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Can you name the 5-letter words with the letter 'W' as the third letter?

Quiz Updated Dec 18, 2016

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Clue_ _ W _ _
Crocodile Hunter Steve
Slang for New Zealanders
Egyptian President Sadat
Mr. Bean portrayer Atkinson
Someone from Des Moines
Narnia's creator
Wooden peg
Strength or authority
English entertainer who sang 'Space Oddity'
Weeps or cries noisily
Cowboy's greeting
'Desert Fox' Rommel
Clue_ _ W _ _
Crouch down in fear
Bride's gift to the husband
Rambunctious and boisterous
NBA team
'Y', sometimes
Underground waste conduit
Lowest value chess pieces
Beach accessory
One of the intestinal divisions
Not so many
Rapunzel's prison

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