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Can you name the answers to the questions about Roddy Piper?

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Birth name?
Most famous nickname?
Another common nickname?
Country born in?
For much of his career he was billed as being from this Scottish city.
Famously played this instrument?
What article of clothing did he regularly wear during his entrances?
Complete the quote: 'Just when they think they have all the answers, I change the _____.'
He spent a number of years wrestling for Don Owens' promotion based in what state?
In the early '80s, what Carolina-based promotion did he begin working for?
At Starrcade 1983, he had a brutal dog collar match with what wrestler?
After moving to the WWF, what was the name of his legendary interview segment?
During a legendary segment, Piper smashed a fruit over the head of what wrestler?
What kind of fruit was it?
In 1985, he gained notoriety after attacking this singer.
After that, he entered into a feud with this main eventer.
The feud included a main event match at this MTV event.
This helped set up the first WrestleMania, where Piper teamed up with this wrestler.
At WrestleMania 2, he faced this celebrity in a much-maligned boxing match.
At WrestleMania III, he faced this wrestler.
What kind of match was it?
in 1988, he starred in this cult classic science fiction film.
it included the line 'I'm here to kick ass and chew ____, and I'm all out of _____.'
He didn't have a match at WrestleMania V, but had a segment that involved dousing this shock jock with a fire extinguisher.
For WrestleMania VI, Piper had a match with this man.
he controversially painted half of his body this colour.
In 1992, Piper won this championship, his only WWF singles title.
He lost that title to this wrestler at WrestleMania VIII.
In 1996, Piper jumped ship to this promotion.
He entered into a feud with this dominant stable.
In 1999, Piper began feuding with this wrestler for control of the company.
In 2003, Piper returned to the WWE, interfering in a WrestleMania match between Hulk Hogan and this man.
In 2006, Piper won his only WWF Tag Team Title, teaming with Flair to defeat this five-man team.
For WrestleMania XXV, Piper teamed with two legends to face this man.

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