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Which of the following would you potentially use for euthanasia?
a)propofol b) pentobarbital sodium c)alfaxalone d)T-61 e) both c and d f) both b and d 
With which of the following would you NOT associate a rough recovery?
a)propofol b)pentobarbital sodium c)alfaxalone d) ketamine 
Which of the following would you NOT likely use together with ketamine for induction?
a)guaifenesin b)diazepam c) propofol d)an alpha-2 agonist 
Propofol tends to be a safe choice for patients with ____ or _____ disease, but should be used with caution in ____ patients
True or false: Propofol cannot be safely used repeatedly in dogs over short term?
Heinz bodies would most likely form with propofol use in which species?
Which of the following is NOT a common side effect of barbiturates?
a)hypotension b)arrhythmias c) extravascular damage with improper injection d)seizures 
If you were going to use thiopental sodium as an inducing agent, what premed would you choose to prevent arrhythmias?
Label the following as high, low or intermediate pressure components of the anesthetic machine?
carrying gas bulk supply 
common gas outlet 
flow meter 
pressure reducing valve 
emergency oxygen flush 
On a yoke index, oxygen is at positions _ and 5, whereas NO would be at _ and 5?
When reading the pressure off the flow meter, take the _____ of ball types, and the _____ of flat headed bobbins?
True or false: FGF is higher in non-rebreathing systems?
What is the minimum oxygen requirement in ml/kg/min of most animals to maintain aerobic metabolism?
Please match the following inhalant anesthetic vaporizer substances to their colours. (Bonus empty answer=GSL)
(Free answer adjacent) Please match: enflurane, halothane, methoxyflurane, sevoflurane, isoflurane 
What is the minimum concentration of an inhalant anesthetic required to prevent motor response to surgical pain in 50% of patients called?
What is meant by saying that modern day vaporizers are specific?
Which of the following components WOULD be used as part of a non-rebreathing system?
a) unidirectional valves b)rebreathing bag c)carbon dioxide absorber d)oxygen flush valve e) none of the above 
If tidal volume is 20mL/kg (which it apparently is), what and an animal is 5 kg, how big should the rebreathing bag be? (At minimum, doesn't matter if real size bag or not)
True or false: if soda lime is hard, dry and white, it is still good to use?
What is the key active ingredient, making up 80% of both soda lime and baralyme?
With which of the following inhalant anesthetics would you associate the highest MAC? The highest solubility in tissues? The highest metabolized fraction?
Isoflurane, Halothane, Sevoflurane 
What is the main advantage of sevoflurane over isoflurane?
What causes sevoflurane to break down and release nephrotoxic compounds?
What is a danger in both ruminants and large dogs given inhalant anesthetics with nitrous oxide carrier gas?
True or false: isoflurane yields approximately the same drop in blood pressure as halothane?
Aside from the choice of drug (and therefore the solubility in blood) what are two other factors you can alter that affect delivery speed of inhalants? Two you can't?
During which phase will an injectible IV anesthetic drop off most quickly?
If you were to multiply the concentration of a drug in plasma at steady state by the elimination constant and volume of distribution at steady state, what would you get?
If you multiply volume of distribution of a drug at steady state by elimination constant, what do you get?
Elimination halflife=___/elimination constant
If I wanted to calculate a loading bolus dose, what would i multiply volume of distribution of a drug at steady state by?
End tidal inhalational anesthetic concentration reflects ______ concentration which reflects concentration in the _____
Which of the following would NOT be a procedure requiring general anesthesia?
a) orthopedic surgeries b) intra-ocular or corneal surgery c) laparotomy of small animal d) laparotomy of equine e) none of the above 
Which of the following species is least prone to laryngospasm with orotracheal intubation?
a)pig b)dog c) cat d) sheep 
Which injectible anesthetic is NOT associated with prolonged recovery when re-injected to maintain anesthesia?
Name the four stages of anesthesia, in order? Put a *** after the one we want to maintain, and a ***T_T after the one we want to avoid (most)
True or false: rebreathing circuits will always involve inspiration of CO2 by the patient?
In a total rebreathing system, how much fresh oxygen is added?
In partial rebreathing systems, expect a flow rate of around 130 ml/kg/min. How much with a bain?
