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True or false: The prime directive of veterinary dentistry is to maintain the teeth?
At least __% of dogs 5 years or older have periodeontal disease?
True or false: chronic oral inflammation results in chronic bacteremia, acute showers during mastication, and higher potential for malignant transformation?
Would you associate chronic dull pain or dramatic acute pain with dental conditions?
Why is social isolation an unexpected consequence of dental illness?
Are dental radiographs REALLY necessary?
How many molars do dogs have? Cats?
Think 'in their skull' 
How many premolars to dogs have? Cats?
In the rule of 4 and 9, the 04 is the _____ and the 09 is the ____ ______
Put them in order of modified triadan system: RU, LL, RL, LU
Going into the root of the tooth from otuside in, I would first pass the _____ _____, then head into _____, then the _____ _____, which is an extension of the _____ ____
The gap between the cervical bulge of the crown of the tooth and the free gingiva is known as the _______ _____
Just outside the cementum is the ______ _____, then alveolar bone
The tubules of dentin contain both _____ _____ and extensions of ________
True or false; the pulp chamber gets large over time as the dentin wears down?
The entry of blood vessels, lymphatics and nerves into the tooth is the _____ ____
Which of the following would only RARELY be a result of pulp exposure?
a)pulpitis b)pulp necrosis c)swelling and tooth mobility d)periapical infection and inflammation e)pain 
Physiologic dentin is more ______ and ______ than reparative dentin, and _____ in colour
Which teeth are especially likely to fracture in puppies and kittens?
The term for extraction of a deciduous tooth to prevent a problem with permanent tooth eruption is known as _____ ________
Who's a big smelly doodoo head who doesn't like squishfaces?
Anyway when does he think that they should automatically get dental surgery?
What is the term for inflammatory disease of the ring of soft tissue around a partially erupted tooth?
What might 'missing teeth' develop into, which is why we tend to get 'em out?
In what breed might you tend to ignore missing teeth more often?
What is by far the most common disease in companion animal practice?
Subgingival, caused by plaque, can be treated and managed, but only cured by extractions. 
Approximately how many species may be found in plaque?
The proportion of _______ bacteria increases greatly with unhealthy gingiva.
Without disclosing solution, you can see the _______ but not the plaque.
True or false: gingivitis and periodontitis are synonymous?
Slight edema and colour change, with no bleeding upon probing is _ on the edema scale.
Spontaneous bleeding is a necessary component for a score of _ on the gingivitis index?
Grade 0 and 1 on the periodontal index merely indicate _______ _________
25-50% attachment loss is _ ont he periodontal index.
True or false: AFDs are a great way to save on anesthetic costs!
F1 indicates the ability to _____ a furcation, F3 indicates that one can ____ ______ through furcation, and F4 indicates one can ____ through furcation.
M2 indicates ______ mobility ____ __ _____, whereas M3 is _____ mobility ___ _ ____ and ____
What is COHAT?
What would you perform after everything else during a dental to remove prophy paste, calculus, blood clots and other debris out to allow clean healing?
What is the one goal of home dental care?
What is home care?
a) a way to treat dental disease b) a way to prevent some plaque formation c) a substitute for regular professional exams and treatment d)over the counter e) all of the above 
If a home care product is good, it will have a seal from these guys on it.
How much more resistant are biofilm plaque populations of bacteria than monoculture to antibiotics/antiseptics?
This product is a water additive with no medical contra-indications
True or false: tennis balls can break teeth?
Name three rules to judge toys as safe or not for your pet's dental care?
Type _ diabetes is a result of insulin resistance or beta cell dysfunction, whereas Type _ is due to beta cell destruction.
Most diabetic cats get this. 
Almost all diabetic dogs. 
Usually ____ ______ cats and perhaps ____ dogs get diabetes.
What is not a sing of uncomplicated diabetes?
a) PU/PD b)weight loss c)normal or increased appetite d)systemic illness e)none of the above  
What unusual stance is found in lots of diabetic cats?
True or false: Diabetic patients are almost always overweight?
if you have PU/PD in a cat, your two other top rule outs are _____ and ______ _______. In dogs they are _________ and ____ ______.
Urinary tract infections, hypercalcemia, liver disease and others might also cause this, but these are the biggies. 
What are two kinds of hyperglycemia taht might trick you into believing they are persistant?
***With persistent hyperglycemia, you would also see elevated _____ and _____ with over 12-14 mmol/L
What is the usual abnormal finding on CBC of a diabetic patient?
Especially in dogs you can see elevations of these two enzymes.
Caninsulin is an ______ acting insulin, whereas ______ and ___ are long-acting
For diabetic cats, diets should be high in ____ and low in ________. Maybe high in ____ if weight loss is indicated.
For cats only, you may treat with ____ __________ agents instead of insulin, with residual beta cell function.
Including Glipizide, Glyburide 
How often do you take blood samples after brekkers and insulin to do a curve?
We want to maintain blood glucose at under __ mmol/L.
Once you have stabilized the dose, how often should you check glucose control?
True or false: Beta cells can recover in some cats leading to diabetic remission?
True or false: dogs mainly only use long-acting insulin preparations?
True or false: all dogs should be put on high fiber diets when diabetic?
Name two insulin-antagonizing drugs?
True or false: exercise restriction is usually advisible for diabetic patients
What is the Somoygi effect referring to?
What two complications of DM are most likely to cause mortality within the first 6 months?
DKA is most likely to occur in what type of patient?
Which of the following is NOT a hallmark of DKA?
a)hyperglycemia b)glucosuria c)ketonuria d)acidosis e)none of the above 
An increase in Anion Gap is indicative of?
Name three keto acids produced by glucose starved cells? Put an asterisk after the one detected on urine strips.
What are the keto acids formed from?
What is the name for the slow deep breathing caused by severe metabolic acidosis?
True or false: DKA patients ar eoften neutropenic?
What IV fluid should be avoided when rehydrating DKA patients, as it exacerbates acidosis?
Hint: You want isotonic crystalloid fluids. 
Maintenance water is __-__ml/kg/day, rehydration= % dehydration x __
True or false: insulin actively promotes ketone metabolism as well as abolishing the formation?
You should treat DKA patients with a constant infusion of insulin and ______
want short acting insulin! 
True or false: treatment with bicarb is emperic for DKA?
What is the most common complication after insulin treatment for DKA?
may be present beforehand too... 
What might one seek to avoid by a slower glucose reduction, maintaining BG over 14 mmol for first 24 hours?
Hyperglycemia is usually corrected with __ hours, but ketosis may take __-__ hours to resolve?
You may switch to long acting insulin IFF the patient is?
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