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Where skating began
Who the first axel jump was named for
First man to land a triple axle in an official competition
First woman to land a triple axle in an official competition
What the first skating blades were made of
What skating blades are made of
Number of edges on the blade
Names of each edge
Area between the edges
When a skater is skating on both edges
What the toe pick used mainly used for
What type of heel do hockey skates have?
Consists of jumps and spins performed to music and varying choreography
Two skaters performing choreography to music including lifts above and below the shoulders
Two skaters focusing on intricate footwork and rhythm to music, with lifts only below the shoulders.
8-20 skaters in unison
Set patterns of intricate footwork not performed to music.
Don't practice once for 3 hours, practice _________ three times.
At where the foot meets the ankle tie skates the __________
Side with the skate currently on the ice
Side with the skate currently in the air
To control and/or stop the rotation of a turn:
Keeping your torso upright and bending your knees lowers your ____________
USFS and ISI are ______________
Right forward inside 3-turn is abbreviated as:
You start backward swizzles in an _________
Optional where you change feet but do no change edge
Optional where you do not change feet but do change edge

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