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Can you name a book of the Bible that...

Quiz Updated Mar 12, 2015

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CategoryBible BookNumber
...traditionally believed to have been written by Paul13 4 letters long?9
...begins with the letter J?9
...contains the number 2 (or 2nd)?8
...ends in a vowel?7
...begins with the letter E?6 part of the Pentateuch?5
...was written by a major prophet?5 a New Testament Gospel?4
...begins with the letter H?4
...contains 4 unique vowels?4
...contains the letter Y?3 named after a woman?2
...begins with the letter Z?2
...begins with the letter A?2 3 letters long?1
...begins with the letter O?1
...contains the number 3 (or 3rd)?1 also known as Canticles?1
...begins and ends in a vowel?1

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