Endocrine organs, neck, face, nose and mouth

Can you name the Endocrine organs, neck, face, nose and mouth?

Forced Order Answers have to be entered in order
What is found in the sella turcica of the sphenoid bone?
What do the majority of cells in the pineal gland produce?
Excess light will have what effect on the production of: melatonin, GNRH? What will the result be?
____, _____ 
Which part(s) of the pancreas is/are endocrine?
Where are the adrenal glands situated?
What part of the adrenal glands produces E and NE?
What thin strip of thyroid tissue connects the lobes?
Where are the parathyroids found in dogs, cats and small ruminants?
what is the usual number of parathyroid glands?
What arteries run through the transverse foramina of the cervical vertebrae? From what artery does it branch?
What is the name for the part of the axis that slots into the atlas?
What are found within the nuchal ligament above C1, C2 and dorsal to the scapula?
What are the two main parts of the nuchal ligament?
The brachiocephalicus muscle forms the dorsal aspect of the jugular groove. What muscle generally runs along the ventral aspect?
What is the neck equivalent of the cutaneous trunci of the body?
What is the equine equivalent of the sternocephalicus?
Which epaxial muscle originates from the wing of the ilium and spinous processes, and extends branches to the head and neck? What is the branch connecting to the skull? To C1?
What superficial epaxial muscle originates from the spines of the withers and inserts on the occipito-mastoid region of the skull?
This muscle is deep to the trapezius and rhomboideus. 
To what does the mnemonic 'Sick Elephants Can Be Treated' refer? Name the components it helps you remember.
Two pretracheal muscles take a common origin from the manubrium of the sternum. Give them in alphabetical order and name their attachments.
_____ (attachment) 
What is the origin of the omohyoideus? Beside which muscle does it insert? In what class of mammal is it absent?
What muscle is found on the lateral aspact of the larynx?
What muscle runs from a cranial/medial attachment on the mandible to the hyoid bone, forming the floor of the mouth?
What artery runs dorsolateral to the trachea, giving off a cranial thyroid branch at the larynx and bifurcating into an external and internal part at the atlanto-occipital joint?
What are the two names for the common condition of ataxia and paralysis resulting from a compression of the cervical spinal cord?
What causes inflammation of the Atlantal bursa of the nuchal ligament?
What is the more common name for inflammation of the supraspinous bursa of the nuchal ligament?
What is the proper name for the round opening found on the lateral aspect of the maxillary bone of the skull, above the premolars?
What two bones of the skull does the zygomatic arch separate?
What is the proper name of the large opening in the temporal bone?
What is the more common name for the pre-maxillary bone of the skull?
What large bone of the skull makes up most of the eye socket?
what small bone of the skull is found in the front corner of the eye socket?
What is the name of the muscle which covers the parotid gland?
What two cranial nerves may stimulate salivary glands? What kind of innervation is this?
What major muscle of mastication runs (in horses) along the facial crest and the jawline up to the vascular notch?
What is the smaller of the two major muscles of mastication?
originates in temporal fossa, inserts on coronoid process 
What structure separates the two major muscles of mastication?
What is the insertion point on the mandible of the masseter?
What is the branch of the digastric muscle unique to horses?
In canines, which CNs are responsible for innervating the rostral and caudal bellies of the digastric muscle, respectivelY?
What is the facial equivalent of the cutaneous trunci known as?
What muscle lies deep to the masseter and acts to keep food from collecting in the vestibule?
Would it be cheeky of me to quote Ahnold? 
Which muscle surrounds the mouth opening and is important for suckling?
If a dog snarls at you, what muscle is responsible for lifting the upper lips?
this muscle originates ventral to the infraorbital foramen and also radiates into the side of the nostril! 
What muscle originates over the dorsum of the nose and can dilate the nostril or elevate and retract the upper lip?
What muscle forms a single tendon which descends into the upper lip between the nostrils?
What muscle is absent in dogs and cats and pulls down the bottom lip?
What muscle attaches near the corners of the lips?
I've always been fond of ARCH-ie comics (lamest hint yet!) 
What is the name for the muscular sphincter surrounding the palpebral fissure (the opening between the eyelids)?
What are the three main branches of CN-V?
With what foramina would you associate the mandibular nerve?
With what branch of the trigeminal nerve would you associate the infraorbital foramen?
In cows, what branch of CNV-2 is associated with the horn?
In horses, what structure are the facial vein and artery found in association with?
I should have GLAND this hint out better... it's just not punny. 
What are the two oblique muscles in the canine eye?
____ and ____ 
What vulnerable branches of the facial vein can easily be damaged by buckles located over the masseter muscle area?
From what vessel does the facial artery branch?
Which cranial nerve is responsible for innervating the lateral rectus and retractor muscles of the eye?
Which cranial nerve is responsible for innervating the dorsal, medial and ventral recti muscles of the eye, along with the ventral oblique?
What eye muscle is the trochlear nerve responsible for innervating?
What lymph node is found near the mandibular salivary gland?
What is the more common name for the horrifying oestrus ovis?
Name all the meati in the nasal cavity?
What sinuses are found immediately ventral and caudal to the ethmoid in the horse?
In what direction is the frontal sinus found relative to the nasal conchae?
Relative to the frontal sinus, where are the maxillary sinuses found?
What bovine sinus is found above the molars?
What bovine sinus is found caudoventral to the ethmoidal?
What bovine sinus is found immediately caudal to the frontal?
What are the rough projections on the sides of the bovine oral cavity known as?
Are mammals generally homodonts or heterodonts?
What is the special name for P4 maxilla and M1 mandible in the dog?
Alternating enamel and dentin allows for these structures to be maintained in hypsodonts, for grinding...
When would one expect the first permanent pair of bovine incisors to erupt?
__-___ months (their age!) 
What muscle is found in the floor of the mouth deep to the mylohyoid?
functions to draw hyoid and therefore tongue forward 
What muscle runs from the basihyoid bone to the tongue?
What muscle lies dorsal to the geniohyoid, and may retract, depress or extend parts of the tongue?
What mucle runs from the stylohyoid bone to the tongue?
What are the four types of lingual papillae?
Name the five cranial nerves that work in the tongue?
What nerve(s) are responsible for taste and general sensation of the caudal 1/3 of the tongue?
If multiple, answer ____ and ____ in order 
What nerve(s) are responsible for taste and general sensation from the rostral 2/3 of the tongue?
If multiple, answer ____ and ___ in order 
What is the hypoglossal nerve responsible for?
From what vessel does the lingual artery branch off?
In which species is the palatine tonsil recessed?
Place the following nerves in order from most dorsal to most ventral: lingual, hypoglossal, glossopharyngeal
___, ____, ____ 

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