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What are the three ways to acquire immunity?
How long do MDAs circulate at protective levels in the newborn?
After MDAs have waned, how long does an antibody response take after vaccination of the naive animal?
What is the term for the stronger and faster immune response to a second exposure to a pathogen?
Minutes to hours. 
What are factors that make a disease with available vaccines a core vaccine choice?
True or false: Attenuated vaccines are more or less synonymous with MLV vaccines?
True or false: MLV vaccines require an adjuvant, and are able to replicated within the host to stimulate a greater response?
True or false: killed vaccine products generally require multiple doses to produce good effect?
In what species do adjuvants potentially cause vaccine-associated sarcoma?
Which of the following is NOT a potential adjuvant?
a)oil emulsion b)lipopolysaccharide c) complement protein derivative d) aluminum e) none of the above 
True or false: veterinarians have some discretion, and may choose to modify, all booster intervals?
The label on your canine distemper vaccine recommends a booster every year. You have just given the one year booster to Rover. When do you recommend his next shot?
a) 1 year from now b) 2 years from now c) 3 years from now d) 7 years from now 
True or false: certain regions are rabies-free, and require a titre before importation of an animal?
True or false: an animal with immune-mediated disease may in some jurisdictions recieve less frequent rabies titres than would normally be legally required?
Which of the following animals are good candidates for vaccination?
a)a healthy puppy b)a patient receiving high doses of corticosteroids c) a stable patient with chronic diabetes mellitus d)a patient presenting with acute illness e) a and c f) a and d g) a, b and c 
What are three characteristics of a disease for which vaccination would be non-core?
Which of the following is NOT a feline core vaccine?
a) FCV b) FHV-1 c) FPV d)FeLV e)rabies 
Which of the following non-core feline vaccines is generally not recommended?
a) Chlamydophila felis b) FIP c) FIV d)bordetella bronchiseptica e) none of the above 
At what age would you first start vaccinating a kitten for FPV/FHV-1/FCV? What interval would you dose them at until week 16?
What is the minimum age for the one dose of rabies vaccine given to a kitten?
Where is it currently recommended that you administer a vaccine on a cat? Why?
Feline panleukopenia is the feline version of what common infectious disease of the dog? What cells are affected?
Early-mid gestational FPV infection tends to cause abortion or stillbirth. What about infection in late gestation or first 2-3 weeks of life?
Hypermetria sure is cute, eh? 
True or false: detection of FPV in the feces can be accomplished via PCR or ELISA?
What two illnesses cause 90% of all feline URT infections?
True or false: aerosol is the most common means of URT infection transmission in felines?
True or false: oral ulceration and hypersalivation are less common clinical signs for FHV-1 than ocular keratitis or conjunctivitis?
Oral ulceration is characteristic for what cause of feline URT infection?
What is the gold standard for diagnosis of FHV-1? FCV?
Hint: It's not PCR or Immunoflourescent testing! But those are available. 
What drug, when given orally, may decrease the severity of feline herpes type 1?
All core vaccinations tend to be administered on the RF limb, except this one, on the RH?
A killed rabies vaccine may be administered every _ year(s), whereas a recombinant non-adjuvanted product must be given every _ year(s)?
True or false: kittens and young cats are most susceptible to FeLV?
This disease is a non-core vaccine, for which casual contact by sharing food or water, etc. is the primary route of transmission?
This disease is a non-core vaccine, for which biting is the most common route of transmission?
True or false: FeLV may present in a progressive, regressive or transient infection form?
What antigen will be found in the blood consistently only with progressive FeLV infection?
Which of the following is commonly associated with FeLV infection?
a)myelosuppression b) malignancy c) immunosuppression d) all of the above e) all of the above AND MORE 
I live in a two cat household. One of them stays inside, the other likes to roam. Should I vaccinate my indoor only cat?
