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Can you name whether the claim made in the WWE's 'The Monday Night War' series is True or False?

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WCW's main stars were all stolen from the WWF (except Goldberg)
After leaving the WWF Bret Hart floundered in WCW
Vince McMahon believes you should help yourself and he would never hurt the competition
Vince Russo was not a fan of the cruiserweights and felt wrestling matches should be secondary
Goldberg was only popular because he looked like Steve Austin
In 1999, WCW told fans Mick Foley would win the WWF Title... Leading to hundreds of thousands of fans immediately changing the channel
As a contracted WWF star, Bret Hart had no legal right to refuse to drop the title to Shawn Michaels.
The WWF would never stoop to raiding talent from other companies like WCW did.
WCW didn't know what to do with Mick Foley, Steve Austin, Triple H and Chris Jericho and either fired them or let them go
When Madusa (Alundra Blayze) jumped ship to WCW, she threw the women's title in the trash can
The nWo was entirely former WWF guys
After the fall of WCW, all of the cruiserweights became stars in the WWF
On live Nitros WCW gave away taped WWF Raw results
ClaimTrue or False?The Truth
The Monday Night War was a personal issue between Vince McMahon and Ted Turner
Stephanie McMahon: The WWF always listens to their audience.
In the early '90s, the only thing wrong with the WWF was a few cartoony characters
WCW lost solely because of Vince's superior product and his ability to create new stars
After losing Hogan, Vince immediately decided to create new stars
WCW stole Rick Rude from the WWF
DX invading WCW was the turning point in the war
In the early '90s, WCW copied the WWF's formula of having large, muscular men as stars
Bret Hart had to be screwed because he would have shown up on Nitro the next night with the title.
WWF's first ratings win over WCW in almost two years was thanks to DX
Eric Bischoff got the idea for the nWo from New Japan
Vince decided to help ECW with some loans and promotion

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