Can you name the Pelvis?

Which of the tuberosities of the hips is colloquially referred to as the hook?
Which of the tuberosities of the hips is colloquially referred to as the pin?
What small bone is found in a recess where the ischium, pubis and ilium come together?
The caput of the femur typically would be situated on top of this bone... 
What are the two components of the pelvic symphysis?
What structure connects the two ilial bones together?
Which tuberosity is more prominent in the horse than in the cow?
What is another name for the tuber coxae?
What structure divides the lesser and greater sciatic notches?
What is between the ischial tubers?
What is the hole formed between the ischium and the pubis?
a major nerve goes through here... 
What is the measure of the distance between the sacral promontory and the cranial end of the pelvic symphysis?
What is the measure of the distance between the cranial end of the pelvic symphysis and the dorsal wall of the pelvis?
What ligament is present in the canine but not the feline, and runs from the caudolateral sacrum to the ischial tuber?
In the horse, what ligaments run from the lateral sacrum to the sacral tuber and from the lateral sacrum to the ilium and ischium, respectively?
____ and _____ 
What is the space bounded by the sacrum and bony pelvis?
What is the lining of the pelvic cavity?
What is the term for the contents of the pelvic canal caudal to the pelvic cavity?
What extension of the peritoneum connects to the rectum?
The female reproductive tract is suspended in what structure?
What ligaments hold the bladder in place?
The pararectal fossa encircles the rectum. In the female, what is the part of the fossa between the rectum and the female reproductive tract known as?
What is the space between the female reproductive tract and the bladder known as?
What is the space between the rectum and the bladder known as in the male?
No significant internal genitalia... 
Which pouch is ventral to the bladder in both genders?
What is the region of skin caudal to the perineum and surrounding external genitals?
What is the fibrous fascial shelf separating the vulva and the anus?
Which is bigger, the lesser or greater sciatic foramen?
both are in the sacrosciatic ligament 
Which muscle originates on the ischial spine and inserts on the transverse processes of the tail vertebrae?
Which muscle originates on the iliac shaft and inserts on the tail and anus?
Which of the muscles framing the pelvic inlet originates from the lumbar vetebrae and wings of the ilium and sacrum to insert on the lesser trochanter of the femur?
What small artery continues on after the branching points of the external and internal iliacs from the aorta?
What two directions describe the path of the internal iliac within the pelvic canal?
____ and ______ 
What branch of the internal iliac artery supplies the majority of blood to the pelvic viscera?
What branch of the internal iliac artery supplies blood to the gluteal and lumbosacral musculature?
What two arteries provide collateral blood supply to the canine ovary? What do they branch off of? _____ (____) and _____ (_____ from ____ _____).
What branch of the internal pudendal supplies the vulva with blood?
What branch of the vaginal artery supplies the bladder with circulation?
What other vessel supplies the bladder, and what vessel is it the termination of? ____ (____)
What artery supplies the cervix and uterus?
What artery supplies the vagina?
In addition to the ventral perineal, what other artery supplies structures in the perineal region? What does it branch from?
What two branches of the pudendoepigastric trunk run outside the body wall?
What is supplied by the external pudendal?
In which species does the uterine artery unusually branch from the external iliac instead of the vaginal?
What vessel exists only in the horse, and supplies blood to erect the penis? What does it branch from?
What vessel is slightly longer in ruminants and gives off their cranial gluteal artery? Where does the cranial gluteal branch from in the horse?
What are the three major nerves of the lumbosacral plexus?
What nerve (L4-L6) passes through the psoas muscles, runs alongside the external iliac artery and inneravates the quadriceps femoris?
What nerve (L4-L6) passes through the obturator foramen to innervate medial adductors?
What nerve (L6/7-S2) passes caudal to the acetabulum to innervate caudal thigh muscles including the biceps femoris?
What is the largest nerve of the lumbosacral plexus?
What nerve (S1/2-S3/4) is responsible for sensation in the rectum and genitalia, and motor innervation to the muscles of the perineu
What nerve is responsible for sensation in the rectum and perianal skin, and provides motor innervation to the levator ani?
What three locations are innervated with parasympathetic fibres from the sacral region?
What are the finger like processes projecting from the infundibulum to hold the ovary?
What the union of the vagina and urethra known as?
what ligament connects the ovary to the uterus?
What connective tissue holds the convoluted uterine tube somewhat in place?
What is the most caudal, thick-walled section of the uterus? What is the name for the shallow ditch running around the outside of it?
What structure is responsible for supporting the ovaries, uterus, uterine tubes and associated vessels?
Which of the two following ligaments is present in all species: proper ligament or suspensory ligament of the ovaries? In what species is the other present in?
What is the name for the layer of peritoneum that envelopes the ovaries?
Which of the ligaments connected to the uterus has a thick free end pass through the inguinal canal?
Which species has ventral and dorsal intercornual ligaments?
which species has only one set of intercornual ligaments?
What is the name for the evagination of peritoneum between the parietal and visceral vaginal tunics of the testes?
What is the name for the network of veins surrounding the testicular artery and nerve?
what pulls the testicle down into position?
What muscle is encased in the spermatic fascia?
what is the most external layer of the spermatic cord?
What part of the visceral vaginal tunic is wrapped around the ductus deferens?
What connects the visceral and parietal vaginal tunics?
What three male glands are located by the termination of the ductus deferens?
What gland is located near the base of the penis along the urethra?
What muscle lines the wall of the intrapelvic urethra?
True or false: the prostate is divided into compact and diffuse parts?
which of the male glands is not present in the dog?
What are the three scrotal positions? Give an example for each of an animal who demonstrates this (in brackets after answer)
what is the erectile tissue surrounding the urethra which starts with the bulb?
what is the end of the penis?
what is the name for the corpus cavernosum surrounded by a CT sheath?
what muscle surrounds the bulb of the penis?
what muscle surrounds the crura of the penis?
what connective tissue sheath surrounds the corpora cavernosa?
what is the preputial muscle an extension of?
What is unusual about the glans of the feline penis?
What part of the penis is supplied by the dorsal artery?
What artery supplies the corpus cavernosum?
What two factors serve to make the musculocavernus penis of the dog erect?
____ ____ and ____ 
What serves to retract the covering of the glans?
Which species has a double prepuce?
What surrounds the urethral process?
What type of penis does a bull have? What shape is it?
Which of the supportive laminae in the udder is composed of dense connective tissue from the abdominal wall?
Which of the supportive laminae in the udder is composed of elastic lamina from the tunica flava?
From most deep to most superficial, what are the three components of the lactiferous sinuses?
What two sinuses are separated by the submucosal ring of veins?
____ and _____ 
What is the common name for the entry point of the superficial epigastric vein into the thorax of the bovine? What are two other names for this vein?
What two vessels are involved in supplying the udder?
What are the superficial inguinal lymph nodes referred to as in the female?
Along what blood vessel would you find the deep inguinal/iliofemoral nodes?
What part of the body is drained by the deep inguinal nodes?
What two groups of nodes are responsible for draining the pelvic region and pelvic limb?
What lymph node which drains midflank to thigh is found in all species except dog and is also known as prefemoral?

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