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Can you name the 5-letter words with the letter 'Y' as the third letter?

Quiz Updated May 13, 2016

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Clue_ _ Y _ _
Yucat√°n native
Synthetic fabric made from extruded cellulose
Cake tier
Head of city hall
Relating to kings and queens
Underground burial vault
Entrance hall
Perhaps or unsure
U.S. President Rutherford
Faithful in allegiance
2006-2014 detective show with Gus and Shawn
Partner of Rolls in a British car company
Clue_ _ Y _ _
Bank check recipient
A canoe paddled with a double-headed oar
A deep chasm
Aromatic herb used for cooking and medicine
Bonnie's partner in 1930s crime
Louisiana backwater
Fashion sense or a particular trend
North African country
Romantic rendezvous
Limerick or sonnet characteristic
Actor Cranston of 'Breaking Bad'
A pictorial symbol used in writing

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