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True or false: 550 to 1000 is the acceptable range for carcass weight of a cow?
How long does the cattle cycle take approximatel?
What are the three general stages of the cattle cycle?
True or false: Canadian beef exportation is inversely proportional to the value of the Canadian dollar?
Who has more market power, cow-calf producers or feedlots?
what is involved in processing between purchase at auction and shipping to feedlot of a beef cow?
Why are modern feedlots constructed with sloped pens?
What type of branding is avoided most, for meat quality reasons?
Western feedlots tend to use _____ while more eastern ones use steam-flaked _____ feed.
Canadian feedlots tend to commonly use ______ _____ breeds of cattle, while US feedlots use ____ ____
Would you associate lower cost feed or speed of growth with backgrounding?
What is the name for the system of changing pastures to ensure cattle are always grazing late growth and high quality forage? What is an associated risk?
Which are bred earlier, heifers or older cows?
Past ____ days into the gestation period, deaths of the developing calf are considered _____ rather than ____
What are the three grades of dystocia?
What should the average weaning weight be around? AWW/# exposed?
What is # of weaned calves/ # of exposed cows=?
What is the name for the system where cows are divided into 'close up,' 'far off,' and nursing pens?
What is the name for the system where all cows begin in the same pen, and any who calve at the same time remain while all others move to the next pen?
What is the general cost/head/day for cows in a feedlot for 200 days?
At what further stage of development will UBRD still be treatable?
If a gold standard test does not yet exist, as in many cases, what is the best test currently available called?
Complete this sentence: Sensitivity is the proportion of _____ animals that test _____, and a high sensitivity will reduce ____ ______
Given specificity and sensitivity, how would you determine accuracy?
True or false: disease prevalence is required to calculate predictive values?
Complete this senstence: The negative predictive value is the proportion of animals that ____ ______ that are actually ____ ____
For a screening test, one should select a test that is ____ in sensitivity, and ____ in specificity
Given a negative test, what is the probability of disease?
If you move a cut off point in a direction that includes more animals you increase _____ and decrease _____.
Is precision the same thing as accuracy?
With both ____ and ____ testing, you achieve higher specificity, but lower sensitivity than running the tests by themselves.
___ and ____ 
With _____ testing, you achieve greater sensitivity and lower specificity
Kappa= (observed-expected)/______
true or false: a vet being afraid to make the most beneficial recommendation, hoping to avoid sticker shock, is a huge loss for compliance?
How does 'CRAFT' translate into a formulae (words or letters accepted)
Which are smaller, curs or feists?
Why might it be inadvisable to keep a female dog for use in beagle trials?
How long might it be normal for a tie to persist after copulation of dogs?
How many times a year do dogs go into heat, and for how long?
____ per year 
__ to ___ days 
How many litters should a breeding bitch give in a lifetime?
What Canadian report, 1974, was notable in acknowledging lifestyle choices as a source of disease?

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