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Can you name the rules about public speaking?

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diagram/idea important for audience centered communication
experiences, media, values, peers, family, environment etc.
1. style 2. content 3. context
electronic, print, art, music, face to face, non verbal, media
same as source but is 'getting' the message
arrow spanning the diagram/idea
What are the bubbles around the diagram?
volume, accents, filler words etc
What is one bad introduction?
What is another bad introduction?
attention getter, narratives, statistics, illustrations
What is the most common way to conclude?
Attention, Need, Satisfaction, Conclusion
Supporting proof that begins with e______
Supporting proof that begins with i______
Supporting proof that begins with a/c______
Supporting proof that begins with s___i___
Supporting proof that begins with s______
Supporting proof that begins with t______
Supporting proof that begins with r______
How does one deal with stage fright?
What is the most important thing you can do to prepare for a speech and combat stage fright?
What is the most important thing you can do with your audience?
How can one avoid being boring?
Visual aids are supposed to:
When using an electronic visual aid you should save your project_________
The most important thing to remember about visual aids and how they relate to speech presentation is that:
When giving a speech never ______ off the _______
the means by which we gain the audience's attention
gain attention by m_________
gain attention by n__________
gain attention by f_________
gain attention by p_________
gain attention by s_________
gain attention by r_________
gain attention by c_________
gain attention by h_________
Which type of delivery are we as students supposed to use?
What characterizes the type of speech we are suppose to give
An impromptu speech would be given at an a______ c_______
Actors and actresses give _________ speeches
Politicians use a __________ when giving a speech
What is the 1,2,3 rule of speaking?
My lips may not move unless the audience sees my _______
It is against the laws of God and nature to have a relationship with an :________ _______
If you _________ you will die and go to.....

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