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What type of fibers would you associate sharp pain with?
what type of fibers would you associate dull, aching pain with?
true or false: A-beta fibers are myelinated, perceive touch sensation, and are never involved in pain?
Which nerve tract would you associate with deep pain or visceral sensations?
Which nerve tracts would you associate with touch and superficial pain?
Which of the following is not an inhibitory modulator?
a)glutamate b) norepinephrine c) serotonin d) opioids e)dopamine 
What are some components of the sensitization soup that makes A delta and C fibers fire more?
What is the most common method of administration for premeds?
______ are given prior to general anesthesia, whereas _____ ____ are given to produce general anesthesia.
What are the four potential stages of induction of anesthesia? Recall that we don't want the fourth one to happen.
What is the advantage to using rapidly working injectibles for induction, rather than inhalants?
Think about the four stages. What other one don't we like? 
Why would we add atropine or glycopyrrolate to mixtures with acepromazine?
____ ____ or ____ ____ (the or means and/or, but i can't put slashes in there without truncating an answer) 
True or false: Using acepromazine and xylazine on horses and cattle produces deeper sedation than either drug alone?
What are the three components of BAA?
Hint: BAG differs by only one drug... 
What species do we generally use BAG or BAA on?
____ and ___ 
What are the components of HAG?
When combining acepromazine, ketamine and butorphanol for a short cat surgery, which provides analgesia?
What MUST be a component of the premed, if diazepam and ketamine are used for induction?
What are the components of MLK?
What is inconvenient about kitty magic?
Hint: ketamine is the magic part. it does not contribute to the inconvenience. 
What are the three ideal components of a pre-op evaluation? Star the one that is least important.
Under ASA categorization, where would you place a patient with mild/moderate systemic disease?
Under ASA categorization, where would you place a patient with life-threatening systemic disease?
Under ASA categorization, where would you place a healthy patient in need of an invasive procedure for a localized illness?
Under ASA categorization, where would you place a seriously ill patient with a poor prognosis?
Under ASA categorization, where would you place a patient with severe systemic disease?
What is Minimum alveolar concentratin (MAC) defined as?
Which of the following pre-med drug classes do not provide analgesia?
a)opioids b)acepromazine c)alpha-2 agonists d) BZD e) ketamine f) both b and e g) both b and d 
What three effects do you want from a single premed?
As a general rule, smaller patients need ______ doeses/kg body weight?
The sedative of choice is most commonly ___. If you want greater sedation and additional analgesia, you might use _____. Use a ______ if cardiac effects or hypotension are of conce
For geriatrics, what sedative would you add to the opioid (for analgesia)?
Why are anticholinergics contraindicated when using alpha-2 agonists?
Why are benzodiazepines contraindicated in young, active dogs?
What is the only acceptable administration of morphine for cats?
Which of the following is not a contraindication for the use of alpha 2 agonists in large animals?
a) third trimester of pregnancy b)hypovolemic c)hypoxemic d)debilitated e)geriatric 
What class of drug takes 30 days to withdraw from meat, and should NOT be used in lactating animals?
Which of the following LAs has the lowest toxic dose? A) lidocaine b) mepivacaine c) bupivacaine
How many intercostal spaces cranial and caudal of proposed incision site should you block with intercostal blocks?
You know what sucks?
If you haven't seen Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, no bonus mark for you. 

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