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What is the causative agent of Caseous Lymphadenitis?
This substance produced by C pseudotuberculosis is cytotoxic, a partial hemolysis, and promotes local inflammation and necrosis?
True or false: C pseudotuberculosis may spread through both blood and lymph vessels?
True or false: C pseudotuberculosis may survive and replicate in bedding for up to 8 weeks?
The superficial lymph nodes of these areas are most commonly affected by C pseudotuberculosis?
Which of the following organs might be affected by caseous lymphadenitis?
a)spleen b)liver c)kidney d)deep lymph nodes e)all of the above 
Which of the following would NOT be relevant for diagnosing Caseous Lymphadenitis?
a)clinical signs b)CBC c)Serum hemolysis inhibition d)culture of abscess aspirates e)post mortem examinations 
_____ _____ may be helpful to individual patients of Caseous lymphadenitis, but leads to environmental contamination
______ bovine leukosis is caused by BLV retroviruses?
True or false: protective antibodies are formed against the BLV virus?
The ____ families (referring to antigens of MHC) are more susceptible to infection with BLV?
Which of the following transmission modalities has not been proven legitimate for BLV?
a)horizontal cow-cow b)transmission from blood-contaminated fomites c)AI from infected bulls d)in utero e)all of the above are proven 
What percentage of seropositive animals have lymphocytosis? Lymphoma?
What is the peak age group in years for animals affected with enzootic bovine leukosis (multicentric lymphosarcoma, BLV associated)?
What would result from a retrobulbar lymphosarcoma?
Posterior paralysis might result from a lymphosarcoma in this location?
Which of the following tests would not be useful for diagnosing BLV multicentric lymphosarcoma?
a)LN aspirate b)serology c)post mortem d)RIA e)CBC f)a and e 
This type of non-BLV associated sporadic leukosis tends to affect beef cattle more, between 6 months and 2 yo, but is still rare.
A mass in the mediastinum, may cause jugular distension, edema, thoracic fluid, interference with ventilation, bloat. 
Name a region frequently affected by cutaneous lymphoma (sporadic leukosis)?
If a calf under 6 months old presents with leukemia, anemia, lymphadenopathy and weight loss, it likely has?
What is the normal heart rate range for lactating dairy cows? (__-__)
Which of the following is not an absolute decrease in blood volume (which may cause tachycardia)?
a)blood loss b)endotoxemia c)dehydration d)loss of capillary integrity 
Which of the following is not a cause for bradycardia?
a)hyperglycemia b)hyperkalemia c)increased intracranial pressure d)stimulation of vagal nerve 
What are the two most common serovars of leptospira interogans causing disease in ruminants?
____ and _____ 
Which is not a characteristic of host-adpated serovars of lepto?
a)special growth requirements b)cause reproductive disorders c)acute infections in preferred host d)endemicity e)acute infections in accidental hosts 
Which is not a characteristic of an accidental Lepto host?
a)high susceptibility to infection b)severe disease c)renal infection of short duration d)transmission between hosts is inefficient, sporadic 
Where do leptospira initially replicate after entering the host?
Which of the following places will antibodies successfully eliminate leptospira bacteria from after recovery?
a)kidneys b)eye c)uterus d)liver e)all of the above 
The pomona serovar is more likely to affect _____, the ____ serovar adult cattle.
True or false: Lepto Hardjo infection in adult cows will often produce mastitis with gland inflammation?
What is the major drawback of PCR on the urine to diagnose lepto?
Due to the special techniques and long time frame to culture lepto, and the requirement for an acute case, this is the primary diagnostic technique for lepto?
This method is still of questionable value in endemic herds. 
Which of the following is NOT a control method for lepto?
a)do not allow wet areas to form on your pasture b)isolate unvaccinated animals c)serovar specific vaccination d)isolation of affected groups, treatment with streptomycin e)all of the above are good 
Hemoglobinuria and intravascular hemolysis in the intestinal walls may occur approximately 1 hour after ingestion of copious amounts of this liquid?
Usually in calves after a period of deprivation, may see tachycardia, failure of perfusion, edema, coma, convulsions, death. 
Trifolium subterranium, Helitropium euranium and Senecio spp. are all types of plants that may cause toxicosis with concurrent normally safe intake of ______.
In chronic copper toxicosis, this organ's storage capacity is overwhelmed, causing necrosis along with the heomlytic crisis you see in acute toxicosis.
If sheep's _______ levels are not known and are low, 8-11 ppm of copper in feed could prove toxic. Normally should be less than 15, could be as high as 25 if _____ levels are over
True or false: in ruminants, ascites is the easiest sign of right heart failure to see?
If Left-sided heart failure occurs slowly, the right side compensates, and the first signs you'll see are of RHF. If it's fast, you'll see frothing at mouth and nares due to?
True or false: Cattle do not show sinus arrhythmias.
What is not characteristic of an ECG for atrial fibrillation?
a)irregular P waves b)irregular undulations in base line (F waves) c)normal QRS morphology d)irregular QRS timing 
This type of arrhythmia is infrequently seen on ECGs of cows, and is always of clinical signifciance.
Associated with severe systemic disturbances such as toxemia, severe electrolyte imbalance or myocardial abnormalities. 
Name a factor that would disturb blood flow and predispose to endocarditis? Then name a likely bacteria that would be associated with this condition?
This is the most common valve to be affected with endocarditis, and the result is showering of lungs, possibly leading to pulmonary hypertension.
If this valve is affected with endocarditis, the results might include renal infarct, myocardial infarct, septic arthritis, physitis.
What would you NOT expect on the clinical pathology results for an animal with endocarditis?
a)neutrophilia b)anemia c)hypofibrinogenemia d)hyperglobulinemia e)all of the above would be expected 
This is the only type of cardiomyopathy that occurs in bovines.
Of the three breeds of cattle that have inherited forms of cardiomyopathy, this breed's appear later on.
Hint: Mainly linked to the red coloured ones, but black and whites can get it too... 
Name a viral cause of myocarditis in cattle?
True or false: gross PM is often enough to diagnose myocarditis?
Which is not a likely cause of myocarditis in cows?
a)bluetongue virus b)Haemophilus somnus or A. pyogenes c)foot and mouth d)vit E or Selenium deficency e)ionophore toxicity 
Traumatic reticulitis or pericarditis is more commonly known as?
True or false: before signfiicant effusion has occured, pericarditis will produce a very intense murmur sound from friction rubbing?
What sign will you be able to check for with hardware disease with your own two hands?
Muffled heart sounds usually indicate?
Pericardial effusion has a diagnostic triad of clinical signs. what are they?
This is the word for pericarditis where fibrin formation organizes and forms a fibrous mat that restricts filling.
Low atmospheric oxygen causes alveolar hypoxia, reflex pulmonary arterial vasoconstriction, pulmonary hypertension, then right heart failure. What is this?
This term indicates right heart failure secondary to pulmonary hypertension?
This breed is particularly predisposed to High mountain disease, to which sheep and goats are relatively resistant.
High mountain disease usually only happens over this altitude?
The ____ ______ free wall is over 30% of heart weight on PM with high mountain disease.
What is the most frequent simple congenital heart defect in cows?
Name a complex anomaly of the heart (congenital)
A large ____ to _____ shunt can cause pulmonary hypertension due to overcirculation to the lungs
____ to ____ 
What effect is added to the added workload, reduced cardiovascular functional capacity and failure to thrive/grow of a left to right shunt when it is a right to left one?
Aside from postmortems, this is the definitive diagnostic technique for congenital heart defects?
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