Which of the following is NOT associated with FIV infection?
a) stomatitis b)lymphoma c) uveitis d) cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma e)leukemia 
Unlike FeLV, detected using antigen, FIV is detected via _____
True or false: routine ELISA testing cannot CURRENTLY distinguish FIV infection from vaccination?
Which of the following are components of a core multivalent product for cats? (answer separated by commas e.g. a, b, d)
a) FPV b) FHV-1 c) FIP d) FIV e) FCV 
Which of the following vaccines are part of a standard canine core protocol, in a multivalent product?
a)CDV b)CPV c) rabies d)CAV-2 e)bordatella 
Which vaccine do you add separately to either of the lists in the past two questions to get all core vaccines done?
True or false: start vaccinating puppies with multivalent core product at 3-4 weeks old, every 5 weeks until 16 weeks old?
How old must a puppy be for their first rabies vaccine?
True or false: canine distemper virus is well-controlled but highly transmissible, and causes only GI signs?
Which of the following is NOT a potential symptom of distemper?
a) hyperkeratosis of the nose b) hyperkeratosis of the footpads c)transplacental infection causing CNS disease at birth d)ocular signs e)vomiting, diarrhea f)cough g)all of the above are potential symptoms of distemper 
On CBC, you would expect a mild increase in _____ and decreased _____ in a dog with distemper?
True or false: interstitial to alveolar pulmonary infiltrates are common on thoracic rads of patients with CDV?
True or false: with treatment for secondary bacterial infections, anticonvulsants for seizing patients, and supportive care, prognosis is fair for CDV?
In what limb would you administer the canine core multivalent vaccine?
True or false: CAV-2 vaccinations may cause uveitis or corneal edema?
What additional vaccine may be included in the canine core multivalent?
'DA2PP' or 'DHPP' 
True or false: Canine parvovirus has poor environmental survival?
What is the most common canine parvovirus subtype?
CPV-2 ELISA kits have high ______ and low ______.
Why would antibiotics form a part of your treatment plan for CPV infected dogs?
What is your antibiotic of choice with a dog that is not febrile, infected with CPV, and has neutropenia?
Which of the following would not be recommended in an adult dog infected with CPV and showing signs of sepsis?
a)cefazolin b) ampicillin c)enrofloxacin d)cefoxitin 
What two breeds are at increased risk of CPV infection?
___ and ____ (no slang! and also no pinscher. I'm lazy.) 
Most dogs who survive the first _-_ days will survive CPV.
You treat a puppy for CPV starting on Monday. It makes a full recovery by Saturday, but has returned next monday with GI signs. Wassup?
Perhaps it was intussusceptible to a common complication? 
True or false: more canine rabies cases occured in the USA in 2011 than feline?
What are the two types of disease commonly caused by leptospirosis?
True or false: lepto vaccines are given to at-risk dogs over 12 weeks old, 3-4 weeks apart in 2-3 doses, and repeated annually?
What is the primary transmission method of bordetella?
Which of the following is not a good reason to recommend non-core bordetella vaccination to a client?
a) their dog participates in shows b) their dog is frequently boarded c)they have two dogs d)they own a kennel 
What is the minimum age for bordetella vaccination? How long before potential exposure must it be given?
True or false: negative titre means lack of immunity?
True or false: positive titre means immunity?
What is the most common VAAE in dogs? In cats?
Which of the following would not be considered a mild transient side effect of vaccination in a dog?
a)facial edema b)decreased appetite c)lethargy d)pain at injection site e)mild pyrexia 
Which of the following signs would not be a reason to seek emergency veterinary care after vaccination?
a)difficulty breathing b) swelling c) collapse d)vomiting or diarrhea e)mild fever 
True or false: Anti-histamine or glucocorticoid may be given 20 minutes prior to a patient with a history of VAAE to make Type I reactions less likely?
Who is Nate's favourite character to play as in League of Legends?
An AP mid laner with a long range ulti on a short cooldown. 

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