Large Animal 1 Part 5 (the rest of pigs)

Can you name the Large Animal 1 Part 5 (the rest of pigs)

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Which of the following is NOT a common symptom associated with Selenium toxicity?
a) alopecia b)anorexia c)separation of hooves at coronary band d)myocardial degeneration e)liver damage 
True or false: Pigs will refuse to eat feed with arsenic levels above 2000ppm, but the toxic dose unfotunately is 1000ppm?
With which mycotoxin would you associate feminized young boars and vaginal prolapses?
Produced by fusarium graminearum. 
How many kg should you sample for every 2000 kg of feed when mycotoxins are a differential?
Which mycotoxin, when contaminating a food source intended for pigs, may safely be fed to chickens?
Which mycotoxin is a potent carcinogen produced by aspergillus flavus, which also causes depression, anorexia, anemia, ascites and hemorrhagic diarrhea?
Which organ is most affected by ochratoxin?
think 'K.O.' where the O is ochratoxin. 
I am a mycotoxin that affects all ages, causes gangrene, lameness, sloughing of tail/ears/hooves and agalactia and reproductive failure in sows?
I am a mycotoxin that affects swine of all ages, causing respiratory signs, cyanosis and liver toxicity?
A pig is developing wrinkled, thickened skin, and is scratching and rubbing like mad. You don't see anything with the naked eye on it's skin. What's likely up?
true or false: roundworms are of economic concern because of the often fatal course of illness?
Where do sarcoptes scabei like to colonize first in a pig?
I produce 200 000 eggs per day, and live for a year or more. I crawl through portal veins, the liver and the lungs, just to head back to pig's intestines. I am?
True or false: it is best to deworm sows just prior to farrowing?
What two drugs might you recommend for the treatment of mange in a pig?
What is the strange name for infestation with large black sucking lice of swine? What is the species scientific name?
If a heavy infestation with ascaris suum causes focal hemorrhages, eosinophilic infiltration, edema, emphysema and secondary infection of the lungs, you have this condition
True or false: the large black sucking louse can cause cutaneous lesions which remain on carcass inspection?
True or false: haematopinus suis may be treated with an ivermectin dip, as you would treat a cow with lice?
True or false: your first choice for treatment of Trichuris suis would be ivermectin or doramectin?
What is the common name for Hyostrongylus rubidus, a minimally pathogenic internal parasite of outdoor swine?
Metastrongylus apri affects what organ of an outdoor pig, and requires what animal as an intermediate host?
During what three months would one expect seasonal infertility? How do you prevent it?
In what two months might you expect higher incidence of abortion in pigs?
__-__ days after service, incomplete resorption due to calcification leads to mummification of fetuses?
True or false: routine cleaning is responsible for the low incidence of Porcine Parvovirus?
To control porcine parvovirus, I would vaccinate gilts twice, _ ____ and _ ____ before breeding, and vaccinate sows when piglets are _____
What is the preferred way to serve ground up mummified fetuses to new gilts, to innoculate them with porcine parvovirus?
Leptospira ____ is most commonly associated with abortion, whereas L. _____ may cause infertility due to fallopian tube infection, or abortion.
Vaccination against seven serotypes of leptospirosis is along the same schedule as, and often co-administered with, the vaccine for __?
Actinobaculum suis is frequently found on what part of a boar's body, and may cause what conditions in the sow?
What would your AMD of choice be for vaginal discharge syndrome?
What bacteria is responsible for diamond skin disease, joint issues, and occasionally nodular vegetative growths in the heart valves?
Treat with penicillin early, or tetracycline. 
The medial femoral condyle, distal growth plate of the ulna nad 6-8th costochondral junctions are the most common areas for ______?
Footrot, caused by wet flooring, can be treated with systemic antibiotics and topical use of _____ _______
Vaccines for what pathogen are often administered simultaneously with parvo and lepto vaccines, providing only spotty 2-3 month protection?
Biotin deficiency may be associated with what condition, including multiple bone fractures?
Which of the following vesicular illnesses is NOT found in swine?
a) Foot and Mouth Disease b) vesicular stomatitis c) swine vesicular disease d)San Miguel Sea Lion Disease e) none of the above 
Salmonellosis has two reportable differential diagnoses, which cause nervous signs, GI signs and high fevers, as well as hemorrhages throughout the body. What are they?
_____ disease, an enterovirus occasionally associated with infertility and mummificaiton in Canada, is a less severe cousin to _____ which causes polioencephalomyelitis?
True or false: it is possible to distinguish Aujeszky's disease infections from animals that have been vaccinated by antibody levels?
True or false: Pseudorabies is typically fatal in younger pigs, but mild in adults, cows and dogs?
True or false: campylobacter jejuni is the most common cause of enteritis in people from contaminated pork products?
______ ______ is the reason pork is always well cooked, but _____ ________ is probably associated with more postslaughter contamination causing health risks to humans?
What two seemingly opposite steps in management are key for preventing infection with toxoplasma gondii?
Body temperature for pigs should be ___ to ___ *C?
When injecting pigs, the ____ jugular is better to avoid the thoracic duct and vagus nerve on the ____ side
What dose of beer would be appropriate for an aggressive Vietnamese Pot Belly sow during farrowing?
The minimum recommended vaccines for an isolated domestic pot belly pig would be 2x yearly _____ and once yearly _____.
True or false: mange and lice may be more common in domestic pigs than farm reared, due to the increased probability of pig play date parties.
What would your go-to treatment be for a pet pig with constipation?
Why is spaying absolutely necessary in potbelly pigs?
At what age should you wean potbelly pig litters?
What is the least terrifying reason a potbelly pig might come in for a skin problem? What is the easiest treatment?
True or false: pot bellied domestic pigs face the same livestock importation rules as farmed pigs when travelling between Canada and the US?
True or false: pigs are difficult to litter train
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