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Can you name the trivia about the classic Simpsons episode 'Mother Simpson'?

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At the beginning of the episode, Homer and others are forced to clean a highway by whom?
Homer decides to fake his death. What animal tries to save him (then steals his pants)?
The town now believes Homer is dead. What four characters imform Marge of this?
Patty and Selma give Marge what item?
The grave that Homer thinks belongs to his mother actually belongs to what poet?
Homer then meets his mother Mona. Who voices her?
The family soons grows suspicious of Mona. Bart finds fake licenses. Name one of her aliases.
In the '60s, Mona was inspired to become a radical by the sideburns of what legendary New York Jets Quarterback?
During a flashback, 'Sunshine of Your Love' is played. What '60s band performs it?
Mona joins a group who are protesting Mr. Burns' germ lab. What character works security for Burns?
Another '60s staple, 'All Along the Watchtower' is played. Who performed it?
Burns learns Mona is back and calls Joe Friday and Bill Gannon, the characters in what police TV show?
Which actor (known for his work in that show and in MASH) guest stars as Bill Gannon?
Mona is soon confronted by what character?
Gannon and Friday close in on Mona, getting clues from what characters?
After finally finding Mona, Mr. Burns plays a tape of 'Ride of the _____' by Wagner.
However, it has been replaced by Smithers with what ABBA song?
Mona is forced to leave Homer again. What is the last word she says to him?

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