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Can you name the trivia about the classic Simpsons episode 'Homer's Enemy'?

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The episode opens with what character introducing Frank Grimes?
Who decides to hire Frank?
But the character later changes his mind and hires what?
Frank ends up working alongside Homer, who is impressed with what personalized items that Frank owns?
What two characters (surprisingly) have Masters degrees in Nuclear Physics?
Meanwhile, what does Bart buy?
Homer gives Frank what nickname?
When Frank rejects the name, what does Homer call him?
Who does Bart hire to work as his employee?
Frank watches Homer eating and observes that he eats like what animal?
Lenny counters that they 'tend to chew. I'd say he eats more like a _____.'
What does Homer try to drink (before being saved by Frank)?
After being yelled at, Frank declares that he is Homer's what?
Homer laments this later to what character?
This character shows Homer his enemies list, which turns out to be a copy of an Enemy List of what former U.S. President?
Frank visits the Simpson house, and reveals that he lives below what?
Grimes is amazed at a picture that shows Homer with what former U.S. President?
Homer also tries to show Frank what award?
Homer decides to be more professional, and eats a donut using what?
Frank tricks Homer into entering a childrens' contest. Homer accidentally destroys Frank's what?
At the contest, who is the first entrant?
His entry is a relabeled _____ Stacy Dream House.
Who is the next entrant?
'Now I'm returning to work without washing my _____! But it doesn't matter, because I'm Homer Simpson!'
After going insane, Frank grabs wires marked with a warning sign that says:
At Frank's funeral, what character delivers a eulogy?
Homer sleeps, and murmurs 'Change the _____, Marge.'
This is Frank's only appearance. But what item related to him re-appears regularily?

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