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Can you mark the pairs of socks that are paired (P), have a sock missing (S), or have both socks missing (B)?

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I just finished doing laundry and I have a basket of assorted clean socks that need to be matched. Before doing laundry I started with the 25 pair of socks listed below. Each pair has a specific color and style, though they may not be unique. My washing machine routinely eats socks so some are undoubtedly missing. Help me match the pairs by marking each pair you can match with a (P). Any singletons (one sock missing) should be marked with an (S). Mark a (B) next to any pair where both socks are missing. For example, if there are 2 pink striped socks they can be matched by entering (P). If I have only 1 purple argyle sock then a sock is missing and it needs to be marked by entering (S).
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Black dress

Blue argyle

Black striped

Brown striped

Gray dress

Blue dress

Black dress

White tube

Brown dress

Tan argyle

Tan striped

Gray argyle

Black striped

Blue dress

Black argyle

Black tube

Brown striped

Red hearts

Tan dress

Blue striped

Blue dress

Brown argyle

Brown dress

Black dress

Brown dress

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