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True or false: Approximately 1/2 of all canine genetic disorders have had the mode of inheritance identified?
Of canine genetic disorders with known inheritance modes, 85% are _____ ____
True or false: Bully Whippets are heterozygous?
The popularity of a single sire is largely responsible for the increased risk of __ _____ _____ in Doberman Pinschers.
What is a classic example of a partially hereditary disease?
Probably lots of good answers. This one tends to affect large breeds more, as a hint. 
A _____ pedigree includes only parents, whereas a _____ pedigree also includes all available information on siblings of each generation.
Which makes a better breeding prospect when breeding to eliminate hip dysplasia?
A) sire with fair hips, a strong genetic background and over 3/4 of siblings normal? OR B) sire with excellent hips, a weak family background, and 1/2 normal siblings? 
What does the American Kennel Club acronym FUS refer to? (The club has requirements for paternity testing related to FUSs)
This website is open to the public, includes data from various health databases, and allows searching by sire name or kennel name?
Of the over 475 000 samples submitted to the AKC DNA profile program, what percentage are from FUS?
True or false: according to AKC compliance audit programs on kennels, only 9/10 litters tested had the correct parentage?
True or false: the CKC has a similar compliance audit program for kennel inspections involving paternity testing?
True or false: Mutt DNA breed testing is primarily done via blood sample?
True or false: Designer dog breeds are not true 'hybrids,' and may be more expensive than pure bred dogs?
What type of DNA test rarely produces false results except in diseases that can be caused by multiple gene abnormalities?
True or false: linked marker gene testing is subject to major interpretation?
Which of the following is NOT a counselling consideration when testing to determine good breeding practice?
A) type of DNA test used B)is the trait dominant recessive or x-linked? C)severity of potential disease D) certainty of genetic basis for condition E) genetic pool for the breed F)None of the above 
In canines, congenital defects of a _______ nature are the most common, followed by organs of _____ ____
Aside from genetic defects, congenital defects can also be caused by _____ or ___ ______
All of the following are possible _____.
A) medicines B) environmental exposures C) vaccines D) radiation E) certain plants F) improper nutrition G) viruses H) circulatory disturbance I) mechanical factors J) aged gametes K) aged parents 
True or false: in most canine litters, all fetuses will respond to the same degree to abnormal conditions?
____ _____ is the most common agent causing brucellosis in dogs
Small, Gram-negative, non-motile aerobic coccobacillus 
Reproductive disease is the most common presentation of brucellosis. What else may be affected?
Which of the following Brucella spp. will infect neither dogs nor people?
A) brucella canis B) brucella abortus C) brucella ovis D) brucella melitensis E) brucella suis F) none of the above 
Which of the following is not a potential symptom of brucellosis?
A)prostatitis B)late abortion C)infertility D)orchitis E) epididymitis F) none of the above 
True or false: Brucella can spread through any mucus membrane?
How many days after infection with Brucella canis will the dog be bacteremic? How long does this phase last?
True or false: infected males may shed brucella intermittently?
True or false: the rapid slide agglutination test is a great screening test for brucella, with great specificity?
Which test would you only used after a positive screening test?
what chemical is used on all positives in a TAT test for brucellosis?
What type of AGID test is more specific?
Which of the following would be a good tissue choice to get reliable results when attempting to culture brucella?
a)semen b) vaginal discharge after abortion c) blood d) none of the above 
What AMD would you choose for a brucellosis-infected dog for 30 days after removal from the kennel?
remember to spay or neuter first! 
True or false: all male infertility and all abortions should be investigated for potential brucella?
True or false: recent results have shown that no drug may restore fertility to infected dogs, although some will cure?
A new dog being brought into a kennel should be quarantined for what period of time?
Aside from questions about the dogs in a kennel with brucella on the premises, what two other groups might need testing?
Approximately 1/_th of pets come from shelters in the USA, and only about _/5 owners would get them neutered after adoption?
True or false: far more dogs are euthanized in shelters than cats each year?
What is a major disadvantage of mandatory spay/neuter programs?
True or false: in an average, young, healthy bitch, ovariectomy is just as good as ovariohysterectomy?
Computer models show that ____ methods for feral colonies of cats are superior to both ___ and __ methods?
True or false: A/I is rare in catteries?
Which is more likely to be closed, a kennel or a cattery?
What screening method, while imperfect, does force workers to look thoroughly for skin lesions?
What treatment is indicated by a wood's lamp positive or skin lesioned cat?
Microsporum canis, microsporum gypseum and trichophyton mentagrophyes are all agents causing?
Which of the following is not a downside to systemic antifungal treatment for ringworm?
a)teratogenic effects b) negative effects on libido c) negative effects on male fertility and libido d) difficulty maintaining pregnancy e) none of the above  
How many negative tests before you can end a quarantine of a new animal and introduce into general cattery population?
True or false: puppies and kittens should be singly housed
Approximately how many cats could fit in a single dog's run?
True or false: enrichment is optional in a kennel environment
True or false: behavioural and aggression issues more commonly lead to relinquishment in dogs than cats?
Which of the following is not one of the mutual top 7 reasons for relinquishmetn of dogs and cats?
a)Moving b) costs c) personal issues d)No room e) allergies 
True or false: neutering decreases likelihood of relinquishment by 10%?
Which of the following is not a risk factor for relinquishment of a new dog?
a)sexually intact b)obtained as a puppy c)more work than expected d)obtained for free 
Which of the following is not a very common misconception held until a wellness visit?
a)multiple cats require multiple litter boxes b) it is best to have a litter before spaying c)rubbing a dog's nose in its excrement helps house training 
How long must you quarantine newly acquired puppies?
What is the critical period for puppy socialization?
How often should you vaccinate a puppy til it turns 18 weeks old? (for parvo)
An estimated 30-90% of cats in shelters are infected with ___ ______ ____
Kittens under two weeks old should be vaccinated for respiratory infections via the _____ route.

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