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Name the four strategies for clinical diagnosis?
Examine common symptoms, and results commonly linked to a certain disease 
Used to differentiate urgency and treatment (not a final diagnosis) 
cross reference all causes of all symptoms with each other 
questioning or logical reasoning 
We ought to set SMART goals. What are the characteristics of a smart goal?
Give me an S! 
give me an M! 
give me an A! 
Now an R? 
aaaaand T. 
What is 'the study of the frequency, distribution, and determinants of health and disease in a population?'
In a veterinary context, performance is considered as well. 
What are the components of the epidemiologic triad?
___, ___, ____ 
What are the causes of disease covered by the mnemonic DAMNIT?
What are four important host factors?
Production status, while legitimate, is not on this particular list 
Presence of the agent alone can be considered as what?
Presence of the infectious agent together with various additional factors leading to disease would be?
made up of various component causes 
A predictable, steady occurence of disease over time makes the disease...?
If a disease occurs unpredictably, popping up occasionally in a population, what would you call it?
What causes BSE (mad cow)?
The five principles of health management are: promote optimal health, _____, promotion of animal welfare, promotion of human safety, and ________?
____ _____ ____ and _____ ______ ______ 
With what long-dead Dr. and what disease would you associate the roots of epidemiology?
What do the 5 Ws of epidemiology translate to?
What is the average amount of milk produced by an individual cow of a specific breed over 305 days?
True or false: rate of change is slowed the more past performance you include?
Which is a rate: a over (a+b) or a over b (b= # not affected, a=# affected)
Of incidence and prevalence, which requires testing at two points in time?
Prevalence is a function of both _____ and _____
___ and ___ 
In chronic illness, _____ is greater than _____
To compensate for a dynamic population, one can take the ______ _____ __ _____ by adding the initial number at risk to the final number at risk and dividing by two.
What is the proportion of all sick animals infected with a disease of interest?
What are the three principles of infectious disease control?
# of cases x $ spent per case= ?
Eradicating infected animals would be an example of a strategy employed under what principle of infectious disease control?
Eradicating non-infected animals with high susceptibility to the illness of interest is termed?
Ct= S(1-Q^Ct). What is Ct? S? (1-Q^Ct)?
If a vaccine is worth applying, Expected Incidence (EI) will be greater than ____ over (______ x vaccine effectiveness)
What is therapeutic medication for subclinical infection?
Bambification is a subset of what?
Lorenz worked on ____ in avian species?
von Frisch made advances in ___ ______?
What scientist is famous in ethology for his 4 whys?
What are the 4 whys of ethology?
proximate biological mechanisms causing behaviour to occur 
how is behaviour learned and developed over time? 
similar behaviour of other related species 
ultimate evolutionary cause of behaviour 
Compared to animals more subject to natural selection, artificial selection in farm animals has widened the gap between ____ and ___
____ and ___ 
In domestic animals, due to artificial selection most research focuses on these two of the four whys
____ and ___ 
Which of the following is not a trait favouring domestication which applies to dogs? social species, good mothering, precocious young
True or false: sickness behaviour is a maladaptive response?
What is the association between a behaviour and a response?
What do negative and positive refer to in terms of reinforcement and punishment?
What the following stimuli increase or decrease flight zone: increased novelty of enviornment, presence of more cows, increased speed of handler motion
What are behaviours generally linked to poor welfare, characterized by repetition and lack of variance referred to as?
What part of the brain are such behaviours generally associated with?
What are the three biggest provinces for pork production in Canada? which shows vertical integration in the industry
__, ___, ___ 
Using your pig manure to fertilize your cash crops would be an example of?
What is the number one expense in pig farming? What recently drove this sky high (think corn)?
At what weight, in kg, are pigs generally sent to market?
True or false: boar meat is not generally sold in Canada, but is commonly enjoyed in Europe?
How old are pigs when they go to market?
This makes biosecurity especially important in swine farming 
What is a problem for biosecurity in some States that does not affect Canadian swine farms?
What is the gestation length for pigs?
What's a barrow? A gilt?
What will a nursery type pig barn buy? Sell?
What method is intended to prevent transfer of disease from older pigs to younger ones? (Specifically from sows to their piglets?)
What is used to make a sow recline slowly, reducing piglet crushing deaths?
What is the maximum number of layer hens one could keep without quota? Broilers?
What are the most vaccinated livestock animals in the country?
At what age are broiler hens shipped for processing?
Cornish hens < fryers (KFC) < _____ < _____
Swiss chalet buys these... 
What would the average size in kg of a broiler hen be?
Your average broiler turkey would be how old and how heavy at slaughter?
___ weeks and ___ kg 
How long does the average laying hen live? How many months laying?
The uterus in laying birds is frequently called?
The canadian sheep market is ____ while the american sheep market is _____
Is wool a large source of revenue for sheep farmers?
What is the primary sire breed of sheep in canada?
what are the two primary dam breeds of sheep in canada/
___ and ___ 
What tends to be a more significant problem causing mortality in sheep than in cows or pigs?
why would a producer choose to dock their sheep's tails?
What breed of goat is best for meat only?
What two breeds of goat can be used for meat or dairy? Which tends towards lower production and higher quality?
____ and _____ 
True or false: goat fibre in the right breeds tends to be worth way more than sheep wool?
how many months a year are goats milked?
About how many kilos of milk a day should a goat be producing?
true or false: castration is unnecessary in sheep?
true or false: calf milk replacer may be used with sheep or goats?
true or false: coccidiostat may be fed to sheep
At what age are goats sexually mature, and at what age are they bred?

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