Large Animal 1 part 3 (Industry-Nursery disease)

Can you name the Large Animal 1 part 3 (Industry-Nursery disease)

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List the top three provinces for pork production in Canada, separated by commas.
Canada is the ___ largest exporter of pork, and the ___ largest exporter of live swine in the world.
This breed of piggy has good carcasses and feed efficiency, strong legs good for slatted floors, and red skin. A boar/meat breed.
Over the course of _ weeks of nursing, newborn pigs go from 1.5 kg to _kg
I call this breed of piggy the oreo. Good carcass quality, boar breed.
When choosing between pink piggies, I would choose a _____ for better boar temperment, and a ____ for ears that stick up. Both sow breeds.
Grower finisher pigs are between __ and __ weeks old, reaching about 127 kg.
On what day are litters usually weaned?
Nursery pigs are _ to __ weeks old, and reach about __ kg.
The ____ is the area with the highest kg per feed cost.
It takes about _kg of food to gain 1 kg of weight.
True or false: the majority of pigs raised on a breeding stock supplier farm are sold as boars or replacement gilts?
Which of the following diseases is NOT fairly successfully eliminated by multi-site production?
Which three diseases are reduced in severity or frequency, but not eliminated by multi-site systems?
What is NOT a disadvantage of outdoor facilities?
How many times per year is manure spread onto fields as fertilizer?
What is the term for a pig from the herd mixed in with new additions during the 60 day quarantine to check for illness?
Which of the following illnesses is NOT spread by AI?
Which of the following pathogens would NOT survive for months in manure?
What is the maximum ppm of ammonia in the air that should be allowed?
What gas builds up in manure pits and can cause asphixiation and nervous signs?
Your herd has an increased # of stillbirths, clinically normal sows. The room has poor ventilation and a fuel burning heater to keep the sows warm. What gas is on your ddx?
What is Lelystad virus/PRRS's favourite type of immune cell to occupy?
Viremia is possible with PRRS within _ ___ of infection, and may last as long as _ ____ in young pigs.
Viral shedding of PRRSV may last nine months, but is usually limited to _ ___ _____
Where might a sow harbour the virus, and when would she shed it?
What are the following symptoms of PRRSV all caused by?
Which of the following is NOT a secondary infection that might likely follow PRRSV infection?
True or false: immunity to PRRS is short lived?
True or false: heat and drying have little effect on PRRSV, but freezing will destroy it
Which of the following is probably the main reason for PRRSV spreading into a herd?
What is the term for pigs born with interstitial pneumonia due to fetal infection with PRRSV?
What is the name for the atypical presentation of PRRSv where a positive herd has a new disease outbreak and many sows die?
What is the new name for the 18 week wall?
The proper use of the PRRS vaccine is to vaccinate ____ twice before _____, and vaccinate sows at ______
How long would you close off a herd for to eliminate PRRS without test and removal?
What are the two most common causes of neonatal piglet diarrhea?
______ is to fatally severe watery diarrhea 5 hours after birth as ____ is to creamy yellow low mortality diarrhea at 5 days old.
I come during the winter, affect all age groups, spread rapidly and cause vomiting and severe watery diarrhea. What am I?
What are two viruses that are similar in presentation to TGEV, but milder?
What will the pH be of diarrhea due to colibacillosis?
Fully sporulated oocysts of isospora suis have 2 _____ containing 4 ____ each inside them.
True or false: slatted flooring can be a significant preventative measure for coccidiosis?
Most disinfectants won't work on coccidia oocysts. What will?
Most of the pigs born in the last 6 weeks are dead. There were milk curds in their feces, which smelled awful. It is winter. Wassup?
True or false: Porcine Respiratory Coronavirus cannot be differentiated from TGEV on ELISA?
Rotavirus and coccidiosis have what colour in common?
What two conditions (one bacterial and one viral) cause watery diarrhea?
What rare cause of neonatal diarrhea would most be associated with bloody diarrhea?
True or false: Inclusion body rhinitis commonly attacks herds, but herd immunity tends to develop within 3-4 weeks.
Signs in the herd inclue fever, nystagmus, ataxia, convulsions, diarrhea, salivation, dysnea, abortion and coughing. White foci found on livers at PM. Whassup?
Myelin deficiency causes _____ ____ which disappear when the piglet sleeps, and fade away over the first 3-5 weeks of life.
Yet another coronavirus, rare now, can appear as vomiting and wasting disease or encphalomyelitis. What is?
One waterer is necessary for every __ nursery pigs, and one feeder space for every _
What ambient temperature do nursery pigs require at 3 weeks old?
True or false: pigs will feel bad for a pen mate who has been bitten on the tail, and back off.
True or false: bigger pigs will nose the belly of smaller ones to establish dominance
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