Large animal medicine midterm 1 part 2 (Mastitis)

Can you name the Large animal medicine midterm 1 part 2 (Mastitis)

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Define mastitis?
True or false: mastitis can cost 120-300 dollars per case?
Which of the following components of milk would not normally be elevated with mastitis?
a) albumin b) potassium c) sodium d) chlorine e) lactoferrin 
True or false: the cell count in mastitis can rise over 250 000, and WBCs may rise as high as 85%?
Name two nutrients you might give to fuel a cow's immune system?
Approximately how many seconds should a single-use cloth be used to dry/stimulate each teat after pre-dip?
What does IMI stand for? (develops into clinical mastitis)
true or false: subclinical mastitis is undetectable
Which of the following is not a major environmental cause of mastitis?
a)escherichia coli b)Streptococcus agalactiae c)Klebsiella spp. d) strep uberis e) none of the above 
Which of the following is a minor cause of mastitis?
a)staphylococcus aureus b)streptococcus agalactiae c)mycoplasma spp d)corynebacterium bovis e)all of the above 
Name the 5 uncommon causes of mastitis?
What are the three parts of clinical presentation for severe mastitis?
True or false: knowing only the etiologic agent of a case of mastitis, you as a practitioner would be able to accurately predict severity?
Approximately what fraction of cows have at least 1 case of mastitis per lactation according to an Ontario study? (_ out of _)
If you are a cow that does not enjoy having bacteria all up in your teats, what is your least favourite season?
True or false: you would expect more clinical mastitis cases early on in lactation than late?
What is the normal method of detection for subclinical mastitis?
Commonly measured by the california mastitis test! 
In the california mastitis test, a gel is formed via the reaction between DNA in _____ and a detergent
Which of the following is a pathogen specific control of mastitis? (as opposed to general)
a)selective culling b)cleaning the environment c)maintaining cow comfort d)dry cow therapy e) milking hygeine 
Within what amount of time must one submit a chilled milk sample for bacterial culture? Absolute minimum culture time?
The farmer has chosen a treatment protocol from the options presented to prevent transmission and relapses. He has selected _____ cure rather than _____ cure
Which of the following cow factors does NOT carry a worse prognosis with higher/more?
a)parity b)SCC c)scar tissue formation d)# of previous cases of clinical mastitis e) quarters affected f) none of the above 
True or false: antimicrobial susceptibility testing is strongly associated with clinical, but not necessarily bacteriologic cure?
With what form of mastitis is spontaneous cure most common? (As well as cure due to AMD therapy?) Least common?
For macrolides, sulfonamides, tetracyclines, beta lactams and lincosamides, the ___ ______ of AMD matters far less than the ____ above ___
_____ ________ 
____ above ___ 
With which group of bacteria woudl you expect the most bacteria to be int he cow, with a small amount in milk?
With which specific microbe would you expect a small amount int he milk and a LOT in the tissue of the udder?
True or false: the herd level outcome is similar whether you opt for blanket treatment or delay IMM therapy for a 24h on farm culture?
Which of the following would NOT be used as dry cow treatment?
a) cloxacillin b)penicillin c)ceftiofur d)cephapirin e) pirlimycin f)A and B g)B and E 
True or false: most moderate-severe cases of mastitis are treated by veterinarians?
Extended therapy tends to be more effective than on-label treatment. How long does this IMM therapy last?
Within what period of time after dry-off will a keratin plug form in the streak canal?
What proportion of teats fail to close? (_ out of _)
Clinical mastitis has peak incidence in ____ ______ but the highest new incidence is during the _____ ___ _____
Dry cow therapy is most effective in curing infections with S. _____ and least effective on S. ____
Of the three major agents of contagious mastitis, which is not gram positive?
I am extremely contagious, fear IMM penicillin, associated with lack of dry cow therapy/poor milking hygeine, and cause high prevalence of subclinical mastitis. Who am I?
Which of the following is nto a risk factor for mastitis in heifers?
a)lousy fly control b)below average age at first calving c)consumption of mastitic milk d) leaking and edema of udders 
I tend to make chronic infections with periodic clinical flare-ups. I ain't scurred of antibiotics, and dry cow therapy only works 1/2 the time. Who am I?
I hide from antibiotics in macrophages, micro-abscesses, or just tank through them with my direct resistances. 
I lack a cell wall, fear few antimicroials, grow slowly, shift between quarters on a cow and make 'fried egg' colonies.
I also like to move over to cause droopy ears, septic arthritis or respiratory illness. 
Which two environmental mastitis agents are gram negative? (in order, _ and _)
a) E coli b)strep uberis c)strep dysgalactiae d)klebsiella 
True or false: sand bedding tends to promote environmental mastitis?
True or false: environmental streps tend to cause clinical mastitis, unlike the contagious strep agalactia?
With which agent would you associate a short and potentially deadly coliform mastitis? Which one makes you think chronic infection and sawdust bedding?
True or false: with coliform mastitis you may see a jump from a normal cow to severe mastitis in 12 hours?
True or false: vaccines for coliform mastitis tend to focus on prevention of endotoxemia?
True or false: vaccination against coliform mastitis is generally ineffective?
True or false: vaccination for coliform mastitis provides long duration of immunity?
If you have a severe mastitis should you assume it is coliform?
Which of the following would NOT be a strong consideration for treating severe clinical cases of mastitis?
a)NSAIDs b)hypertonic saline c) oral fluids d)ceftiofur e)TMS f)all of the above g) none of the above 
Diuretics and steroids are often combined to treat ____ ____, especially common after a first calving?
A common complication is ruptured median suspensory ligaments 
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