Which of the following is not a disadvantage of a bain?
a)high use of inhaled anesthetic b)potential to rebreath exhaled gases, without high FGF c) minimal conservation of heat and moisture d)high resistance to air flow 
Which of the following is not a disadvantage of F-circuits?
a)high resistance to breathing b)greater number of parts c)loss of heat and moisture d) greater number of parts, higher chance of malfunction 
What is the lowest flow rate of a total rebreathing circuit in ml/kg/min?
If the patient is less than 8-10 kg what circuit should you use?
Which circuit will give the animal pretty much exactly the % of inhalant anesthetic dialed?
With which category of anesthetic system will you expect % inspired to take 15 minutes to match VOC setting after change?
True or false: if your vaporizer is not out of circuit, reduced FGF will increase inspired % of anesthetic?
Drugs expire on the ___ day of the indicated month
True or false: It is acceptable to dispose of excess drugs down the drain, as long as you carefully document how much was used and how much was discarded?
Which of the following would not commonly be mixed with drugs before putting them in a biohazard disposal container?
a) kitty litter b) milk c) water d) liquid soap 
What two common conditions of doberman's would you want to check for before putting them under general anesthetic?
Which of the following is NOT an example a of a QUAT?
QUick Assessment Tests... a)PCV b)BUN c) Glucose d) CBC 
True or false: in small animal medicine, neonates are not regularly fasted?
For how long should a non-GI patient in small animal medicine go without food before general anesthesia? Water?
True or false: Ketamine should never form a part of the premedication?
A normal premedication combination would involve a ______/______ and an _____, and possibly a ______
slashes code for a new answer. Just type one of the first one! 
What are the two most common sedatives used in premedication mixes? Put a *** after the one with more significant CV effects and heavier sedation
For mild analgesic effect, what would likely be your opioid of choice?
For moderate to marked sedation, which of the following drugs would NOT be a potential choice?
a)buprenorphine b)morphine c)hydromorphone d)oxymorphone 
Which of the two commonly used anticholinergics would be associated with longer duration and less intense effect?
If you are catheterizing the saphenous vein instead of the ceophalic, you would look _____ in cats and on the _____ side in dogs
For cuffed endotracheal tubes, we desire ____ volume and ___ pressure?
according to the slides, with which type of endotracheal tube would you associate an eye?
Why would we extubate cats when we see an ear flick or tongue withdrawal, unlike with dogs (when they swallow)?
Which of the following drugs will NOT increase heart rate?
a)atropine b)xylazine c)ketamine d)glycopyrrolate 
Which of the following drugs will NOT decrease heart rate?
a) romifidine b) medetomidine c) morphine d) hydromorphone e)atropine 
Would you expect more or less hypercapnia in large animals, compared to small?
Which drug may be associated with bovine abortions in the third trimester?
Fraction of inspired O2 x (Total barometric pressure - pressure from H2O vapour) - arterial pressure of CO2/Respiratory quotient= ?
Which of the following is not a good reason to put a bovine patient under general anesthesia?
a)umbilical abscess b)GI resection c)LDA correction d)extensive udder surgery e) orthopedic surgery 
True or false: in ruminants, withdrawal times for general anesthetics are only estimated?
True or false: diazepam is safe for use in lactating animals, but is more effective in calves and small ruminants than adult bovines?
If cardiovascular compromise is of great concern, would i premed a goat with xylazine and ketamine, or diazepam and ketamine?
True or false: in ruminants, the left stem bronchus emerges proximal?
True or false: a spinal needle will likely be required to give IM injection to a potbellied pig?
Which of the following would not be indicated if a case of porcine malignant hyperthermia is suspected?
a) correction of acid-base balance b) halting inhalant anesthetics immediately c) aggressive cooling d) fluid therapy to increase urine output e) none of the above 
Which species has the highest risk of death under general anesthesia, surprising no one?
True or false: one should NEVER fast a bovine from water, only food for varying lengths of time, dependent on age?
What is the most common equine induction agent?
True or false: draft horses require much smaller doses of certain drugs?
True or false: doppler tends to overestimate systolic BP?
In the three blanks following, enter the values for systolic/diastolic, mean, that are acceptable for adult animals under anesthesia?
True or false: under deep anesthesia, an animal will lack a palpebral reflex?
True or false: the expected respiratory rate for a dog should be the same as for a cow?

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