Abdominal Wall and Carnivore Viscera

Can you name the Abdominal Anatomy?

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What two sections are the cranial region of the abdomen broadly divided into?
_____ and _____. (lateral then medial) 
The rupture of what structure in the caudal abdomen frequently leads to a distended abdomen?
What is the name for the middle part of the tunica flava?
Ventrolateral abdominal muscles have aponeuroses via tendons connecting to this structure. 
What common hernia is associated with hypoplastic rectus muscles and an excessively wide (insert answer to question 3)...
Name, in order from most superficial to most deep, the lateral abdominal muscles?
______, _____, and ______ 
What muscle is generally enclosed by the ventral aponeuroses of the lateral abdominal muscles except in the pubic region?
True or False: The aponeuroses of the lateral abdominal muscles are deep to the muscle they enclose elsewhere within the pubic region?
What abdominal muscle runs cranioventrally from the coxal tuber?
What sublumbar muscle originates from the last ribs and transverse processes of the lumbar vertebrae and inserts on the wing of the sacrum (and sometimes the ilium)?
What sublumbar muscle arises from the bodies of the thoracolumbar vertebrae to insert on a tubercle on the ilium?
It is a very tendonous muscle which probably stabilizes the vertebral columna nd rotatest he pelvis at the sacroiliac joint 
What sublumbar muscle terminates on the lesser trochanter of the femur, and has two heads, the psoas major (vetebral) and iliacus (pelvic)?
Functions as a hip flexor and outward rotator of the thigh. 
What is the term for a male animal with one or more testicals that has not descended through the inguinal canal?
What structure contains the ductus deferens, testicular arteries and veins, lymphatic vessels and autonomic innervation?
What blood vessels emerge from the superficial inguinal ring and run towards the superficial inguinal lymph node?
What muscle is found within the outpouching of peritoneum into the scrotum, but is not part of the spermatic cord?
What three structures form the boundaries of the deep inguinal ring? (cranial), (medial) and (caudolateral)
The caudal boundary is the caudal edge of the external abdominal ligament aponeurosis. 
What nerve emerges from the superficial inguinal ring in both sexes?
What structure emerges from the superficial inguinal ring in females only?
The superficial inguinal ring is an opening in the aponeurosis of what muscle?
Through what opening do large femoral vessels enter the thigh?
This structure is separated from the superficial inguinal ring by only a narrow strip of aponeurosis.  
What condition results from an outpouching of viscera through the inguinal rings?
What nerves innervate the epaxial muscles and the skin of the dorsal flank?
_____ branches of ___-___ 
What nerves innervate the abdominal muscles, skin of the ventral flank and the udder or scrotum?
_____ branches of ___-___ and _____ 
What is the other name for nerve T13?
what is the other name for nerve L2?
From what vessels do the cranial superficial and deep epigastric arteries and veins branch from?
From what vessels do the caudal superficial and deep epigastric arteries and veins branch off of?
____ and ____ trunk 
The cranial and caudal epigastric vessels are the major blood supply and drainage of the abdominal wall. What other two arteries are involved?
____ and ____ 
What vessel is responsible for supplying the dorsal flank with blood?
What vessel is formed from the anastomosis of the cranial and caudal superficial epigastric veins in cattle? What is the common name?
What is the common name for the superficial inguinal lymph nodes in females? in males?
What are the two types of digestion?
____ and ____ 
What type(s) of digestion are utilized by the dog?
What type(s) of digestion are utilized by the horse?
What is the lining of the abdominal cavity referred to as?
Which species is noted as being susceptible to peritonitis?
What attaches the stomach to the body wall?
What attaches the stomach to the liver?
What connects the bowel to the body wall?
What does the coronary ligament connect together?
____ and _____ 
What connectst he ventral abdominal wall as far as the umbilicus to the diaphrragm
what does the round ligament surround?
To which kidney does the nephrosplenic ligament connect the spleen?
Which part of the intestine passes in a caudal loop around the mesenteric artery? In a cranial loop?
What ligament attaches the stomach and the spleen together?
Starting from the aorta, name the progressive branches which ultimately supply blood to the right side of the greater curvature of the canine stomach?
____, ____, ____, _____, _____ 
From what branch of the celiac does the left gastroepiploic originate?
Which of the following vessels is NOT a branch of the hepatic artery? Cranial pancreaticoduodenal, right gastroepiploic, right gastric, left gastric
What is the proper name for the folds that increase surface area for acid secretion within the stomach?
What section of the small bowel has a caudal flexure?
Pancreatic secretions enter the gut through two ducts. What are they? Add a *** behind the name of the duct which has the sphincter of Oddi
What group of lymph nodes are associated with the small bowel near the vascular arcades?
what are the two branches of the common bile duct?
____ and ____ 
What are the four lobes of the canine liver?
What branches of the aorta are missing? Cranial mesenteric, _____, ____, _____, Caudal mesenteric
____, ____, ____ 
What are the direct branches off the cranial mesenteric?
What two arteries supply the duodenum?
What two arteries supply the ileum?
What two arteries supply the ascending colon?
What two arteries supply the transverse colon?
What are the branches of the caudal mesenteric artery?
What artery supplies the descending colon?
What are the branches of the ileocolic artery?

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