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QUIZ: Can you name the Spider-Man Super Powers?

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Original Physical Powers
Stronger than normal 
Makes him limber 
Sticky fingers 
Allows him to chemically created his web fluid 
Enhanced Physiology
No need for glasses 
Not as good as Wolverine, but still super-human 
Helps reduce drug effects 
How he fires webs 
What his webs are made of 
Allows him to track foes 
Holds extra web fluid cartridges among other things 
Used to take pictures of himself in action 
Temporary Equipment
Seldom used/seen vehicle 
Alien lifeform now part of Venom 
Made by Tony Stark 
Silver, bullet-proof, destoyed by acid 
Does not conduct electricity; thus, used against Eletro 
Temporary/New Physical Powers
No need for web shooters 
Can mentally communicate with arthropods 
Can see in the dark 
Gives him stingers, red eyes, fanged teeth, etc. 
Think 'Man-Spider' 
Nobody remember his revealed identity 

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