HM III Companion Animal Part 4

Can you name the HM III Companion Animal Part 4

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True or false: a multipet household is a risk factor for nutritional problems?
True or false: board certified nutritionist vets had difficulty making homemade diets properly to meet their pet's nutritional requirements
How often should you check thiamin levels on cats on homemade diets per year?
True or false: bacterial contamination is a big risk to the owner as well as the pet on a raw food diet?
Are private label foods produced by the company that sells them?
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of private label/generic brand dog foods?
a) high emphasis on ingredient control b) increased mineral content c) decreased digestibility d)low cost e)local/regional manufacturers 
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a grocery store brand?
a) emphasis on palatability b)local manufacturers c)some are specific purpose foods d)large format retailers  
What is the chemical commonly added to pet foods to increase palatability, which is made from organ or muscle sourced protein broken down enzymatically?
True or false: there is a scientific basis for grain free foods?
Which of the following is a characteristic of specialty brand foods?
a)discount price b)local manufacturers c)not sold at large format retailers d)marketing emphasis on ingredients and optimal nutrition 
What are the four types of veterinary medical foods in Canada?
True or false: dry foods have decreased palatability compared to other types due to an unnatural texture
Dry foods use low moisture as a preserving mechanism, whereas semi-moist and soft-dry foods use ___ _____
What percentage of pet owners supplement recommended therapeutic food with other food or treats?
What are the four fat soluble vitamins?
Alphabetical order, separate with commas and a space 
True or false: liver is high in vitamin A?
True or false: the avg dry food contains higher Ca and Phos levels than MDR?
What is the maximum percentage of daily energy requirements that should be met by treats?
True or false: milk bones are high in calcium?
Will you get compliance if you ask your client to stop giving treats?
Dry matter%= 100%- %_______
Dry weight %= Nutrient %/ __ _____%
Hint: Nutrient % is synonymous with 'as fed content' 
True or false: the Canadian government does not have any regulations for pet foot labels?
True or false: AAFCO was first established in the 1930s and 40s to control the emerging pet food market?
In what year did the CVMA stop enforcing any regulations on pet food labels?
If the label says Chicken, what percentage of the total product must be made of chicken products?
if the label says Beef dinner/receipe/formula/etc. what percentage of a canned product must be beef? A dry product?
My new line of Nate's Own Pet Food has a product for cats with over 3% chicken! Yum! (It is however under 10%.) It comes in cans. What can I put on the label?
I haven't been so fond of cats since my girlfriend's kept me up all night last weekend biting my toes every five minutes, the night before a Terry Fox run. A pug would never pull that crap.  
My new line of Nate's Own Pet Food also has a special formulation for pugs with 72% beef, because pugs are apex predators and need real meat in their feed. What can the label say?
So majestic. 
My new line of Nate's Own Pet Food has a parakeet feed with chicken flavors recognizable by the pet. What may I put on the label?
This got kinda dark eh? 
My new line of Nate's Own Pet Food has a chicken and kangaroo formula, dry form. What percent do these two ingredients make up?
My new line of Nate's Own Pet Food has a reduced fat version of the special pug feed line, for chubby apex predators. What must be on the label?
% ______ and _____ __ _________ 
Nate's Own Pet Food has a line of Feline foods with 3250 kcal ME/kg on moisture less than 20%, and 950 kcal ME/kg on moisture over 65%. What can the label say?
What does ME stand for?
True or false: Lean or Low Fat foods must be lower in percentage crude fat for cats than for dogs?
My new line of Nate's Own Pet Food has several products with Human-grade ingredients. What does this mean?
True or false: Light, Lite or Low Calorie foods for canines have lower kcal ME/kg than Feline ones?
Nate's Own has a pug food containing animals fed no antibiotics or GH, grains grown without most pesticides, inspected and certified by the USDA. What does the label DEFINITELY say
Only 60 dollars a bag. The cat version is 120 dollars a bag. Did I mention I'm not fond of them at the moment? 
If a dog food meets or exceeds requirements for all life stages, what is it?
If a dog food meets or exceeds requirements for maintenance, what is it?
Nate's Own Cat Food is ______ to meet or exceed requirements for maintenance, because I couldn't be assed to actually test it.
Nate's Own Pug Food, however was carefully tested using the _____ ____ _____ method developed by AAFCO.
Puppies have the highest energy requirements, together with _____ or ______ females.
What is the minimum duration for which a food must be used as the sole source of nutrition during a maintenance feeding trial protocol?
True or false: the ingredient list is in descending order by weight when the food is freshly finished?
Which of the following is NOT required on the guaranteed analysis?
a) crude protein minimum b) crude fiber minimum c) crude fat minimum d) moisture maximum 
True or false: higher fiber = higher energy?
While creating a wet food for my Nate's Own cat line, I wanted to make sure it was mostly water, like over 78%. What must I put on the label?
True or false: petfood labelled 'complete and balanced' must contain feeding directions?
True or false: most products that actually adhere to the specific-purpose they are marketed for are sold through pet stores and vets?
True or false: because animal tissue is usually 70% or more water, the dry matter weight of meat listed first on a label may be less than a dry ingredient lower down?
______ is an indication of whether the amount of food eaten will be enough to meet the animals needs, whereas _____ is how well the animal likes it.
True or false: natural antioxidants are much more effective preservatives than artificial ones, but artificial ones are cheaper?
My product is entirely composed of animals, plants and minerals, except some man made vitamins added in. Is it 'natural'?
Ignoring water and salt, my product has 69% organic materials. Can I have that sweet sweet USDA organic seal?
What two labels on food may also bare the USDA organic seal?
My product is 'made with organic.' Does it get a USDA seal? what percentage is organic?
What is the term for any substance considered a food or part of a food which provides health or medical benefit?
True or false: cats with Lower Urinary Tract Disease should be fed canned food?
What organization's seal will appear on a legit dental treat for dogs or cats?

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