Equine Med Midterm 2 part 3

Can you name the Equine Med Midterm 2 part 3

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Name an example of a matrix degrading enzyme that can be a biochemical mediator of synovitis or DJD?
Other biochemical mediators include prostaglandins, oxygen-derived free radicals, inflammatory cytokines like interleukin 1 or TNF-alpha 
Of the following Systemic NSAIDs, which has the longest duration?
a)carprofen b)phenylbutazone c)flunixin d)ketoprofen 
Which is not an effect of topical DMSO therapy?
a)decreased edema b)decreased penetration of steroids c)decreased superoxide radicals d)all of the above are legit 
This neutraceutical was found to have no effect on inflammatory parameters, but did reduce the need for IA medication?
When combined with chondroitin sulphate it produced an increased range of motion and stride length, but chondroitin sulfate is not effective alone. 
This neutraceutical was not shown to modify lameness scores, joint effusion or inflammatory parameters, but does seem to decrease cartilage erosion and synovial hemorrhage?
This neutraceutical was shown to reduce lameness, thinning of cartilage and surface fibrillation?
Systemic biphosphonates have their main benefit through this mechanism?
Intra-articular steroids carry a risk of sepsis as do all intra-articular injections. You also risk this complication?
They have pain relief, anti-inflammatory and anti-cartilage destruction enzyme effects. 
Which of the following is not a commonly used intra-articular steroid?
a)methylprednisolone acetate b)triamcinolone acetonide c)betamethasone acetate d)none of the above 
Intra-articular IRAP refers to what?
Which of the following is not a high load-low motion joint?
a)fetlock b)tarsometatarsal joint c)distal intertarsal joint d)coffin joint e)pastern joint 
High ring bone refers to DJD in the _____ joint, low ring bone refers to DJD in the ____ joint.
Which of those listed would be the least effective form of diagnostic analgesia for interphalangeal DJD?
a)abaxial sesamoid block b)coffin synovial anesthesia c)4 point low palmar nerve block d)pastern synovial joint anesthesia 
This type of DJD is the most important and frequent cause of hind limb lameness in horses.
Horses tend to 'warm out' of the lameness with the progression of exercise, and have a shortened cranial phase of the stride. 
Name a method of diagnostic analgesia which may be helpful for MCPJ or MTPJ DJD?
This type of DJD in the fetlock is characterized by synovial pad hyperemia, edema, fibroplasia and hemorrhage, osteoclastic resorption of MC-3/MT-3 and degeneration of articular ca
Most of pathology in the carpus is at the ____ aspect of the joint
Chip fractures or slab fractures- which typically present with severe lameness?
Referring to carpal injury... 
True or false: most stifle DJD is following soft tissue injury?
Poor to guarded prognosis. 
Which of the following tendons does NOT store energy?
a)SDF b)SL c)DDF d)all of the above store energy 
These cells, sparse in number, produce the tendon matrix, mainly composed of type I collagen.
True or false: nearly half of musculoskeletal injuries in horses are tendon injuries?
True or false: tendon injury usually presents with signs of inflammatory change?
Which is least important in diagnosing SDF tendonitis?
a)clinical signs b)swelling (bowed tendon) c)ultrasound d)diagnostic analgesia e) MRI 
Would you recommend controlled exercise or pasture turn out for SDF tendonitis?
What is ESWT in the context of tendon injuries?
This procedure is recommended for distal lesions to the SDF, and aims to relieve constriction through the fetlock canal.
True or false: diagnostic analgesia is far more important with DDF tendinitis, U/S has less of a role, but MRI may be helpful.
True or false: prognosis is guarded for both SDF and DDF tendinitis?
True or false: Distal (inferior) check desmitis has amongst the best prognoses for tendon and ligament injuries when caught early?
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