Food Animal Midterm 3 part 1

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This macrocyclic lactone pour on has 0 withdrawal times for both milk and meat?
This macrocyclic lactone pour on has 0 days of milk withdrawal, but a 36 day meat withdrawal period. The injectible has the same meat withdrawal, and a 60 day milk withdrawal.
This species, colloquially known as the Northern cattle grub, also settles further North on the cow's body, overwintering in the epidural fat.
This species, colloquially known as the common cattle grub, prefers to overwinter in esophageal submucosa?
During what month(s) would you expect warbles to appear as the larvae of Hypoderma species move to the skin?
Name a month you might apply preventive therapy for Hypoderma flies, after the eggs are lain but before larvae reach overwintering sites?
What period of time does it take for lice nits to hatch?
# of days. Hint: after hatching it takes 3-6 weeks to mature into adults 
During what season is the heaviest infestation of lice generally seen?
What is the common name of Damalina bovis?
Found most often on the poll, shoulder, back, rump and tail of cattle. 
Which of the following species of sucking louse is most commonly associated with the muzzle and neck of the host?
a)Linognathus vituli b)Solenoptes capillatus c)Haematopinus eurysternus d)all of the above have this predilection 
Pour ons (macrocyclic lactones) are effective when used on cattle in the fall or when brought in to house for the winter, but injectibles only work for this type of lice?
Which of the following pour ons would you NOT use on a lactating dairy cow?
a)eprinomectin b)moxidectin c)ivermectin d)permethrin e)cyfluthrin 
True or false: Sarcoptic, Chorioptic and Psoroptic mange are all most likely to strike sometime in winter?
Of the types of mange, this type is most likely to be localized only to the tailhead area?
This parasite of hte skin is uncommon, usually subclinical, and will not typically cause alopecia or pruritus.
May see caseous distension of hair follicles, sebaceous glands. Usually nodules disappear within 7 weeks. 
This is the most common cause of dermatophytosis in cattle?
Highest incidence in winter, young animals more susceptible. 
Which of the following would typically not be associated with Trichophton verrucosum infection in cattle?
a)pruritus b)alopecia c)thickening of skin d)erythema e)depigmentation 
This is the causative organism of Dermatophilosis.
Presentations include rain scald in horses, lumpy wool and strawberry footrot in sheep. 
True or false: Dermatophilosis is transmitted only by direct contact?
Which is not a sign of dermatophilosis?
a)pain b)areas of short hair c)crusted papules d)scale e)pruritus 
Dermatophilus congolenesis tends ot look like ______ _____, in parallel rows of gram-positive cocci on culture and staining?
Name a treatment for dermatophilosis?
Name a plant that may cause photosensitization in a primary fashion?
Which of the following plants would not be associated with secondary photosensitizaiton after liver damage?
a)hairy panic b)sweet grass c)caltrop d)buckwheat e)heliotrope 
Which of the following BPV types would not be associated with true papillomas?
a)3 b)4 c)5 d)6 e)all of the above cause true papillomas 
Of the BPV types that cause fibropapillomas, this is the one that tends to be associated with bladder cancer, and this one tends to cause rice grain types on udders?
This is the cutaneous BPV form (true papilloma type)
4 affects the GI tract, 6 the udder and teats... Which one is left? 
True or false: the success rate of treatment with autogenous vaccines is much higher when papillomas are found on the teats, compared to the skin?
|This type of virus causes contagious ecthyma?
True or false: there are no protective antibodies for parapoxvirus in colostrum?
True or false: parapox virus is usually self-limiting within a few weeks?
How long does it take for the herd to develop complete immunity to parapox virus after scarification vaccines?
True or false: the more common form of Bovine Cutaneous Lymphosarcoma is associated with BLV virus?
This is the word for non-pruritic alopecia of growth phase hairs within a few days of stressful occurences?
Often accompanied by a high fever, systemic illness. 
