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Which of the following species would you require year-round control for in Lousiana but not Ontario?
a)dirofilaria immitis b) Toxocara c) toxascaris d)giardia  
How long does heartworm take to reach infective stage inside a mosquito? What is that stage?
What form of heartworm is killed by preventative products?
True or false: the majority of heartworm infections in Canada occur in southern ontario?
What is the worst area for heartworm in the United states? Second worst?
True or false: one parasite can cause disease in cats infected with heartworm?
True or false: all the top four heartworm preventatives are in the same class of drugs?
What is the old school treatment for heartworm which is extremely dangerous for positive patients, tastes good, and is given daily?
Which of the following heartworm drugs is NOT administered orally?
a) ivermectin b)selamectin c)milbemycin d) none of the above 
What is the only potential drug choice for the treatment of heartworm with no form licensed in cats?
Heartgard products use this drug as their active ingredient?
Interceptor, sentinel and trifexis are all ______.
Selamectin is better known by this product name?
moxidectin is better known as ProHeart6 or _____ ___
Which of the following drugs is safe in HW+ animals?
a)ivermectin b)diethylcarbamazine c)selamectin d)milemycin e)moxidectin f)none of the above g)c and e h)a and d 
Which of the heartworm drugs is generally the broadest spectrum and most expensive?
Can you use ivermectin for heartworm prevention in collies?
Ivermectin can control heartworm in dogs and cats. What else will it control in cats?
What is the plus in heartgard plus? What does the plus control?
_____ and ______ 
What is the only heartworm preventative that is licensed for pups as young as 2 weeks? (All others 6 weeks plus)
Interceptor is broader spectrum than heartgard. What additional species does it control in dogs? In cats?
First 4 are dogs, last 2 are cats 
What is the drawback tot he added lufenuron which is added to milbemycin to make sentinel? What product could you add instead?
What is the only tick revolution (selamectin) is fully licensed to control in Canada? Is this ironic? Is it licensed for the same in the states?
Which of the following does revolution NOT have a full label claim to control in dogs?
a)dirofilaria immitis b)toxocara spp. c)ancylostoma spp. d) fleas e) both b and c 
Of Dirofilaria, toxocara, toxascaris, ancylostoma, uncinaria, trichuris, fleas, otodectes, sarcoptes and demodex, what are the only two advantage multi does not fully cover in dogs
Ontario transmission of heartworm starts around ____ _ and ends around _____ _
If a puppy has it's first checkup at 7 weeks old, when should it start heartworm prevention?
When should you test for heartworm in Canada?
___(month) to ____ (month) 
____ months old is the minimum age at which a dog should be tested for heartworm antigen.
What is the best treatment (daily for 28 days) followed by 3 dose regimen of _____ for heartworm positive naimals w/o clinical signs?
Which groups of people are at highest risk for zoonotic infection from their pets with parasites?
Transplacenal transmission is the most common transfer of toxocara ____, whereas transmammary is the most common transfer of toxocara ____
True or false: without smptoms, treatment is NOT justified for giardiosis?
If giardiosis is clinical, consider treatment with _____ to be superior to _____, which it is commonly resistant to.
In Southern Ontario puppies and kittens 0-3 months old mainly require protection from _____, and, to a lesser extent, _____
What additional parasites might need preventive programs in Lousiana?
What is the overlap age for the first treatment with an anthelminthic for dogs and cats? why?
What extremely narrow spectrum drug neutralizes pyrantel, is neutralized by pyrantel, and works only for roundworms?
I cover round and hookworms, do not have a minimum age, and taste like bananas or caramel. What am I?
What are the three drugs Dr. Peregrine mentioned that don't have minimum ages?
What drug is cats only, while the plus version may be used in dogs?
What drug is in drontal plus for whip worms?
True or false: fenbendazole does not cover any tapeworms?
This highly unpleasant drug will make cats foam at the mouth and dogs vomit. The injectible is highly irritating and even worse. It kills tapes.
This drug is more pleasant than praziquantel, but will not work against echinococcus granulosus?
True or false: praziquantel may be coated in sugar to reduce its unpleasant side effects?
What are the only two drugs that may kill youthful nematodes as well as adult stages?
Emos have moxie. 
In Canada, your first deworming treatment should be _____ or _____, in the US you might use ______ (interceptor)
____________ methods have the highest sensitivity when monitoring dogs/cats for intestinal infections?
I am more commonly known ast he brown dog tick, and transmit RMSF, Francisella tularensis, and Cytauxzoon felis.
I am the Western cousin of dermacentor variabilis?
What is more commonly known as the gulf coast tick? The lone star tick?
Which of the following is NOT transmitted by A americanum?
a) ehrlichia ewingii b)cytauxzoon felis c)RMSF d)francisella tularensis 
What disease is unusually transmitted by ingestion of A. maculatum rather than by its bite?
What tick is the primary vector for Borrelia burgdorferi? What town in Connecticut is the epicenter for infection?
They also transmit anaplasma phagocyophilum 
What is probably the worst endemic site in Ontario for I. Scapularis
Hint: on lake erie 
How long must a tick be attached to transmit Lyme disease?
What is the classic clinical presentation of lyme disease, 6 months after exposure?
True or false: rhipicephalus sanguineus is a tropical tick, never found in Canada?
Which two products are highly lethal when used on cats mistakenly?
The following products all work on ticks and fleas except for...
a) selamectin b) pyrethrin c) amitraz d) fipronil e)permethrin 
Which of the following is NOT diagnosed by the 4Dx test?
a)heartworm b)lyme disease c)anaplasma phagocytophilum d)cytauxzoon felis e)ehrlichia canis 
True or false: a healthy dog infected with lyme disease requires treatment?

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