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True or false: chronic pancreatitis leads to decreased levels of pancreatic enzymes in the serum, while acute leads to increased levels?
What are some substances that will be increased in the serum in cases of acute pancreatitis?
cPL and fPL tests are special, because they distinguish ______ from all other forms of _____
What condition is caused by the destruction of pancreatic acinar cells, resulting in inadequate digestive enzyme production?
Steatorrhea and polyphagia, along with weight loss, are common symptoms. 
True or false: a patient likely suffers from pancreatic insufficiency if after a chymotrypsin activity test, PABA is detected in circulation or urine?
What percentage of the beta cells must be destroyed for symptoms of type I diabetes to appear?
True or false: a type II diabetic will likely have an identical insulin response to IVGTT as a normal animal?
Which is a more long-term indicator of past blood glucose levels, fructoasmine or glycosylated hemoglobin?
Your patient presents with apathy, low energy, and fainting spells. The patient is hypoglycemic, with high insulin. What's the likely cause?
What substances are secreted during severe injuries which can cause hyperglycemia?
Inhibit insulin secretion, amp up glucagon secretion 
How many of the 11 glycogen storage diseases found in humans are found in animals?
True or false: IDL is intermediate in density between LDL and HDL?
What are the six major classes of apolipoproteins in alphabetical order?
_, _, _, _, _, _ 
What are the three potential funcitons of apolipoproteins?
There are four steps in the exogenous pathway. Put them in order by typing step _ in the appropriate boxes.
transfer of apolipoproteins CII and E to chylomicron from HDL 
digestion of dietary fat and formation of chylomicrons 
removal of chylomicron remnant from liver 
Cleavage of LCFA from chylomicron by LPL 
What carries LCFA synthesized in the liver to peripheral tissues after they are turned into triglycerides?
Part of endogenous pathway... 
After stored triglycerides in adipocytes are broken down to LCFA and glycerol, what carries the LCFA to peripheral tissues and the liver?
What two enzymes convert acetyl coA to LCFAs? What is the intermediate molecule
Unlike most animals, ruminants do not synthesize LCFA in what part of their body?
What hormone increases hormone sensitive lipase activity?
HSL breaks down triacylglycerides in fat cells... 
If you have more fat cells, and therefore more leptin release, will you have increased or decreased appetite?
You perform a lipemia refrigeration test. You find a turbid sample with a cream layer on top. What is present in your sample?
You perform a lipemia refrigeration test. You find a turbid sample with no cream layer. What is present?
HDL and LDL are rich in what?
Which lipoproteins are rich in triglycerides?
Is post-prandial hyperlipidemia indicative of underlying pathology?
A hereditary deficiency in lipoprotein lipase would be an example of?
What is the deposition of yellowish cholesterol-rich materials referred to as?
Great Danes, amongst other large dogs, are susceptible to dietary deficiency in ____?
found in avocados, nuts, seeds and animal tissues 
What is the purpose of CAT I and CAT II?
Ketones may be synthesized from _____ in the liver, when there is insufficient ____ to enter TCA cycle, or high levels of _____
What is produced by ketolysis in the extrahepatic tissues?
What does the rumen epithelium convert butyrate to?
An increased ____:____ ratio will result in ketosis.
During times of ketone production, acetyl coA cannot enter the TCA cycle because oxaloacetate is being used for?
Consequences of ketosis include anorexia, weakness, reduced milk production and _____ _____ in liver plus resulting hepatic damage
True or false: kidneys use ketones as an energy source, and they will only appear in the urine if blood levels are too high for them to utilize?

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