How long does the alopecia of anagen defluxion usually last? How much longer would it take to grow back?
This is the most common type of urinary calculi found in Western range cattle?
Which of the following is not a predisposing factor for urolithiasis?
a)high grain diet b)late fall and winter in NA c)summer in arid climates d)recent entry to feedlot e)salted rations 
What is the most common site of obstruction in cattle urinary tracts? Small ruminants?
Anti-inflammatories might be used in cases of urolithiasis, if there are no signs of this complication?
Struvite crystals are composed of?
If calcium:phosphorus levels are over 2.8, it would NOT predispose to this type of urolith?
a)silicate b)calcium oxalate c)calcium carbonate d)struvite e)none of the above 
True or false: supplementing NaCl and encouraging water consumption will reduce incidence of all uroliths?
What bacterium is responsible for ulcerative posthitis/vulvitis?
Feeds on urea producing ammonia. 
True or false: corynebacterium renale may spread venereally?
True or false: feeding legumes instead of grass hay would decrease the odds of ulcerative posthitis?
Enzootic hematuria is associated with chronic ingestion of this toxic plant?
May see hemorrhagic cystitis, thickening of bladder wall, ulceration, hematuria, immunosuppression, bladder mucosal metaplasia, mixed type bladde rneoplasms. 
Name one of the two most common ascending infections of the urinary system?
Name an antibiotic treatment for UTI?
Which of the following types of antibiotics would not be associated with nephrotoxicity?
a)tetracyclines b)penicillins c)aminoglycosides d)sulfonamides e)all of the above do 
Name a cause of altered perfusion causing Acute renal failure?
This diuretic is excellent in treating ARF?
Name the viral cause of Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis?
Which of the following locations may BHV-1 go latent in?
a)ovaries b)lumbosacral ganglia c)trigeminal ganglia d)testes e)all of the above 
True or false: IBR is associated with tachypnea due to the hypoxemia it produces?
Is the cough associated with IBR generally productive?
How many weeks does IBR usually take to run its course?
True or false: antibiotics may form part of your treatment plan for IBR?
How long does colostral antibody protection against IBR last?
This bacteria is responsible for fibrinous pleuritis/pleuropneumonia via cytotoxicity of vascular endothelial cells, causing thrombosis.
Treatment is of questionable value, mortality is high and swift. Frequently a mixed infection as a result of UBRD, but with a later onset, around 28 days after arrival. May also present with polyarthritis, pleuritis, pericarditis, myocarditis, metritis, vulvitis, orchitis or Infectious Thromboembolic Meningo-Encephalitis (ITEME). 
Name a virus that may destroy mucociliary apparatus, inhibit phagocytosis by AMs, cause epithelial injury and edema or otherwise promote bacterial infection and pneumonia?
As part of Undifferentiated Bovine Respiratory Disease/shipping fever. 
These two bacteria types are particularly important in shipping fever, as they produce leukotoxins which alter AM and neutrophil activity.
True or false: M. haemolytica, along with P. multocida, some Streptococcus spp. and some Streptomyces spp. is a normal inhabitant of the upper respiratory tract?
75% of relapsing cases of UBRD are associated with ______ isolates on diagnostic workup. Of these cases, 45% are also infected with ____ _____ _____ virus.
True or false: with a relapse of UBRD you should treat with a different antibiotic?
Which of the following antibiotics would you not associate with an anti-inflammatory effect when used to treat UBRD?
a)TMS b)oxytetracycline c)ceftiofur d)tilmacosin 
What type of hypersensitivity reaction is involved in BRSV?
Chronic BRSV will start with ______ in lung sounds, followed by _____ as edema begins to subside
What bacteria would likely be responsible for thromboembolic pneumonia following high grain diet rumenitis, liver abscessation and vena cava thrombosis?
Thromboembolic pneumonia is more likely in _____ cattle, chronic pneumonia syndrome with periodic flare ups in ____ cattle.
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