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Can you name the answers to the questions about WWE manager Paul Bearer?

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Real name?
Also known as?
Real life profession?
Who was his first (and most famous) client in the WWF?
He controlled him using what item?
What phrase was Paul Bearer known for?
Bearer hosted a talk show called what?
In 1994, Bearer's client faced a fake version of himself, managed by whom?
In 1996, Paul Bearer betrayed his client by joining forces with what wrestler?
Complete the quote: 'I'm Paul Bearer and _____'
What other wrestlers would Paul Bearer recruit to battle his former client?
In 1997, what wrestler did Paul Bearer introduce to the WWF?
Bearer's two most famous charges engaged in their first battle at what event?
In 1998, Bearer helped form what stable?
In 2004, Bearer returned at what event?
In 2004, Bearer's client had a match with what tag team?
As a result of the match, Bearer was encased in what substance?
In 2010 with his son as World Champion, Paul Bearer feuded with what wrestler?
In 2011, Paul Bearer provided voices for what video games?
In 2012, Bearer returned for a final time as part of his son's feud with what wrestler?

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