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Can you name the words found within 'CHRISTMAS' by rearranging some of its letters?

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This will keep Santa's head warm
On Christmas Eve not even a mouse was _____
To decorate the Christmas tree
Santa likely wears this under his red suit
A division or divide
Unfortunately, Christmas is also a season of these
It wouldn't be Christmas without Him
Away to the window I flew like a flash, tore open the shutters and threw up the _____
Where Santa sits while while listening to children's wishes
One who believes people of one culture are superior to another
Christmas is a season of this jolly feeling
Do flying reindeer need shoes? If so, Santa needs this
Some believe the star of Bethlehem can be explained by the conjunction of this planet with Jupiter
To supply so many gifts surely Santa must be this
Indian stringed instrument
Month when Jesus must have been conceived if He was born in December
You will need one of these to hold all your Christmas purchases at the store
To be on Sants's nice list you must do many good _____
What is often left over after unwrapping presents
Russian ruler
The main course at many Christmas dinners
Santa might need one of these to keep from getting lost on Christmas Eve
You will need a lot of this to satisfy everyone's Christmas list
I'm sure Santa has to do this to get everything into his sleigh
Santa will tarnish his suit with this if he isn't careful

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