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Can you name the trivia about the classic Simpsons episode 'You Only Move Twice'?

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The episode opens with what character being offered a job?
When he declines, the job goes to Homer. It involves moving to what town?
Homer's dream is to own what football team?
The Simpsons try to sell their house. What two characters take a look at it?
Homer is greeted by his new boss, Scorpio. What is Scorpio's first name?
What regular guest star voices Scorpio?
Homer accidentally calls Scorpio what?
At school, Bart is put in the remedial class. One character says 'I moved here from _____ and they think I'm slow, eh?'
Lisa goes for a walk, greeting what two animals (one of whom eats the other)?
Homer buys a hat that was owned by what legendary football coach?
Homer's co-workers are tired. So he decides to buy what item?
Scorpio, revealed to be a supervillain, delivers a threat to what international organization?
Homer later wanders the halls looking for something to put in his coffee. What is it?
Marge becomes bored, and starts drinking what?
Scorpio also tries to kill whom?
Using what?
Homer decides to return to Springfield. And talks to Scorpio while he is preparing to use what?
Scorpio's facility is being invaded by whom?
'Homer, on your way out, if you wanna _____ somebody, it would help me a lot.'
The family returns home. What present does Scorpio give Homer?

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