HM III Companion Animal part 3

Can you name the HM III Companion Animal part 3

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The _____ period lasts 1 day after birth.
The animal is then considered a _____ for the first 2 weeks of life, then an _____ for the next four, before _____.
An animal is considered a _____ from postweaning until around 6 months when ____ occurs.
By four months old, adult tooth eruption should be complete. True or false?
How many hours should pass between each nursing by a healthy neonate?
What three reflexes should be very robust in a healthy neonate?
Looking for it 
found it! 
oh noes! I'ze upside downz. 
How often should a good breeder or vet check the weight of a healthy neonate?
A new cat breeder has called to report signs of cerebellar hypoplasia in her first litter of cats, 6 weeks old. What is the most likely pathogen?
Which of the following is not a sign of a sick neonate?
a)persistent vocalization b)unusually frequent grooming attempts from the dam c)isolation d)poor weight gain 
True or false: the wait and see approach is extremely detrimental in neonatology.
Complete this conventional wisdom regarding resuscitation post c-section: It's not dead until it's ___ and dead.
Hint: the answer is not 'breathing', but you should also clear the nares of mucus using cloth or suction! 
What method is falling out of favor due to the tendency to spike newborns into the ground or cause them to aspirate stomach fluid?
Neonates should be crying and pink within how many minutes after c section?
What temperature should the newborns be at in celsius?
What drug may be administered into the umbilical vein if the puppy is oxygenated, with a heartbeat but not breathing?
If a newborn has no breathing or heartbeat, and CPR is successful, what might you use when introducing them to the dam?
With the commonly seen Fading syndrome, you should assume the cause is ____ unless proven otherwise?
What are two giant risk factors for fading syndrome?
True or false: with fading syndrome, you would want to rewarm the neonate to 38-39.5*C?
What should the relative humidity be in the environment of the neonate with fading syndrome?
What are the four hypos of fading syndrome?
hypocoagulability and hypofunction of other organs may also occur, but are not the big four. 
What is the approximate stomach volume/kg of the neonate? what must you do immediately after tube withdrawal?
Unless contraindicated by diarrhea, what hypovolemia treatment might be underutilized, with volume and frequency identical to gavage?
What percentage of oxygen should neonates be supplied with until stable?
For mild hypothermia, owners might spread corn syrup or honey on the gums. what would vets use?
Which of the following is not a method for relieving abdominal gas?
a)trocharization of the abdomen b) swinging the newborn around to force it out the mouth c)stomach tube d)rectal tube 
True or false: vitamin K should form part of the therapy for fading synrome?
Hypothyroid dams are more likely to have pups that fade. True or false?
What is the prognostic pre-weaning mortality rate for fading litters?
While the optimal socialization period for dogs is 3-__ weeks, _-_ weeks is optimum. Cats are between 3-_ weeks.
Why in geriatric patients is the wait and see approach often not a great plan?
What are the three most likel causes of PU/PD in an elderly dog?
What are the only two common diseases in geriatric cats that may cause polyphagia? (most cause inappetance)
True or false: healthy neonates will struggle when handled?
A seemingly healthy newborn has darker mucous membranes compared to his healthy dam. Am I concerned?
A newborn puppy exhibits ulceration of the tip of the tongue and the nose. What am I concerned for?
At what age does a puppy develop the shivering reflex?
PDAs are normal for the first _ days of life, whereas murmurs are not unusual even after the ____ vaccination
Why are large dog's puppies more likely to be dyspneic?
What is the most common birth defect?
Eyes and ears open between _ and __ days
What is the term for an abscess on an eye that has not yet opened?
Petechiation on neonatal skin is likely due to ____ _______ in dogs, whereas ecchymoses are more likely due to ________
Bright yellow diarrhea is a sign of what neonatal canine disease?
Flexor dominance in pups last for the first _-_ days?
How old must a pup be in days to wheelbarrow?
True or false: Open fontanelles will always present with hydrocephalus?
What may occur when type A or AB kittens are born to type B queens?
symptoms include sudden death, fading, tail tip necrosis. 
Your age group has 75-100% survivorship, ergo you are ____. Mine has 0-25%, ergo thus I am ___ ____
A life___ is a maximum, a life ______ is the average
What are the components of DISHAAL, a summary of many effects of aging?
As dogs age they have less _____ and more ___ in their body weight
Around what area in particular do dogs grey as they age?
True or false: elderly cats may, rarely, start having seizures while their owner is typing?
Degenerative myelopathy is particularly common with aging in what large breed of dog?
Eyelid tumours are common and benign in ___ but rare and malignant in ____
True or false: spondylosis deformans tends to be an incidental finding on geriatric patients?
I have found numerous tiny and extremely radiolucent flecks in the lung field of my collie. Am I worried?
What are antioxidants, apoequorin, gingko, and phosphatidylserine all used as?
True or false: you cannot teach an old dog new tricks?
True or false: protein is hard on the kidneys

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