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What percentage of fleas will have fed within 1 hour on the host animal?
True or false: egg production may start as early as 24 hours after a flea's first blood meal, producing up to 50 eggs per flea per day?
True or false: Fleas are strictly seen during May-October in Ontario?
In which US state would you find the lowest normal duration of flea activity?
In an infested environment __% of fleas will be adults, __% will be pupae, __% will be larvae and __% will still be in eggs.
What is the common name of imidacloprid, and what drug class is it in?
True or false: imidacloprid acts at pre-synaptic nicotinic receptors?
What is the dosing method for imidacloprid?
True or false: it takes dogs 12 hours longer to see whole body coverage after application of imidacloprid?
True or false: the flea must bite the animal in order for advantage to work?
True or false: imidacloprid works slowly, but will kill 99% of fleas within its 4 weeks of activity?
True or false: imidacloprid is associated with mild toxic skin reactions including follicular shedding?
True or false: imidacloprid is safe for dogs and cats but incredibly toxic to birds?
If I wanted to make some K9 Advantix at home, aside from this being a really bad idea, what would I combine with imidacloprid?
If I wanted to make some advantage multi at home, again ignoring that I'm playing god, what would I add to imidacloprid?
True or false: I may treat suckling puppies and kittens along with their mothers with advantage multi?
What other pests is advantage excellent for control of, off label style?
I am of the drug class spinosyns. Commonly referred to as comfortis, I activate a different nicotinic acetylcholine receptor than neonicotinoids. I am?
I am licensed as an oral adulticde for fleas on dogs and cats. 
How long does spinosad last? How long does it take to kill all fleas after dosing?
What is the most common adverse reaction seen with spinosad treatment?
What common drug will cause toxicity if administered extra-label along with spinosad?
Especially in collies, probably. 
What neurological condition makes spinosad treatment a terrible idea?
If I were to add milbemycin to spinosad, what product would I get, if I were a pharmaceutical company?
This neonicotinoid, commonly known as capstar, is an oral adulticide, unlike imidacloprid.
Lasts only 24 hours, kills 98% of fleas in 15 minutes to 6 hours, flea bite is required for exposure. This is a daily product for patients with Flea Allergy Dermatitis. 
True or false: nitenpyram has off label activity against ticks and/or mites?
True or false: insect growth regulators take much longer to achieve effective control than adulticides?
What are the two classes of insect growth regulators?
This insect development inhibitor, commonly called program or sentinel, inhibits chitin synthesis, causing eggs to fail to hatch, and larvae not to develop.
This is an oral formulation lasting a month for dogs and cats, or an injectible for cats that lasts 6 months. It is ingested by fleas, excreted unchanged in their flea dirt and affects the larvae and eggs. 
True or false: You must start using lufenuron one month before flea season or it is useless?
What is the minimum age for Program (lufenuron) at which it can safely protect pups and kittens transmammary?
Name the two most commonly used juvenile hormone analogs?
Frontline plus is a combination of these two drugs (____ and ____)
Which juvenile hormone analog is an ovicide if female fleas are exposed?
What drug class is selamectin (revolution)?
It interacts with glutamate and GABA gated chloride channels... 
True or false: selamectin is safe for collies, unlike ivermectin?
Name a species of tick that selamectin has some activity against?
scientific names.  
This product, approved for dogs only, affects adult fleas and all tick species.
These two products, approved for dogs and cats have the same activity (adult fleas, all tick species).
Name the four pathogens commonly transmitted by fleas?
With which type of tick would you associate Borrelia burgdorferi (Lyme disease)?
Together the tick in this question and the tick in the next question are the two most common species in Ontario. 
This tick's more commonly known as the American Dog Tick
Amblyomma americanum, associated with Texas, is commonly known as?
Amblyomma maculatum, associated with the edge of Florida, is known as?
The Rocky Mountain Wood Tick's scientific name is?
This is the scientific name of a brown tick that lives on dogs.
This phenylpyrazole inhibits GABA and glutamate gated chloride channels.
It is a spot-on, which works for a month, and affects adult fleas and all stages of ticks on dogs and cats. 
You would be ill-advised to use fipronil on young or small members of this species?
They'll have seizures and die. 
The addition of methoprene in frontline plus adds the ability to kill these?
What distinguishes synthetic pyrethroids from pyrethrin, the natural derivative fo the Chrysanthemum plant?
What is the most commonly formulated third generation synthetic pyrethroid?
Approved for ticks and fleas on dogs, and commonly used in food animals. 
Name a fourth generation pyrethroid?
One (starts with a c) is a pour on or ear tag for cattle, the other (starts with f) is a collar for dogs and cats 
Cats are more susceptible to toxicity from synthetic pyrethroids because they are deficient in hepatic ____ ______?
Synthetic pyrethroids cause paralysis by causing voltage-gated _____ channels to remain open?
Name a drug you might use to treat a cat suffering from permethrin toxicity?
True or false: the Seresto collar with flumethrin and imidacloprid is for dogs only?
I am of the drug class formamidine. I work to inhibit monoamine oxidase, affecting the CNS of ticks and mites.
I am TOXIC to cats, and shouldn't be used for young pupppies, pregnant or nursing bitches. There is a dip form for generalized demodicosis (dogs), and a collar for dogs to prevent ticks. 
What receptors are involved in mammalian Amitraz toxicity?
What drug acts as a reversal agent for amitraz toxicity in dogs?
One of the oldest ectoparasiticides, this has a miticidal affect, and will stain bathtubs yellow.
Although it is highly recommended for Demodex gatoi, cats require an E collar after, as it is a gastrointestinal irritant if they lick themselves after. 
Name a parasite controlled by lime sulfur other than demodex gatoi?
What two mites are licensed for control by moxidectin in dogs?
genus names (____ and ____) 
This macrocyclic lactone is only licensed for oral use in dogs and cats for heartworm (and ancylostoma in cats)
Effective for demodex in dogs off label, and demodex cati but NOT demodex gatoi. 
True or false: milbemycin may be used against otodectes mites in dogs and cats?

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