult bot flies do not eat, and exist only to lay their eggs?
What genus of bot fly tends to cause warbles (subcutaneous cysts on the back) in cows, and occasionally in horses?
What is the scientific name of the northern cattle grub/warble fly? Of the southern or common cattle grub/heel fly?
What is the scientific name of the common nasal bot of sheep?
Grey flies, 1cm long, small black dots on abdomens 
What genus of bot fly primarily parasitizes rodents and rabbits, but may also attack humans, felids or canids?
will appear as subcutaneous cysts near the neck in dogs and cats, sometimes in mouth, nose or brain 
What genus of bot fly parasitizes the stomachs of horses, ponies and donkeys?
Eggs are licked up from legs, 1st stage larvae penetrate oral mucosa, 2nd stage emerge at back of tongue, 3rd stage hang out near pylorus or proximal duodneum  
What order of lice is wingless, dorsoventrally flattened, with a head narrower than thorax.
What order of lice is wingless, dorsoventrally flattened with a head as broad or broader than the thorax?
True or false: both varieties of lice have a broad host range?
What order of insects is the taxonomic grouping of fleas?
What genus of fleas primarily targets dogs and cats? What genus targets poultry and other birds?
What is the most common flea on both dogs and cats?
What tapeworm can be carried by both ctenocephalides felis and C. canis?
think double pored 
Why are flea pupae found in cocoons that are sticky?
Which of the following is the least likely source spot for fleas?
a) pet bedding b) behind the door c)under a chair or bed d)on a thick throw rug in front of the front door  
Adult fleas are negatively _____ and positively _____, in contrast to flea larvae?
How long can newly emerged, unfed adult fleas survive before their first bloodmeal?
What is the name for the false head protruding from the anterior end of the body of arachnids, with mouth parts protruding?
How many pairs of legs do arachnid larvae have? nymphs?
True or false: most ticks have a narrow host range?
The capitulum is located ventrally and subterminally on _____ ticks, and anteriorly and terminally on _____ ticks
Why are argasids called 'soft ticks?'
True or false: in all cases, ticks lay their eggs in secluded areas far from hosts?
True or false: multiple host ticks repeatedly visit and depart from their host, getting bloodmeals while the host sleeps?
In nymph and adult form, if true 
What two life cycle stages of ticks will feed on the same host with molting in between on a two host tick?
____ and ______ 
What argasid tick is the biological vector for Rickettsia rickettsi, Q fever, Tularemia and Colorado tick fever virus?
(in Western North America) 
What argasid tick is the biological vector of rickettsia rickettsi, Francisella tularensis and may cause tick paralyis?
East of the rockies... 
I am looking at a hard tick capitulum with parallel sided basis, short palps and festoons. What genus?
Ornate scutum in these species. 'Pretty tick.' -Shannon 
I am looking at a hard tick capitulum with angular basis, short palped, with festoons. What genuss?
No ornate scutum. 
I am looking at a hard tick capitulum with parallel sides, long palps and no festoons. What genus?
No ornate scutum. Head looks like Darth Vader, according to Randy, not that I don't agree. 
True or false: ground hogs dislike cookei? (not the plural of cookies)
How many hosts do ixodes spp. ticks have?
How many hosts do rhipcelpalus spp. ticks have?
True or false: half turns at a time are recommended in removing ticks without breakage?
true or false: all mites are obligate parasites, harmful to the host?
The cuticle of ____ is thick and leathery, the cuticle of _____ is membranous
True or false: larvae and nymphs of mites have the same number of legs as ticks?
True or false: fomites may be involved in the transmission of mites?
True or false: all mites have simple metamorphosis, immature forms resembling adults?
True or false: sarcoptes scabei can transfer between hosts of different species?
What species of mite has short legs, with the posterior two pairs not extending beyond the body, with long unsegmented pedicels?
pedicels termiante in sucker, and many spines are on the body 
What genus of mite is elongated and worm-like, with stubby legs on the anterior half?
What species of mite is white, ovoid, with long legs, unsegmented short stalks/pedicels with large suckers?
Affect ears. 
What genus of mite is pale yellow, oval, with long legs, large palps looking like an extra set of legs, combs on end of legs?
What genus of mite is oval, with long legs, short unsegmented pedicels and large suckers?
Affect skin 
What genus of mite is oval, with long legs, long and segmented pedicels?

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