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Can you name the trivia about the classic Simpsons episode 'Cape Feare'?

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The episode features the return of Sideshow Bob. What guest star voices him?
The episode is based on what 1962 thriller (and its 1992 remake)?
The episode opens with a late night show hosted by what character?
Bart receives a threatening letter written in what?
Homer reveals that he has a tattoo of what two words on his rear end (given to him by Bart)?
During a nervous period, Bart is seemingly threatened by what characters (name one)?
Lisa suspects that the letters were sent by what character that is often pranked by Bart?
What animal does that character keep in his back room?
Bob is revealed to be behind the letters. Who is his cellmate?
Bob has a tattoo on his chest that says what (three words)?
Bob claims that the threatening tattoo is in what language?
So what does the tattoo mean, according to Bob?
Bob confronts the family in what location?
The Simpson family is put into the Witness Relocation Program. Homer fantasizes about becoming what legendary football player?
Possible relocation options include: (Name one)
Homer is given what new last name?
Unfortunately, Bob hides under the Simpsons' car. What liquid does Homer poor over the side?
'Hey kids, want to drive through that _____ _____?'
The Simpsons' new house is actually what?
Bob emerges from under the car, only to step on what object?
In the rush to leave Springfield, what character was left behind?
Bob reveals himself to Bart and lies in the street. What animals trample him?
Bob stays at the Bates Motel, which is based on a locale in what horror film?
Homer barges into Bart's room to offer him what food?
'Hey Bart, wanna see my new _____ and _____?'
After being cornered by Bob, Bart requests a performance of what musical?
In the end, Bob is arrested by what character?
Without his pills, Grampa has turned into a woman. Before it can be fixed, he is courted by what character?

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