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What part of the pig's digestive tract is elongated and spiral?
BVDV in goats would be associated with this congenital defect of the mouth.
This condition involves malformation of the cutaneous epithelium, often including oral cavity and tongue.
Absence of the mandible would be referred to as ______, whereas prolongation of the mandible would be ________.
An epithelium lined cyst containing all or part of a tooth=?
______ is created by ameloblasts, _____ by odontoblasts and _______ by cementoblasts.
Odontoblasts can be damaged causing multifocal enamel hypoplasia. Viruses that might cause this include __ in dogs, and ____ in cattle.
If a calf was born with pink teeth due to a defect in RBC production, this would be called?
______ toxicity in ruminants can cause soft chalky black enamal (odontodystrophy)
Hint: we like it in our drinking water because it saves us from the dentist. Ironyyyyyy. 
These common age-associated dental concerns of horses can cause dental infections, but more commonly malnutrition due to pain on chewing.
What are the two type of dental caries?
caries= demineralization of inorganic and enzymatic degradation of organic matrix of teeth. 
The ultimate potential sequelus of infundibular necrosis of maxillary molars in equines?
When the infundibula is not filled with cementum, it leads to pulpitis. It can eventually demineralize dentin and enamel, leading to tooth fracture, root abscess, pulpitis and then? 
What is an example of an anaerobe involved in gingivitis and periodontitis in canines?
Over the last 40 years there has been increasing prevalence of feline ______ ______ lesions around the external neck.
probably associated with diet changes, lack of masticatory stimulation. 
What would the coloquial name for severe lymphoplasmacytic stomatitis of a canine tongue due to plant awns be?
This is a general term for inflammation of the oral cavity.
can superficially be of toxic etiology, be associated with Dieffenbachia, electric or sunburns, or other infectious etiology. 
This condition refers to eosinophilic granulomas in cats, which may be associated with flea allergies amongst other putative causes.
Surprisingly has nothing to do with rodents. 
Which of the following would be your TOP differential in a cat with vesicular and ulcerative glossitis?
a)uremic stomatitis b)feline calicivirus c)feline rhinotracheitis virus d)pemphigus 
When you see bovine multifocal ulcerative stomatitis, your top differential would be?
a)bovine viral diarrhea virus b)Foot and mouth disease c)vesicular stomatitis d)rinderpest e)malignant catarrhal fever 
Which is the only vesicular disease that may affect horses?
What two vesicular disesae affect swine only?
The parapox virus that commonly causes papular or stomatitic lesions in goat mouths is commonly referred to as ____ and may cause necrotizing dermatitis in people.
This bacteria commonly causes necrotizing deep stomatitis in hog mouths after trauma to needle teeth.
Presumably while moonlighting from grain overloaded cow livers. 
This bacteria causes a bovine pyogranulomatous and necrotizing glossitis, secondary to trauma, coloquially known as wooden tongue.
This bacteria causes a nerotizing and proliferative osteomyelitis of the bovine mandible, known as lumpy jaw.
If you have an aggresive lesion in the oral cavity attacking and distorting teeth, you would not guess ____ or ____, but most likely one of these three.
____ _____ or _____ ____ 
Name the three you would likely guess. Others include fibrosarcoma, odontomas, oral papillomatosis, mast cell tumours, granular cell tumours, plasmacytomas, vascular tumours, abscesses or granulomas. 
What does epulis mean?
on the ____ 
True or false: oral SCC has a poor prognosis in cats and dogs?
What is the most common malignant tumor-like lesion of dogs in the mouth?
Organophosphate toxicity can cause ______, AKA hypersalivation.
Rabies, foreign bodies, stomatitis and caustic substances may also cause this. 
Accumulation of salivary glands in cavities in soft tissue of mouth=?
Most commonly in the parotide salivary gland of the dog. 
Megaesophagus in the horse is most likely due to?
