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Why might normal intestinal flora be considered a part of non-specific immune response? (How do they prevent invading organisms from infecting us?)
What are some examples of antiviral cytokines?
What are PAMPs? What receptors allow innate immune cells to recognize them? Give 4 examples of PAMPs.
Which species provide about 10% of the passive transfer of IgG through the placenta?
Which immunoglobulin would be present in the greatest amounts during a primary response? An anamnestic response? (Both systemic)
True or false: Innate/non-specific defenses can tell the difference between bacterial and viral infections?
True or false: IgM is always pentameric?
What is unique about tonsils amongst other important immune sites?
CD8+ T cells are associated with what type of MHC?
Tdeltagamma cells are closest to which of the following in function? RBCs, plasma cells, NK cells, mast cells?
What type of hypersensitivity reaction is associated with IgE? what cell types get most involved?
Antibodies are to extracellular stages as _____ are to intracellular?
By the end of the _____ the fetus is immunocompetent, but not ______ Prior to this, infection will generally lead to _____, _____, or _____.
Using newfangled technology, you have decided to use PCR for detection instead of serology. What are you searching for?
If a test uses a label to detect the binding of the antigen-antibody together it is a ______ _____ _____
Secondary binding assays remain in use because when compared to primary binding assays they are: A) more sensitive, B) less specific C) less expensive D) quicker
Which of the following is not a secondary binding assay? Toxin or virus neutralization, complement fixation, ELISA, inhibition of haemagglutination, precipitation
Mouse LD tests are an example of?
Outdated, expensive, time-consuming AND ethically questionable? HOW COULD I LOSE? 
In immunohistochemistry, your test reagent is the relevant ______
If I have labelled an antigen (or antibody) with a radioactive bit, and I want to detect an antibody (or antigen) with it, this is?
If I choose to involve an antiglobulin, what kind of assay is it NOW?
Why might I choose to employ a 'sandwich' ELISA?
True or false: by use of an indirect primary binding assay, we may detect a specific isotype of immunoglobulin?
I want to do an agglutination type test. What Ig is the best Ig?
Horses love to make things difficult by being 'unique.' What is the result of their decision to have IgT in place of IgG (in terms of precipitation style tests)? Why does this happ
What unfortunate consequence of excess antibody may cause false negatives when doing titres?
'Honey? WHERE is my super suit?!?' 
Where would you expect problems to happen first if you have excess antibody-antigen complexes blocking up blood flow?
In order for a difference in titre to be considered meaningful, (i.e. seroconversion has occured) we expect to see a minimum of ___ fold increase.
In terms of quality control of a test, precision is to time as ______ is to different labs.
In a CFT test, the sheep red blood cells labelled with sheep red blood cell antibodies end up lysed. Was the test result positive or negative?
I suspect an animal was infected by an agent a few days ago. What would I look for in their samples?
What percentage of the non-diseased population will fall below two standard deviations above the mean?
If i wished to increase ______ I would lower the negative cut off to 1 standard deviation above the mean negative population value?
Under what circumstances might we choose to use a postive cut off? (2sd lower than average of known positives?)
In most cases, a protective immune response permits _____ but prevents ____ _____
True or false: All viruses have an extracellular phase?
Which of the following cells are incapable of ADCC? NK cells, eosinophils, macrophages, neutrophils?
True or false: NK cells are activated by interferons alpha, beta and gamma, all of which are produced by infected cells.
True or false: Interferon alpha and gamma are primarily functional by their effect on immune cells?
If an invading organism is naturally predisposed to being eaten by antigen presenting cells, what cell type will respond first?
Immunoprophylaxis is...?
True or false: post-exposure vaccination for rabies is as common in veterinary hospitals as it is in human ones?
What is the name for a vaccine used frequently in canine warts, where a sample of the patient's own wart is injected into the patient?
Vaccines designed to produce anti-GnRF antibodies in the animal are referred to as?
A modified live vaccine will be attenuated. What does this mean?
What are some advantages to MLV?
What is the major advantage to using killed vaccines?
What is a bacterial killed vaccine referred to as?
What is the term for a vaccine produced by the insertion of DNA coding for antigen into a harmless carrier organism?
What is the hopeful endpoint being developed from plant-based vaccination?
'____, ____ and ____ are typically used alone or in combination with other adjuvants.'
... *facepalm*  
Adverse reactions to saponins/saponin+AlOH mixes are mild... except in which species?
Who likes to be different, in a negative way...? 
True or false: There are commercial vaccines that use FCA as an adjuvant?
What are some of our best guesses as to how adjuvants work?
If i wanted my vaccination to stimulate a response in the spleen, how would I administer it?
A suppository is a kind of _____ administration for vaccine?
If I want my mucosally administered vaccine to also produce effective systemic immunity, it should be...
This sort of vaccination method is rare, unless you're treating chickens or fish...
What are the reasons you might vaccinate in the face of disease?
True or false: vaccines are not required to be necessarily safe if the patient is pregnant, malnourished, stressed, or on meds?
How much is the average bovine vaccine wholesale valued at?
What factors might prompt a veterinarian to include a vaccine in their 'core program'?

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