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Can you name the trivia about the classic Simpsons episode 'Lisa's Wedding'?

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The episode opens at a Ranaissance Fair. What two characters are dressed as knights?
Homer asks for Roast Pig from what character (but has to ask in ye old English)?
At Friar Wiggum's Fantastical Beastarium, Lisa is shown 'a horse with the head of a rabbit and the body of a rabbit', also known as:
Lisa ends up in front of a fortune teller, who tells Lisa the story of her true love, which takes place in what year?
The now 23 year old Lisa decides she needs a snack (which now comes with Gag Suppressant)
Lisa falls in love with Hugh, who is voiced by what actor, known for Princess Bride?
A librarian observes Hugh and Lisa. Her head melts because she is what?
Lisa and Hugh go to see '40 Classic Films Starring ____' (which includes The Mask)
Hugh's family lives in what European city?
Hugh asks Lisa to marry him. When his first proposal malfunctions, he uses what animal?
Future Bart works in what profession?
Where does future Homer work?
It's revealed that Lisa rejected the proposal of what character?
Future Maggie wears what item around her neck?
Homer wants to help plan Lisa's wedding, Marge prevents him from doing so with what?
In the future, Mr. Burns was frozen until a cure can be found for what?
At the school, what character is helping to teach children?
And what company sponsors the lesson?
What character was believed to have perished in a science fair explosion?
After arriving in Springfield, Lisa boards a cab driven by whom?
Hugh falls through the floor of the Simpson house onto what?
Moe says 'we saved your ass in World War II.' Hugh replies: 'Well we saved your arse in _____.'
Homer asks Hugh to wear what pig-shaped clothing item?
'You know, _____ turned into a hardcore sex channel so gradually, I didn't even notice. Yeesh!'
For Lisa's wedding dress, following the tradition of having something old, new borrowed and blue, what is the 'something blue'?
After meeting Hugh's parents, Homer talks about Octopussy, a real-life film that features what iconic character?
What character tries to attend the wedding, but breaks in half?
Hugh says to Lisa, 'you're like a _____ that grew out of a pot of dirt.'
According to Dr. Hibbert, what character is 'quite a hellion but she does have an incredible voice'?
'Wow. Now that I know all this, isn't there any way to change the future?' 'No. But try to look _____.'

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