Ruminant, equine and urogenital abdominal anatomy

Can you name the Ruminant, equine and urogenital abdominal anatomy?

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What organ is found on the left side of the bovine abdomen, in a groove between the reticulum and rumen?
Which form of abomasal displacement is known to kill more quickly?
Which part of the bovine gut is a simple stomach?
What attaches to the right longitudinal groove of the rumen?
What attaches to the left longitudinal groove of the rumen?
What class of drugs tends to cause splenic engorgement?
Name the sacs of the rumen?
Name the grooves of the rumen?
In what space would one find the small intestines of the cow?
In which sac of the rumen would one expect to find papillae to be absent or short?
Dorsal or ventral? 
What groove leads to an orifice between the reticulum and omasum?
What is the term for the process by which rumenal papillae may become dark, thickened and adherent to one another?
What compartments of the rumenal stomach are innervated by the ventral vagus trunk? the dorsal trunk?
____, ____, ____ 
Of the gastric, hepatic and splenic branches of the celiac, which ones actually have different sub branches in ruminants vs carnivores/equine?
____ and ____ 
From where do the right gastric and right gastroepiploic branch off in the cow? in the dog?
What are the sub-branches of the splenic artery in ruminants?
Which branch of the celiac provides sub-branches which provide blood to the right side of the rumen? the left?
What branch of the celiac artery provides circulation to both the greater and lesser curvatures on the left side of the abomasum, as well as to the left side of the rumen?
What is the name for the odd structure the colon of the ruminant is arranged into?
True or false: the fundus of the equine stomach is aglandular?
what is the name for the band separating the body of the equine stomach from the fundus?
On which side of the equine body is the cecum found? in which direction does the apex point?
Place the following structures in correct order: ileocecal valve, cecocolic opening, cecum body, ileum, right ventral colon
Starting upon entry into the right ventral colon, name all the sections of colon and flexures that are passed in order, ending at the rectum
____, ____, ___... 
What are the names for the sacculations and bands of the horse colon?
What branches of the ileocolic artery supply the horse cecum?
What branch of the ileocolic artery supplies the pelvic flexure, anastomozing with the right colic artery?
What branch of the ileocolic artery supplies the ileum of the horse?
What area of the large bowel in horses is most prone to blockages causing colic?
What two structures are likely palpable when rectalling a healthy horse?
____ and ____ 
What does the phrase 'four to the floor, three up in the tree' refer to?
how many taeniae at the pelvic flexure?
how many taeniae on the descending colon?
what three segments of the horse colon are found to be without haustrae?
How many taeniae on the horse cecum?
What structure is clinically relevant in horses because the pelvic flexure frequently gets caught on top of it?
The renal arteries take around what percentage of cardiac output in general?
Which kidney is found more cranially?
which species has the most lobular kidneys, featuring multiple pyramids and calyces?
renal diverticulae are recesses in which region of the kidney?
The heart symbol more accurately represents what?
What extension of the renal pelvis is present in the horse kidneys?
Put the following parts of the kidney in order from outside to inside of the kidney: Calyx, medulla, renal papilla, ureter, cortex
What series of vessels drains most GI organs including the pancreas, spleen and GI tract?
What is it called when blood bypasses the hepatic portal system? What is a common complication during surgeries of such a problem?
What is a common problem with horse gallbladders?
How many lobes in a canine liver?
what three nerve plexuses are responsible for innervating the abdominal organs?

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