In cows, ulcerative esophagitis is likely due to _____ ______ ____ _____, wheras proliferative esophagitis is likely due to ___ ___ ___ ___
could less commonly be caused by FMDV or vesicular stomatitis. 
In the dog, focal granulomatous and proliferative esophagitis is likely due to ______ ___.
This is important because it can progress to esophageal fibrosarcoma 
A bloat line may appear on postmortems in cows on this area due to increased cranial pressure on the diaphragm?
The ingestion of large amounts of legumes is associated with _____ bloat in ruminants.
This forms a foam which causes a primary tympany and prevents gas cap formationa nd eructation. 
A ____ ___ bloat is secondary to phsyical or functional defects in eructation
Fibrinous peritonitis, pericarditis and epicarditis may all be caused by this in cows.
High concentrate and low fiber diet results in a change in flora to S bovis, the production of ____ ____, lower pH and ______
Grain overload... 
can cause sequelae such as: ulcers, focal fibrosis, multifocal hepatic abscesses due to release of fusobacterium necrophorum or multifocal hemorrhagic rumenitis due to zygomycete opportunistic infection. 
These two viruses in the same family are sometimes associated with neoplasia int hes tomachs of ruminants.
_____ and _____. Gastric neoplasias are rare in all species. 
When a dog dies of GDV, what is the direct cause of death?
Uremic gastric congestion or hemorrhage is most common in what species?
Which of the following is associated with calf abomasitis, which may be necrohemorhagic or emphysematous?
a)c perfrignens type A b) c septicum c)sarcina sp. d)all of the above 
What toxin is contained in blister beetles and may rarel cause hemorrhagic and ulcerative gastritis of horses when the beetles are eaten?
Name the species who's stomach clenches in fear at the thought of the named parasite?
gasterophilus sp. 
phylasoptera spp. 
ostertagia ostertagii 
haemonchus contortus 
Which of the following does not promote ulcerogenesis?
a)increased prostoglandins b)NSAID administration c)vagal stimulation d)glucocorticoids e)gastrin and histamine 
What form of neoplasia may cause multifocal and coalescing ulceration of the stomach in dogs? What does it release to cause this?
A proliferative lesion in an equine stomach is _____ _____ ____ until proven otherwise.
The most likely cancer in dog stomachs is?
The bovine abomasum ma be affected by lymphosarcoma, as may the right atrium, uterus or spinal cord, with infection with this virus.
_____ ______ causes malabsorptive diarrhea, and increased plasma protein loss into the gut.
Which of the following diseases would you not associate with damage to the proliferative compartment of the intestines?
a)radiation exposure b)cancer therapeutics c)parvovirus d)Johne's disease e)BVDV 
Which of the following would you associate with atrophy of villi and hypertrophy of crypts?
a)nematodes b)chronic coccidial infection c)giardia d)Johne's disesae e)chronic IBD f)all of the above 
Which of the following disesaes would not be associated with a primary increase in rate of loss of epithelium (villous atrophy with intact proliferative compartment)
a)coronavirus or rotavirus b)coccidia c)enteroinvasive bacteria d)ischemia e)giardiasis 
What macromolecule would mainly be maldigested with EPI?
What complication of surgery to remove ischemic bowel might have a similar effect as villous atrophy on absorption?
Protein-losing Gastroenteropathy can occur via ______ _____ of cells lining the gut or by alteration of _____ ______ allowing _____ proteins to escape into the lumen.
Dilated lacteals on SI gross pathology, along with hypoproteinemia, lymphocytopenia, ascites and diarrhea might indicate what in a dog?
True or false: the majority of water absorption by the intestinal walls occurs in the colon?
In terms of small bowel diarrhea, you may have the following three categories:
associated with diarrheagenic bacterial endotoxins 
associated with villous atrophy or osmotic retention of water in the gut 
associated with increased permeability, elevated hydrostatic pressure or severe epithelial necrosis. 
Colitis and tumor would cause _____ _____ large bowel diarrhea
Hydroxylated fatty acids and bile salts in excess can cause ______ resulting in large bowel diarrhea.
