Large Animal Medicine Midterm 1 part 1

Can you name the Large Animal Medicine Midterm 1 part 1

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True or false: it is impossible to add a single species of ion to a solution by itself?
Atot=____ + __
True or false: the amount of each component in plasma remains completely constant unless it is added or removed from outside?
True or false: pure water is pH neutral at 37*C?
What is the name of a useful way to visualize ion concentrations in watery solutions and illustrate electroneutrality?
What is the usual measure of CO2 concentration?
____ and ___ are the primary determinants of the concentration of H+ and of acid base behaviour in body fluids?
What should the normal SID be approximately in mEq/L?
If I add the concentration of A- to the concentration of Lac-, what would I get?
Could also get it by adding sodium and potassium, then subtracting chlorine and bicarb 
SID= (___ + ___) - (___ + ___)
concentration of Lac- generally =?
What is the leading cause of mortality in dairy calves?
Approximatel 0.2 L/kg BW is a good approximaion of the ECF fluid in ____ and ___, whereas ____ and ____ are closer to 0.4L/kg BW.
Suckle reflex would be poor at _-_% dehydration, and absent at __-__%.
skin turgor will last over 5 seconds, mucous membranes will be tacky, mild depression 
skin turgor will also be permanent, mucous membranes dry, profound depression 
IV fluids are required treatment for any dehydration over _%
A calf over 1 week old and a calf under one week old have the same clinical signs including diarrhea. Which is likely more acidotic?
Approximately how many x the volume of hypertonic saline solution administered must you give orally or IV before or after HSS administration?
Which one of the following is NOT one of the big six causes of diarrhea in calves under 21 days old?
a) coronavirus b) rotavirus c) clostridium difficile d)salmonella e) nutritional f) ETEC 
Of the big 6 causes of calf diarrhea, which one will likely strike calves under 4 days old?
What two viruses of the big six tend to strike between 4-21 days?
____ and _____ 
Of the six major causes of calf diarrhea, what is the only one associated with crypt atrophy? (As well as villous atropy and secretory diarrhea)
what three of the big six causes of calf diarrhea are asosciated with villous atrophy?
True or false: hypoglycemia may cause opisthotonus
True or false: approximatley 30% of sick calvves iwth diarrhea are bacteremic?
True or false: the lower the SID in an oral electrolyte solution, the higher the success rate of treating diarrhea calves?
What should always form a component of treatment for a diarrhea calf, to 'feed the gut' and facilitate repair of epithelium?
Decreased SID causes metabolic _____
Increased SID causes metabolic _______
Decreased A- causes ______ ______ and tends to decrease ___ ____
True or false: if A- and SID decrease simultaneously you might appear to have a normal acid base picture?
Why should IV potassium ion administration not exceed 0.5 mEq/kg/h?
FPT is defined as calf serum IgG concentration of less than __ g/L
True or false: between 25-41% of calves exhibiting FPT is not at all unusual
Newborn calves require between __ and ___ g of immunoglobulins in 3-4 colostrum, best within 2h of birth?
True or false: a short maternal dry period is a risk factor for FPT?
True or false: in general, the zinc sulfate turbidity test will overestimate Ig levels in the calf?
What is the gold standard for Ig level identification?
If a calf with FPT is over 18 hours old, you should treat with IV ___ ____ or ____
_% dextrose is isotonic.
Plasmalyte tends to be _______, while LRS tends to be ______?
Of the aforementioned IV fluid options, what would you choose for a diarrhea calf with acidosis?
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