Larynx, Pharynx, spinal cord, brain and cranial nerves

Can you name the Larynx, Pharynx, spinal cord, brain and cranial nerves?

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What added part do horses have in their hyoid apparatus?
it projects from the basihyoid bone 
What cartilagenous plates are associated with the epiglottis?
What chunk of cartilage acts as a shield at the ventral aspect of the larynx?
it also has a thinner part wrapping around the ventral side 
what is the largest chunk of cartilage on the dorsal aspect of the larynx?
Think Steve Irwin's catchphrase... 
What covers the thyroid notch on the ventral aspect of the larynx?
What is the more technical name for the lumen of the larynx?
What recesses are found laterally in the space immediately following the epiglottis?
What does the cricothyroid muscle run over?
What muscle runs from deep to the thyroid cartilage up to the caudal aspect of the arytenoid cartilage?
What muscle runs from the ventral aspect of the cricoid cartilage up to the aretenoid?
What muscle runs across the aretenoid cartilage to the median raphe?
What muscle is the most superficial of the laryngeal muscles? What nerve innervates it? What is this a branch of? Which nerve innervates the rest of the muscles? What does it branc
What muscle runs across the dorsal aspect of the cricoid cartilage to attach to the arytenoids?
Where does the equine guttural pouch lie, relative to the larynx?
Which hypaxial muscle runs up caudal to the guttural pouch in horses?
Which of the following structures is not found in the equine guttural pouch? Vagus nerve, sympathetic ganglion, stylohyoid bone, external carotid artery, basihyoid bone?
What are the borders of Viborg's triangle?
What is the point where the nasopharynx, oropharynx and laryngopharynx come together called?
What is the name for the muscle at the very back of the soft palate, immediately above the answer to question 24?
What does food pass through after the closure of the epiglottis?
Where are the two enlargements in the spinal cord?
____ and ____ 
What would you find in the middle of the cauda equinae?
____ then ___ 
What is the space between the dura mater and the vertebrae?
what ligaments run laterally between the white matter and the pia mater?
Give the number of vertebrae in each segment of the dog spine (cervical to caudal)?
__, ___, ___... 
Give the number of vertebrae in each segment of a cat spine (cervical to caudal)?
Give the number of vertebrae in each segment of the bovine spine (you know the drill)
' ' ' ' for pigs. (Assume maximum possible)
' ' ' ' for horses?
What does the descending corticobulbar tract control?
What does the descending corticospinal tract control?
Which of the meninges is fused with the periosteum of the skull?
What is the name for the part of the meninges where the dive between cerebral hemispheres?
What is the name for the invagination of meninges between the cerebellum and cerebrum?
Trace the path of cerebrospinal fluid from the lateral ventricles to the central canal
___, ___, ___... 
What structure within the ventricles is responsible for actually producing CSF?
What is the name for the space between the bottom of the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata?
What is the name for the blood vessels encircling the pituitary gland? What vessels feed it? What is the purpose?
____ and ____ 
What are the 3 paired offshoots of the first answer to the last question?
What cranial nerves are located in the medulla oblongata?
In what structure is the trigeminal nerve located?
Where are the trochlear and oculomotor nerves located?
To what does the caudal cerebellar peduncle attach?
To what do the rostral cerebellar peduncles attach?
Between what and what does the hypothalamus act as a link?
___ and ____ 
With which lobe of the brain would you associate motor function?
What is the occipital lobe of the brain associated with?
With which lobe of the brain would you associate auditory function?
What collection of neural fibers connects the cerebral hemispheres and facilitates communication between them?
What part of the brain is responsible for food seeking and sexual behaviours as well as emotional response?
What part of the brain is most associated with memory?
Which tunic of the eye includes sclera and cornea?
What is the very pretty looking part of choroid underneath the translucent retina called?
What type of photoreceptor cell would you associate with colour and not with night-time vision?
What is produced by the ciliary muscles of the eye and circulates to the anterior chamber from the posterior?
What is the jelly that Shrek claims is quite good on toast?
CN fibres from the eyes and ears are what class?
CN fibres carrying information about smell and taste from the nose and mouth are what class?
Non-taste related information travelling along cranial nerve fibres from the face and mouth uses what class of fibre?
Information from the pharynx and larynx travelling along a cranial nerve fibre uses what class?
Visceral efferent fibres carry what kind of information?
Somatic efferent fibres carry information to what kind of targets?
What does the wondrous mnemonic 'some say money matters but my brother says big boobs matter more' tell us about each cranial nerve?
____, ___ or ____ 
What CN controls the muscles of mastication and sensation to/from face
What foramen does the maxillary nerve enter before leaving at the infraorbital?
What CN controls facial expression/movement, and taste for the rostral tongue?
An animal presenting with a head tilt may have a problem with which cranial nerve?
What nerve is responsible for the gag reflex?
What cranial nerve is responsible for innervating the neck muscles and traps? What kind of fibres does it contain?
Your patient suffers from anosmia. What cranial nerve is likely damaged?
Your patient can't close their mouth. What nerve is likely damaged?
If the patient cannot open their mouth, what is the nature of their problem?
Your patient lacks a palpebral reflex. What nerve is down?
What types of fibres are found in the facial nerve?
What types of fibres are found in the abducent nerve?

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