It is worth noting that the large bowel is not as ______ as the small bowel, ergo effusive diarrhea is only in the small.
Infrequent passing of large volumes of fluid feces is indicative of ____ _____ diarrhea
You may also see steatorrhea and melena. 
Frequency, urgency, straining, frank blood, mucous and small volumes =?
With diarrhea of the ________ pathogenesis, the mucosa is structurally intact, and the diarrhea results from net efflux of fluid and electrolytes.
Protein losing enteropathy is diarrhea of the _______ pathogenesis.
May also occur due to increased capillary pressure. 
______ is not a typical pathogenesis for diarrhea in domestic animals.
What is another name for a colonic hypoplasia of horses with intestinal aganglionosis, genitically transmitted due to the mating of two overos?
Failure to pass meconium, abdominal distension, peritonitis and death would be the course of ____ ____ in lambs.
In a cat with intestinal plication and obstruction, I would most likely suspect a _____ _____ ______. Prognosis would depend on the proportion of bowel affected.
Peritonitis could result with excessive peristalsis and duodenal laceration around this... 
My horse has some parasites obstructing his small bowel. They are likely what species?
When you have intussception occuring within an animal's bowels, the prolapsed part (inside) is called the ______ and the outside part is the ____.
you know what? I'll take the suffixes. 'Intussusc-' I nearly had an aneurysm trying to spell these. 
Lack of adhesion and inflammation of the intestines involved indicates an intussusception was an ______ event.
Recall that intussusception may also be an agonal event. 
_____-_______ refers to functional obstruction without actual physical occlusion of lumen due to neuropathy or other motility issue.
Can be the cause of megacolon in cats. It's referred to as grass sickness or dysautonomia in European horses. 
Lipoma growth on a bit of mesentery could fall around a portion of bowel resulting in?
This nightmare-fuel grade congenital defect of sheep results in retro-flexion of the caudal fetal carcass, and complete evisceration at birth.
Seriously. Straight out of silent hill, but with sheep. 
Cranial displacement into the thoracic cavity of small intestine is often caused by trauma, and known as?
Twisting on the long axis is ______, wheras twisting on the mesenteric axis is _____.
Equine left dorsal displacement of the left dorsal and ventral colon is also referred to as ______ entrapment.
The most common type of hernia in most species is the _____ one. After herniation, ______ may occur when viscera become trapped inside, and ______ if the ring closes and occludes b
By _-_ hours after ischemic insult begins, the small intestinal eptihelium is completely necrotic and sloughed. The colon is ____ sensitive.
The muscularis externa is undergoing necrosis by 6-7 hours. 
Short term ischemia (3-4 hours) may allow re-epithelialization within _-_ days if the crypts are preserved?
The most common cause of intestinal ischemia is _____ _______
Arterial infarction is most common in _____, and is rare in all other species. It is associated with ______.
In circulation, as you remember from firstyear anatomy, a _____ zone is supplied by blood poorly, at the very periphery of two vascular fields.
the tip of the cecum and the pelvic flexure are two in horses. These areas are prone to arterial ischemia. 
Blood in the intestinal lumen on necropsy, associated with inflammation would be referred to as?
May be caused by lawsonia, for example. 
Flecks of polymerized fibrin in the intestinal lumen, along with ulceration and erosion is called?
May be caused by salmonella, for example. 
A layer of fibrin covering the mucosa, along with a diphtheritic membrane of sloughed epithelial cells is called?
May be caused by chronic isospora infection, for example. 
Catarrhal enteritis features _____, and lots of it. Could be caused by P equorum, for example.
Granulomatous enteritis is commonly referred to as _____ intestine. Name a bacterium that could cause it.
Abnormal distension of a tissue with gas bubbles is referred to as?
C septicum may cause this. 
Splendore-Hoeppli phenomenon is the histologic appearance of a vividly eosinophilic formation of _____ and ______ around bacteria, for example.

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