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The complement system ultimately centers around the transformation of ____ into ____ (which is unimportant) and ____ (which is active)
What does the 'i' in iC3b stand for? Why does this molecule exist?
What are the two potential end points for a pathogenic invading organism that is covered in C3b?
What are the three pathways for complement activation?
Which of the three complement pathways involves antibodies, antigens and C1 interacting to produce a C3 convertase enzyme? What two types of immunoglobulins will work, and how many
Enter a class of immunoglobulin with the number of molecules in brackets. 
Which of the three complement pathways is spontaneous?
What C3 converting enzyme is formed in the classical and lectin pathways? What forms it in the classical? In the lectin?
What is the function of C3bBb3b?
What five complement proteins are part of the MAC complex? List in order, with commas between. Which one is present multiple times in one complex?
What type of invading organism is resistant to death by MAC?
What breed of dog is commonly affected by an autosomal recessive C3 deficiency? Is this deficiency compatible with life?
Is C567 deficiency compatible with life?
When testing for antibodies in serum, what is the highest dilution of serum which results in a defined positive reaction referred to as?
What class of immunoglobulin is associated with mast cell degranulation?
What must be injected into a patient to produce passive immunity? Does this produce memory cells/last long?
Are APCs necessary for B cells to function?
What is required for B cell proliferation in the presence of antigen?
Are plasma cells capable of replication?
What is anamnesis? what cell provides it?
What is the study of antibodies in serum?
True or false: in terms of an individual plasma cell, the variable region will remain constant, but the type of the constant region type can be changed?
What type of cell mediates isotype switching?
What two interleukin types encourage IgG types to be made?
What class of immunoglobulin is the only type produced by B cells without lymphokines from T cells?
What is the term for the phenomena when less specific antibodies of a polyclonal response provide partial immunity to other related organisms?
What is the name for an antigenic determinant?
List the four intermolecular binding forces relevant to antibody-epitope binding, in decreasing order of importance
What is the term for the strength of binding of a polyclonal serum to the various epitopes of an antigen?
What does ADCC stand for?
What isotype of immunoglobulin is responsible for type I immune hypersensitivity reactions? What is the name for this type of reaction?
What type of immune hypersensitivity reaction only occurs in humans? What organ is affected?
Which type of immune hypersensitivity reaction involves involves CD4+ helper T cells?
Which of the two types of immune hypersensitivity reactions involving IgG and IgM often results in vasculitis?
Helper T cells expressing CD4 will proliferate and release lymphokines attracting other leukocytes when present with antigen on what type of surface molecule?
What causes the foam cell appearance of activated macrophages?
What three cells are attracted and encouraged to mature by helper t cell's lymphokines?
Through what mechanism does a DTH skin reaction work to test for exposure to specific antigens?
What two products of CD8+ T cells augment their effects by recruiting cells to clear debris?
What molecule, stored in granules within T cells is responsible for their ability to lyse cells?
Do NK cells participate in ADCC?
What cell, similar to NK cells, is more specific and requires activaiton by IL-2?
With respect to histocompatibility, animals of the same species who are compatible are termed? Different species?
True or False: MHC I is present on the surface of most mammalian cells, including RBCs?
True or False: Lymphocytes express both MCH I and II on their cell surface?
Matching of which kind of MHC is the most critical in organ donors? How many subtypes are present in each individual?
What is an example of a drug that a transplant patient would receive to prevent GVH and graft rejection?
How are TGF-beta and and IL-10 similar?
What do internal compartments of the body such as the eye and joints, and body systems in contact with the outside environment have in common?
Where might one likely find 70% of the lymphocytes in the body?
True or false: intestinal flora do not induce any immune response, and cannot act as opportunistic pathogens
What important component of the immune system is situated as a 'sentinel' at the entrance to the respiratory and intestinal tracts?
Memory cells are then provided via lymph circulation to various MALT sites 
True or false: Systemic immunization will prevent individuals from potentially spreading muscosally colonizing pathogens to other animals?
What classes of immunoglobulins are present in serum in highest concentrations? In the CSF? The joints?
What is different about the immunoglobulin content of ruminant vs other mammal milk?
By the end of what trimester will the fetal immune system be in place, but not primed?
What is the most favourable outcome possible for infection of the fetus during the first trimester?
The atrophy of what organ, occuring at puberty, corresponds with the decline in the rate of lymphocyte production from stem cells?
What are the three sources of passive transfer of immune mediators from a mother to her child?
What is the function of FcRn?
What type of placentation do ruminants have? Horses? What is the commonality?
Dogs and cats have endotheliochorial placentas. What percentage of their passive transfer occurs through the placenta?
What might one test for using either a zinc sulphate turbidity test or a Mancini test?
True or false: the protective quality of maternal antibodies can be increased by vaccination prior to or during pregnancy?
What fraction of the immunoglobulin content of colostrum is present in milk?
You have to answer as: __ out of ___ 
What type of leukocyte makes up the lion's share of purulent exudate?
True or False: neutrophils are long-lived and capable of limited phagocytosis
What resident macrophage is present in the kidney? The brain? Lymphoid organs?
What two cell types express the Fas ligand? What does binding of the ligand to the Fas receptor cause in the target cell?
What structure would provide greater immunogenicity of a potential antigen? Complex or full of repeated subunits?
Why would gelatin make a poor immunogen?
When exposure to cross reactive antigens overwhelms self-tolerance, this is termed?
What is the name for a substance which can provoke an immune response, but only when attached to a carrier?
What is the unique capability of APCs in terms of the manner in which they present antigen on MHC I?
What is the term for MHCI antigen presentation by non-APCs which can only occur when a live foreign organism is replicating within the cell?
What is the term for MHCII antigen presentation, which involves prior digestion in a phagolysosome of antigen fragments?
What serves the same function as bone marrow does in most mammals for ruminants? Birds?
What type of helper t cell would you associate most closely with B cells?
What type of lymphocyte is primarily found in the white pulp of the spleen?
What type of cell makes up a primary lymphoid follicle? What type of cell forms the 'donut' surrounding a secondary follicle?
What class of receptor is expressed on endothelials to catch onto immune cells at the proper times, allowing them to exit blood and enter tissue?
True or false: infection will not typically occur with a second exposure of antigen to an immune individual?
Are T cells restricted to activity after MHC presentation?

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