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What is the causative organism of Greasy Pig disease or exudative dermatitis?
What is the common name for an infection with Haemophilus parasuis?
True or false: exudative dermatitis is usually more severe in younger animals?
What would our antibiotic of choice be for early treatment of streptococcus suis infection?
Which of the following clinical signs would you NOT associate with Glasser's disease?
a)tremors b)depression and fever c)arthritis d) brown lesions on the skin e)cyanosis of extremities 
What is the condition associated with streptococcus suis?
Aside from arthritis, septicemia, pneumonia, endocarditis.  
True or false: Staphylococcus hyicus is an opportunistic pathogen?
What is the single toxin present in the verotoxigenic E coli which is responsible for artery damage causing Edema disease?
True or false: streptococcal meningitis is a rare condition?
Where on the body would skin lesions due to greasy pig disease tend to begin?
True or false: glasser's disease is present on almost all farms and only affects SPF pigs mixed in with normals?
True or false: only the most unthrifty pigs tend to get affected by verotoxigenic E coli?
Which of the following is NOT a preventative measure against staphylococcus hyicus infection?
a)increasing humidity b)parenteral TMS in early infections c)needle teeth clipping d)reducing mixing of pigs e)eradicating mange from the herd 
Which of the following is NOT a clinical sign associated with edema disease?
a)Ataxia b) paddling c)swollen joints d)edema of eyelids e)edema in intestines and greater curvature of stomach 
What is the more common name for porcine circovirus associated disease (PCVAD)?
There have been sporadic deaths within a pig nursery. The victims had severe diarrhea, scalded perineal regions, purple abdomens and yellowish fluid in thorax and abdomen. what is?
Zinc oxide is a potential treatment, as are proprionic, citric and phosphoric acids. 
Some pigs have presented with convulsions at 7 minute intervals. It is winter, and their water line was frozen four days ago, and fixed three days ago. What do you suspect?
Some nursery pigs have died. Their lymph nodes are 4x normal size and the inguinal nodes are bugging out. What do they have?
They also have varied other signs including interstitial pneumonia, atrophied livers, non-congested but enlarged spleens, enlarged kidneys spotted with white foci, hyperemic and petechiated colons, icterus, and muscle wasting. 
Which of the following is NOT a syndrome of vitamin E or selenium deficiency?
a)porcine dermatopathy and nephropathy syndrome b)mulberry heart disease c)hepatica dietetica d)white muscle disease e) none of the above 
What are selenium or vitamin E deficient pigs more prone to, in terms of another necessary supplement?
they are also more susceptible to infection 
In addition to causing pneumonia through a poorly understood mechanism, Mycoplasma hyorhinis is also associated with _____
in piglets 3-10 weeks old. 
What treatment would be required fro an uncomplicated case of pityriasis rosea, with no secondary infections?
What is the most common presentation of vitamin E/selenium deficiency in swine?
Some 2-4 month old pigs have crusty legs, snouts and ventral abdomens. It looks like mange, but they are not rubbing or scratching. What is?
Which of the following agents is least likely to be associated with neurological disease?
a)strep suis b)verotoxigenic e coli c)PCVAD d)Glasser's disease e)haemophilus parasuis 
Progressive atrophic rhinitis is caused by ______ ______, which requires previous infection, most commonly with ______ _______ to cause mild mucosal damage first.
Which of the following neurological conditions is NOT common in nursery pigs?
a)edema disease b)middle ear infection c)streptococcus suis meningitis d)salt poisoning 
Enzootic pneumonia is caused by _______ _________ and various secondary infections.
Pneumonia is more likely in the ______ or _____ seasons, due to ______ ________
True or false: genetically superior lean pigs bred today are more resistant to respiratory disease than slower growing, fatty pigs?
With what two types of clinical signs would you associate Aujeszky's disease/pseudorabies with?
Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, aside from predisposing to many secondary infections, will in particular work in synergy with this virus creating a more severe pneumonia.
Which of the following is not a primary inhaled pulmonary pathogen?
a)Mycoplasma hyopnumoniae b) A. pleuropneumoniae c)Bordatella bronchiseptica d)Mycoplasma hyorhinis 
Metastrongylus spp (lungworms) are only commonly seen in outdoor reared pigs, because they required ______ as intermediate hosts?
Which of the following is NOT a secondary pathogen that can piggyback on mycoplasma hyopneumoniae to help make enzootic pneumonias worse?
a)haemophilus parasuis b)bordetella bronchiseptica c) pasteurella multocida type C d)mycoplasma hyorhinis e)PRRSV f)swine influenza virus g)all of the above may contribute to enzootic pneumonia 
True or false: younger animals will be more severely affected by swine influenza virus?
How long will pigs typically take to recover from swine flu if uncomplicated?
Actinobacillus __________ is clinically similar to Actinobacillus ___________ but the former is generally milder
true or false: actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae is associated with economic losses primarily due to the incredible # of pigs killed.
true or false: actinobacillus suis may cause skin lesions that resemble erysipelas?
What is the causative organism of Porcine proliferative enteropathy (PPE) and what is another name for it?
True or false: both flies and rodents may carry lawsonia intracellularis?
True or false: the more severe form of PPE occurs in younger pigs?
What is the causative agent of swine dysentery?
Don't tell my spira, my achy brachyspira... 
How high is the untreated mortality of swine dysentery, in percent?
What is the agent for Nonspecific colitis?
Mild and self limiting disease. 
With Lawsonia intracellularis infection, on PM you would expect gross thickening of at least which region of intestines?
With which intestinal pathogen would you associate yellow-grey soft feces, which gradually gain mucous and flecks of blood?
What two species of salmonella can cause problems in swine?
true or false: salmonella is a major food contamination worry in the swine industry in canada?
Whcih species of salmonella would you associate with meningitis, lung and liver problems (septicemia)?
What are two reportable DDx for salmonellosis in pigs?
What is not a risk factor for gastric ulceration?
a)increased roughage b)corn and wheat c)finely ground/pelleted feed d)withdrawal of feed for 24 hours 
What country is currently embarked on a salmonella eradication plan?

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